"W-what …"

Watching as the world rotate around him, all that was in Wang Jiandong's mind was incredulity.

Even in his moment of death, he did not believe what was happening to him.

He had driven his Sword Intent and sharpened his concentration to their limits. He had been prepared to meet anything that came his way. He had intended to last as long as he could against his opponent and put up a good fight.

But as soon as the other party made his move, the world had begun rotating around him. Everything had ended before he knew it.

When did the other party make the move? How did the other party make the move? He realized that he knew nothing at all!

Was such a swift sword humanly possible?

Lujie, I'm sorry. I was thinking of sounding out the other party’s moves for your reference, bu^ ^ strength is limited. To the other party, I am probably no different from an unmoving target…

With a heart filled with regrets, Wang Jiandong dissipated into light fragments.

Beneath the dueling ring, Liu Lujie witnessed everything that had happened clearly with his eyes, and he nearly blacked out.

That was the third strongest expert among the inner disciples!

Yet, he had helplessly been killed in a single move.

How in the world did something like this happen?

Will I really be a match against such a fast sword?

Liu Lujie fell into deep thought. Deep inside, he already had a clear answer in his mind. There was no way he could block that blow.

However, he was unwilling to give up just that. His tenacity did not allow him to give up just because a stronger opponent was standing before him. There had never been an obstacle that had brought him down before, and he did not think that this would be any different.

All of sudden, the fighting will in his eyes flared up once more. "I get it... I get it! Jiandong, your death wasn't in vain.

You didn't manage to force him into revealing his trump card, but I have managed to uncover the flaws in his swordsmanship!"

Liu Lujie clenched his fists tightly as his zhenqi roared within his body. He had finally found a way out of this quandary.

Based on his analysis so far, the other party's so-called trump card was much simpler than what they had assumed... and that was his swiftness!

His sword was so fast that most opponents he faced would not even be able to react to his attack.

Most likely, the other party had comprehended the Speed Quintessence.

Even the greatest might could be overcome, but absolute speed was undefeatable!

He had been so interested in finding out what kind of move the other party had executed that such a simple fact had eluded him. In truth, the other party only had a single move, and that was his swiftness.

As long as one's sword was swift enough, even an expert of Wang Jiandong's caliber could be decapitated in an instant.

"There's only one way to avoid a swift sword, and that's to take the initiative. In the other words, I just have to be faster!"

Coming to understand the crux of the other party's strength, Liu Lujie swiftly stumbled upon the answer to overcoming the other party's swordsmanship.

Defense was not enough to curb a swift sword, so the only true way to do so was to match its speed. Only by outmaneuvering the other party would he be able to force the other party into revealing his openings!

Closing his eyes, Liu Lujie swiftly formulated several offensive maneuvers in his mind, and eventually, he settled upon one of them. He felt that as long as he executed it properly, his chances of victory would be over seventy percent.

While Liu Lujie was still in deep thought, another twenty people had stepped into the dueling ring one after another. Just like those that had gone before them, their heads ended up rolling off their necks. None of them managed to last a single breath!

By this point, the crowd was already trembling fearfully as the frightening strength of I Am Low Profile started to seep into their minds.

In less than three minutes, I Am Low Profile had already killed forty opponents, and seven of them were ranked in the top hundred. There was even the third ranker Wang Jiandong among the victims.

Yet, no one had managed to land even a single blow on I Am Profile so far. Not only that, no one had been able to make sense of how the other party had managed to kill them!

Initially, they had thought that they could eventually grind down this fellow with sheer numbers, but right now... their confidence was wavering.

In their minds, I Am Low Profile had already transformed from an ordinary human into a callous grim reaper.

Every move he made would signify a decapitation.

It was almost as if this had become a rule on this dueling ring. It did not matter how many opponents he was facing or how powerful his opponent was.

