1958 Third Young Master's Swordsmanship

"Congratulations, Elder Lu!"

Hearing someone entering the residence, Dan Xiaotian walked out as well. He quickly noticed that something was different about Elder Lu, so he clasped his fist and offered his congratulations.

"Hahaha, it's all thanks to your blessing!" Elder Lu Yun chuckled. "Right, I have just returned from the Elder Council, and here is the token that represents your identity. With this, as long as you have sufficient Sword Pavilion Coins, you'll be able to access the library and other facilities! It's also a necessity if you wish to undergo any of the trial and earn some rewards.

"As for this storage ring over here, it's my personal gift to you. The gifts from the sect for becoming an inner disciple are within it. There are five Basic Immortal Pills, a bottle of recovery medicine, and a bottle of zhenqi pills!"

Taking the token and storage ring from Elder Lu, Dan Xiaotian's eyes lit up, and he quickly said his thanks.

Seeing that there were so many benefits to becoming an inner disciple, Zhang Xuan's eyebrows twitched a little.

Of course, he knew that those benefits did not come for free. Accepting those gifts meant shouldering the responsibilities that came with them. There was no such thing a free lunch in the world.

He could earn money quickly in the Ethereal Hall anyway, so it was not as if he was particularly envious of Dan Xiaotian or anything.

"This is the sect's cultivation technique and the Ascendant Cloud Sword Formula. You can try practicing them yourself first. If you have any doubts, feel free to come to me!" Elder Lu Yun said as he passed another two books over.

"The cultivation technique of our Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion is called the Art of Ascendant Clouds. It's well- known for its might even across the entire continent. Our swordsmanship is, of course, number one in the world. However, just because the cultivation technique and sword art are formidable doesn't meant that you'll reach the top just by practicing them. What's more important is for you to study diligently and comprehend the essences of those two techniques!"

Dan Xiaotian nodded in response.

A strong cultivation technique and sword art were not enough to guarantee that one would become an expert. It was what came after that truly mattered.

"Of course, the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion doesn't enforce its disciples to strictly follow its regiment. If you have a cultivation technique or sword art that is more suited to you, feel free to cultivate them too. As long as you are able to clear the annual examination, the sect will not restrict your freedom!" Elder Lu Yun said.

That sword toss technique was something that even Huo Jianghe was unable to withstand. In fact, Elder Lu had tried simulating the situation in his mind as well, but even he was not completely confident that he would be able to catch it.

It was clear that Dan Xiaotian had his own secrets.

However, the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion would never force out the secrets of its disciples.

As long as they were able to clear the examinations and did not flout sect rules, the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion was not too picky about what their disciples cultivated.

After all, there was no such thing as a 'one size fits all' when it came to cultivation techniques.

After chatting a little more about the sect rules, Elder Lu Yun finally turned around and left.

He had just achieved a breakthrough to the True Immortal realm, so he would have to spend some time reinforcing his cultivation.


After Elder Lu Yun left, Dan Xiaotian passed the Art of Ascendant Clouds and Ascendant Cloud Sword Formula over to Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan tapped his finger on them and collected them into the Library of Heaven's Path. Following which, he swiftly flipped through them.

Fearing that there would be a deviation in Dan Xiaotian's cultivation, Elder Lu Yun had only given him the Ancient Sage 1-dan manual. It was top-notch in comparison to the cultivation techniques of the Master Teacher Continent, but it was still terribly flawed in comparison to the Heaven's Path Divine Art.

In Zhang Xuan's view, something of this caliber was not worth cultivating at all.

As for the Ascendant Cloud Sword Formula, it was indeed a decent move, but it was nothing compared to what he had comprehended thus far.

"For your cultivation technique, you should just practice what I have imparted to you. There's no need to make any alterations. As for sword arts, continue practicing the sword toss. Once you master what you have, I'll impart the next level to you!" Zhang Xuan said.

Yes, Teacher!" Dan Xiaotian nodded obediently.

There was no one in the world whom he respected more than his teacher. Naturally, he was more than willing to do whatever his teacher told him.

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to leave the residence, Dan Xiaotian suddenly asked, "Right! Teacher, what is the name of the sword toss technique that you taught me?"

