"Stonefire Beast, I am here again. I know that it's unlikely, but I still hope that I'll be able to move you with this..." Mu Xu said with a bitter smile.

He took out a jade bottle and said, "This is a bottle of Blood Cleanser. It can nourish your meridians and make them more supple, allowing you to overcome your bottleneck more easily."

The Stonefire Beast's meridians were known to be extremely stiff, which made it extremely difficult for it to achieve a breakthrough after maturity.

The only way to resolve the problem was through the Blood Cleanser, which nourished one's meridians.

Without a doubt, the Blood Cleanser was extremely alluring to it. The only issue was that the Blood Cleanser was simply too expensive!

He had to rush fifteen missions over the past half a year in order to earn enough money to purchase this bottle of Blood Cleanser. Every single mission that he took on was incredibly tough, such that he often survived only by a close shave. If not for his good luck, he would have returned to the dirt by now.

"Did you think that I would thank you for your gift? I suggest that you stop daydreaming. There's no way I'll submit to you. I would rather die than to serve a human!" the Stonefire Beast harrumphed coldly.

"Why are you so obstinate? Do you understand that your life is in my hands?" Seeing how the Stonefire Beast was still persisting on, Mu Xu sighed helplessly.

"What's there to fear about death? Even if you were to kill me, I'll be another proud Stonefire Beast eighteen years later! Even if it'll bring me to my demise, I'll never bow down to a human... Kill me if you will!"

After which, the Stonefire Beast turned its head to the side and fell completely silent.


Mu Xu glared at the Stonefire Beast with his sword trembling in his hands. However, the latter showed no signs of wavering at all, as if he truly had no qualms about dying at this very instant.

Seeing that the other party had no intention of submitting at all, Mu Xu shook his head helplessly. With a look in his eyes, he threw his sword aside and turned around to leave the room, "I have really lost against your obstinacy. I'll be leaving the Myriad Beasts Hall tomorrow, so you are free to..."

But at this moment, a voice suddenly echoed in the air.

"Hear me, members of the Myriad Beasts Hall. I hereby officially declare that I'll be stepping down as the hall master, and the one who will succeed me is Elder Zheng Yang..."

"Hall Master Qin is stepping down? But again, what does this have to do with me anyway? I'm going to have to leave the Myriad Beasts Hall tomorrow anyway..." Mu Xu muttered gloomily beneath his breath.

But soon after, another voice echoed in the air,"... I have made some modifications to the beast taming techniques you have been learning previously, so may I invite you to head over to where Elder Ying is to receive the improved version."

"Modifications to the beast taming techniques?" Mu Xu suddenly halted in his footsteps. "I won't be a disciple of the Myriad Beasts Hall tomorrow anymore, so I should take a look at them while I'm still qualified to..."

He didn't bear much expectation at all, but nevertheless, he still went to look for Elder Ying to receive the improved beast taming techniques.

When he first laid his eyes on the improved beast taming techniques, his eyes widened in utter bewilderment. In truth, the modification was extremely simple, such that its essence could be beautifully summarized with just a single word...


Basically, what it was saying was that when all other means failed, one could try to beat the beast till a near-death state. After that, offer the beast appropriate treasures to move it.

"Such pummeling method won't work..."

It didn't take long for Mu Xu to finish browsing through the contents, and he couldn't help but sigh helplessly.

There were such pummeling taming methods within the sect as well, and he had tried them too. However, none of them worked. Not only so, he even infuriated the Stonefire Beast, and the latter nearly killed itself...

Blind violence wouldn't resolve anything!

"Wait a moment. The hall master's new beast taming technique must be used together with this pill," Elder Ying, who was in charge of distributing the manuals, passed a jade bottle over as well.

"It must be used together with this pill?"

Mu Xu uncorked the lid of the jade bottle and took a look at its contents. However, he only plunged deeper into confusion.

It was only an ordinary recovery medicine! It wouldn't even be too effective on a Saint 9-dan beast, let alone an Ancient Sage beast... The Ancient Sage beast would simply view it as an insult!

"Just give it a try," Elder Ying advised.

Mu Xu pondered for a moment before nodding slightly. He was going to be evicted from the sect tomorrow anyway, so he could only clutch onto any opportunities available to him. Gritting his teeth, he thought, This will be the last time!

With the jade bottle in hand, Mu Xu returned back to his room and began executing the Beast Pummeling Taming Method he had just learned from the book on the Stonefire Beast.

After some incredible shaking and rattling, the Stonefire Beast was left lying on the ground with bleeding wounds all over. It looked as if it was going to die at any moment.

You have humiliated me. If you were to keep me alive, I swear I'll return everything to you tenfold!" the Stonefire Beast bellowed with a savage look on its face.

This was simply too much!

"Just a bit more!" Mu Xu muttered beneath his breath as he forcefully fed the pill into the Stonefire Beast's mouth.

Since he had already come to this point, he couldn’t care less anymore. He could only pray that it would somehow work out.