Seeing that morale had fallen to an all-time low, Liu Lujie shouted, "Everyone, don't panic. He's only a single man. We have more than enough people to take him down. Even if we stand here and allow him to kill us, how many of us will he be able to take down?"

"Indeed... He might be powerful, but he's only a single man!"

"We can't lose. Otherwise, what will other people think of us?"

"Losing our money is a small deal. What's more important is that the sect will surely punish us for our weakness!"

Liu Lujie's shout made everyone snap out of their fear, and their eyes began blazing with fighting spirit once more.

"Everyone, I have been analyzing his swordsmanship thus far, and the crux of his strength is simply his speed. It's not as complicated as what you are imagining. As long as we are able to move faster than him, he will be a goner!" Liu Lujie said as he slowly made his way over to the dueling ring.

"I'll kill him right now so as to show you that there are plenty of experts among the inner disciples!"

Hearing Liu Lujie's words, the crowd swiftly widened their eyes in realization.

Indeed! It was their inability to comprehend I Am Low Profile's attacks that made him seemed more frightening than he truly was. However, if all the other party had was speed... as long as they were able to move faster than the other party, the other party would be nothing at all!

A swift sword was formidable, but it was highly demanding on one's vitality and zhenqi. Given the limitations on his cultivation imposed by the Ethereal Hall, how much longer could I Am Low Profile keep up with such speed?

"To be able to see through all of this, it seems like that friend over there is a true expert!"

"I wonder if he'll be able to defeat I Am Low Profile."

"It doesn't matter whether he's able to defeat I Am Low Profile or not. The knowledge that I Am Low Profile is using speed to overwhelm his opponents is a crucial piece of information. This means that the sacrifices of those that came before haven't been in vain. As long as we go at him relentlessly, he will eventually wear himself out!"

As Liu Lujie made his way to the dueling ring, the crowd instinctively opened up a path for him as they roared cheers of support.

Liu Lujie was currently using a new Ethereal Token, and the nickname that he was using was different from before. As such, no one knew that he was actually the number one expert of the inner disciples!

Hearing the confident declaration from the new challenger, Zhang Xuan could not help but chuckle softly. "You said that speed is the crux of my strength?"

How was his move fast at all?

This was nothing more than an ordinary slash from him after comprehending that Sword Intent.

The more powerful one's Sword Intent was, the greater the burden on one's zhenqi, physical body, and soul. His current Ancient Sage 1-dan would not be able to bear the burden of executing a truly swift sword!

In fact, even his real Ancient Sage 4-dan consummation body would not be able to bear the pressure from unleashing the Sword Intent that he had captured with his golden page!

As such, all he could only showcase a sliver of what he was truly capable of!

Nevertheless, while the other party's analysis wasn't completely accurate, it was a good attempt. From the looks of it, it appeared that the new challenger was a fairly decent sword practitioner.

Usually, he would be interested in seeing what t;he other party was capable of, but it was a pity tha^

currently a little too feeble. He could not afford to squander any of his strength. Furthermore, he was pressed for time,

so he could only end this quickly.

"Let's begin!"

While such thoughts were running through Zhang Xuan's mind, Liu Lujie had already gotten into the ring and readied himself.


He swiftly harmonized together with his sword before dashing forth like a burst of wind. Due to the sheer speed that he was moving at, the tip of his sword released a deafening rumbling reminiscent of the roar of thunder.


"But this move looks rather familiar. I feel like I've seen it somewhere before..."

"It's the Sword of Thunder Call!"

"Legend has it that the elder who created this technique was inspired by a streak of lightning in the sky. This swordsmanship allows one to move with speed as fast as lightning and strength as frightening as thunder..."

"That swordsmanship is one of the top three sword arts within the inner disciples' library, but it's simply so hard that most who try give up eventually. So far, among the inner disciples, there's only one person who has succeeded...' "Wait a moment, you can't mean to say that the person in the dueling ring is..."

The new challenger moved with such agility that the crowd could hardly keep up with his movements. A huge uproar broke out among them.