His teacher had taught him the technique, but the name remained a mystery to him.

Surely, he could not keep referring to this technique as 'sword toss', could he?

This question made Zhang Xuan frown.

To be honest, he had created this technique on the spur of the moment, so he did not put much thought into naming it. Thus, he did not have an answer to Dan Xiaotian's question.

He pondered for a moment before replying, "Since you are the Third Young Master of the Dan Clan, let's just call this move, Third Young Master's Swordsmanship!"

"Third Young Master's Swordsmanship? That won't do! This doesn't seem too appropriate," Dan Xiaotian replied with twitching eyebrows.

That was way too perfunctory!

Who in the world would name their self-created swordsmanship in such a manner?

Not to mention, this technique was created by his teacher, so how could he use his name for it?

"What is inappropriate about it? I'm not too concerned about the name of the technique, so you can call it anything you want. In any case, I think Third Young Master's Swordsmanship sounds fine!" Zhang Xuan waved his hand lazily.

He could not really be bothered to argue about something like this.

His father sucked at naming, otherwise he would not have been named Zhang Diaofei. As someone who had inherited those genes, it was obvious that he would not be any better. If he was, he would not have gone around naming his techniques Heaven's Path Divine Art, Heaven's Path Sword Art, Heaven's Path Golden Body, and such. His nicknames also would not have been limited to Yang Xuan, Xuan Zhang, Tianya, and all those nonsensical names.

"Alright then..." Seeing that his teacher had made up his mind, Dan Xiaotian could only go along with it.

Seeing that this matter was settled, Zhang Xuan was just about to walk out when he suddenly recalled something. Turning to Dan Xiaotian, he said, "Pass me your inner disciple token for a moment!"

After acquiring the token from Dan Xiaotian, Zhang Xuan left the residence and headed right for the inner disciples' library.

The library was located on a manmade plain constructed in a valley. It was a majestic tower that Zhang Xuan had caught sight of while he was on his way to the inner disciples' market.

Upon arriving at the destination, Zhang Xuan passed his token over.

The elder in charge of the library took a look at the token before explaining impassively, "Two Sword Pavilion Coins for an hour. You can select a cultivation technique or battle technique during this period and copy it."

Zhang Xuan passed two Sword Pavilion Coins over before walking into the room.

The lineage of the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion could be traced several thousand years back. With such a history, the inner disciples' library was filled with all kinds of sword art and cultivation technique manuals. After a swift estimate, Zhang Xuan reckoned that there were several million books within the tall tower.

There were some rooms that disciples could enter to flip through their books privately. As time was money, most disciples would first select the books that they wanted before entering and copy its content in the fastest time possible while they were inside.

As for Zhang Xuan... he did not have to go through so much trouble. All he had to do was to look at the books all around him and mutter 'Flaws!' in his mind.


Just like that, the books were swiftly being collected into the Library of Heaven's Path at a frightening rate.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that the Library of Heaven's Path's book collection function was still working fine. He had been afraid that some things regarding the Library of Heaven's Path might change after entering the Azure, but everything seemed to still be working well for the time being.

He walked up the levels of the library and collected all the books that he laid his eyes on.

As this was the inner disciples' library, most of the cultivation techniques and battle technique manuals available were at Ancient Sage-tier. There were no Pseudo Immortal techniques to be found there. Furthermore, most of them were regarding Ancient Sage 1-dan.

With each increasing realm in Ancient Sage, the quantity of corresponding books available decreased at a swift rate.

Zhang Xuan was currently at Ancient Sage 4-dan Dimension Shatterer realm primary stage, so it did not matter much whether he browsed through the earlier books or not.

It took him nearly four hours in order to collect all the books available.

Following which, he walked out of the library and paid eight Sword Pavilion Coins before returning to his residence. "Alright, it's finally time for me to make a breakthrough!"

Having collected the necessary cultivation techniques, it was about time for his stagnated cultivation to move a little!

He sat on the bed with crossed legs before directing his consciousness into the Library of Heaven's Path. He quickly gathered all the Ancient Sage 4-dan cultivation technique manuals together.


The books fused together to form a brand-new Ancient Sage 4-dan cultivation technique manual.

Zhang Xuan hurriedly flipped the book open to browse through the contents, and a moment later, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Just as he had hoped, the compiled manual was Heaven's Path tier.

With a flick of his wrist, he took out the seven remaining Basic Immortal Pills and swallowed one of them.


Rich spiritual energy immediately gushed into Zhang Xuan's body. He drove his zhenqi in accordance to the newly compiled Heaven's Path Divine Art manual.


As the spiritual energy was converted into zhenqi, his strength rose, and his zhenqi became more compact.


Some time later, there was a resounding buzz as he successfully made a breakthrough to Dimension Shatterer realm intermediate stage. Thus, he continued swallowing a few more pills and continued pushing his cultivation forward.

"Hm? Is the effectiveness of the Basic Immortal Pill growing weaker?"

Less than half an hour later, Zhang Xuan's cultivation reached Dimension Shatter realm advanced stage. He had already consumed all seven Basic Immortal Pills, but due to the decreasing effectiveness, he had only managed to reach advanced stage in the end. He was still a way off reaching consummation.

"The Heaven's Path Divine Art does have a high demand on the quality of spiritual energy!" Zhang Xuan sighed deeply as he halted his cultivation.

Usually, Basic Immortal Pills would be highly effective even for Pseudo Immortal cultivators, but they were not of much use to him anymore.

To be honest, even without the Basic Immortal Pill, just by absorbing the mercury-like spiritual energy in the air, he would still be able to improve much faster than he did on the Master Teacher Continent. However, it would take him at least two to three months before he could reach Dimension Shatterer realm consummation at this rate.

It would be a huge insult if he had to spend such a long period of time just to advance a few cultivation stages!

"Since I still have quite a few Sword Pavilion Coins, should I try buying some Standard Immortal Pills?" Zhang Xuan wondered.

He had just won 14,000 Sword Pavilion Coins, and he had only spent eight of them so far. Since he had no urgent need for Sword Pavilion Coins at the moment, it would be best for him to raise his cultivation to Dimension Shatterer realm consummation.

Zhang Xuan took out his Ethereal Token and entered the premises again.

This time, he did not head to the dueling ring but the shopping district.

"Standard Immortal Pill? They cost two hundred Sword Pavilion Coins!" the receptionist told Zhang Xuan.

"Two hundred Sword Pavilion Coins?" Zhang Xuan was flabbergasting.

What kind of freakish price was that?

Basic Immortal Pills were only worth two Sword Pavilion Coins each, but Standard Immortal Pills actually cost two hundred Sword Pavilion Coins. That was a difference of hundredfold!

"Standard Immortal Pills are only used by True Immortal cultivators. Those who have reached such a realm are either core disciples or inner elders, and to them, two hundred Sword Pavilion Coins doesn't count as much!" the receptionist explained.

"Of course, the main reason it's so pricy is due to the multitude of expensive medicinal herbs that are required in order to forge the pill. Furthermore, the forging process is highly demanding on the apothecary, so its quantity is severely limited!"

Zhang Xuan sighed deeply.

Even an inner disciple like Zhu Yanzhi had nearly a thousand Sword Pavilion Coins with him. Given so, for core disciples and elders, the price of Standard Immortal Pills might really be cheap to them.

"I'll buy five of them!" Zhang Xuan said helplessly.

He had thought that his recently-earned fortune would last him quite a while, but the cruelty of the world struck him once more.

Backing out of the Ethereal Hall, Zhang Xuan activated the formation on the token, and the five Standard Immortal Pills appeared before him.

He took one out, placed it on his palm, and examined it closely. Compared to the Basic Immortal Pill, it was much richer in spiritual energy, and the quality of its spiritual energy was higher. Seeing that at least these Basic Immortal Pills were fairly high quality, he felt a little more balanced inside.

Taking in a deep breath, he was just about to swallow a pill to push for a breakthrough to Dimension Shatterer realm pinnacle when a blur flashed before his eyes. The Dongxu Gourd had leaped out of his dantian once more, and it was staring at the Standard Immortal Pill in his hands with twinkling eyes.

How fragrant.'



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