It was a well-known fact that only Senior Liu Lujie had mastered this move. This was more than enough to verify the identity of the new challenger!

It seemed like even the number one expert of the inner disciples had decided to make a move to teach that arrogant fellow a lesson!

"That brat is finally done for!"

That fellow's tricks will be swiftly unraveled under Senior Liu's ingenuity!"

Everyone's eyes lit up in excitement as they cheered for Liu Lujie.

In their hearts, Liu Lujie was an undefeatable legend. He had dominated the number one spot for seven years now, and no one had come close to even shaking his position so far.

With such an expert making a move, I Am Low Profile would surely fall into defeat. With that, there was no way he would act arrogantly anymore!

Back to the dueling ring, Liu Lujie was completely oblivious to the fact that his identity had been revealed. At that very moment, his complete attention was focused on his sword art.

Knowing that his opponent's sword was capable of moving at inhuman speeds, he dared not let his guard down for even a second. Any opening that he showed could very well become his undoing.

With his incredible speed, he covered over a dozen meters in the blink of an eye, but for some reason, perhaps because I Am Low Profile was caught off guard or was simply that confident in his abilities, the other party remained rooted to the spot, not moving at all.

"Are you still not going to make a move, or are you unable to make a move?"

It seemed like his guess was right. The only thing that the other party had was his speed! With him outdoing the other party's speed, there was no longer anything the other party could do.

Victory was his to claim!


But as this thought was circling in his mind, he suddenly felt a chilling sensation ahead of him.

Glancing upward, his eyes widened in disbelief. At some point in time, the other party had lifted his sword and placed it in the trajectory of his movement, waiting for him to crash into it.

"Wh …"

As he was moving too fast, he was not even able to pull off a sidestep. Before he could say a word, the sword had already plunged right through his head.


His body fell lifelessly to the ground.

"Next!" Zhang Xuan shouted out.

The other party's movements were rather fast, so he had chosen to place his sword in the path of the other party. As he had expected, the other party had ended up running right into his blade, thus allowing him to achieve a headshot without even exerting much strength.

"Senior Liu was killed just like that?"

"What's even more frightening is that I Am Low Profile didn't even exert any strength! All he did was hold his sword in position, and Senior Liu simply ran right into it!"

"Didn't Senior Liu say something about defeating speed with greater speed?"

The crowd shuddered in fear. At this moment, they were on the verge of a mental breakdown!

Even the number one expert of the inner disciples had been killed with such ease. Just how powerful was I Am Low Profile?

"What's wrong? Is there no one who dares fight me anymore? Can I take it that all of you are admitting defeat?" Zhang Xuan could not help but realize that the crowd had gone completely silent after he defeated the previous opponent, so he could not help but ask them that with a frown.

Even when he defeated Wang Jiandong, the crowd did not react in such a manner!

Could it be that the earlier opponent was a famous figure among the inner disciples?

Thus, he turned to one of the more vocal inner disciples and asked, "Is the person whom I just killed... someone who is deeply respected among the inner disciples?"

Y-you...M Hearing those words, the inner disciple nearly fainted on the spot. "Did you not feel anything different while fighting him?"

You were going against the number one expert of the inner disciples! Surely you felt his extraordinary aura and superior strength!

"Feel anything different?" Zhang Xuan's frown deepened. "Was I supposed to feel anything about him? Other than his decent speed, it doesn't seem like there's anything special about him at all!"

It was true that the previous challenger was fast, but his inability to control his speed properly made him extremely easy to kill.

The current situation was just like a bunch of ants trying to oppose a human. Would a human be able to sense who was the stronger one among the ants?

It was not like it made any difference at all!

"H-he... He's the number one expert of the inner disciples, Senior Liu Lujie!" the inner disciple cried out.

"Oh... He's the number one expert?" Zhang Xuan frowned doubtfully. "Even though he's so weak?"

"..."The crowd.



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