You bastard, what did you just feed me? I'll slaughter you...." the Stonefire Beast cursed furiously.

But just as Mu Xu thought that it was all over, a shudder suddenly ran through the Stonefire Beast's body, and in the next moment, it suddenly looked at him with a bizarre look on its face.

"Master, I am your beloved Little Firefire. Please don't go... I'll become your good tamed beast..."

"Ah?" Mu Xu was stunned.

This transformation... What in the world happened?!

Nevertheless, Mu Xu quickly sealed the Soul Contract, and before long, he had already forged a telepathic connection together with the Stonefire Beast. Through this telepathic connection, he could even induce the death of the Stonefire beast with just a single thought.

But even after carrying all of this out, he was still a little dazed on the inside. He had been trying to tame the Stonefire Beast for more than a year now, but it had never worked out.

However, as soon as he carried the instructions provided by the new hall master, he succeeded in just ten short minutes...

What were the principles behind this beast taming technique?

But regardless of what the principles were, the fact that it worked was more than enough to testify that it was truly effective.

It seems like our new hall master is really a man of great capabilities! Mu Xu thought.

He couldn't help but recall the bitterness that had been weighing him down for a year now.

Putong! He fell to his knees.

Before he knew it, tears were already flowing down his cheeks.

In this moment, he swore that he would serve the new hall master with his heart from this day onward, and he would never question the latter's commands.

The same sight could be seen all around the sect.

There were those who thought that the new hall master was just another skilled beast tamer, and that his inauguration wouldn't bring about any difference to the sect. However, such thoughts were swiftly overthrown.

As the miraculous effects of the Beast Pummeling Taming Method started to show, the sect members began to understand why Hall Master Qin had chosen to give up his position to this Hall Master Zheng so suddenly...

Under the leadership of such a capable individual, there was no need to worry that the Myriad Beasts Hall wouldn't grow stronger!

I was still feeling a little indignant at the outcome, but now, I know that I'm still far too lacking as compared to him. It's the blessing of the Myriad Beasts Hall to have him as the hall master... Elder Yuan thought in agitation.

Had the middle-aged man not appeared out of nowhere, the chances were that he would have been the next hall master. As such, he couldn't help but feel a little resentful of the other party for snatching what that should have been his.

But as he witnessed the happenings around the sect, such a feeling had vanished without a trace.

The very foundation of the Myriad Beasts Hall was its superior proficiency in beast taming, so the most stable and effective way for the organization to grow was to further its mastery in beast taming. This was also why the generations of hall masters were chosen their proficiency in beast taming.

Elder Yuan knew that there was no way he would be able to do what Zheng Yang had done. In a sense, it was a blessing in disguise that things turned out the way they did.

"Hahaha, let's see how Han Jianqiu dares to brag before me in the future. Our Myriad Beasts Hall has its own genius as well!" Elder Qin Yuan exclaimed excitedly.

It was just a few days ago that Han Jianqiu announced that there was a genius in their ranks that had comprehended the Gods' Sword Intent, and to be honest, he was extremely envious when he heard that. However, the Myriad Beasts Hall had finally found a genius of equal caliber as well...

With this, Han Jianqiu would have no more bragging rights than he did!

"After our hall master is done dealing with whatever matter he has at the Sea of Exiled Stars, I'll arrange for a meeting between him and the new sect leader of the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion! That sect leader is indeed formidable to be able to defeat a Heavenly High Immortal as a True Immortal himself, but I don't believe that he would be able to stand against the encirclement of four Heavenly High Immortal beasts simultaneously!" Elder Qin Yuan laughed heartily.

Ever since that day, Han Jianqiu had been bragging about that genius day in and day out, almost as if a grandfather showing off his grandson.

But no matter how powerful that genius was, there was no way he could withstand the combined assault from the Serpentine Dragon and the others!

Not to mention, Hall Master Zheng Yang was plenty powerful himself too, wielding strength matching that of a High Immortal despite only being at Heavenly High Immortal realm.

To be honest, he did suspect that Zheng Yang and Zhang Xuan might have been the same person for a moment, but considering the differences in their age, appearances, and names, there was no doubt that they were two separate people!

The Forsaken Continent was vast and boundless, so it wasn't impossible to find two extremely talented geniuses one after another.

Just wait and see, Han Jianqiu! Let's see if your Zhang Xuan is more formidable or our Zheng Yang is stronger!

On the second day after arriving at the Myriad Beasts Hall, Zhang Xuan visited Elder Qin Yuan with a slightly exhausted look on his face.

He had spent the previous day compiling his understanding of beast taming into books before distributing them around. At the same time, he also managed to browse through all of the books in the elders' library as well.

Just as he had guessed, there weren't enough High Immortal realm cultivation technique manuals here for him to compile the Heaven's Path Divine Art, but it did grant him with a deeper understanding of the High Immortal realm.

"Hall Master Zheng, are you planning on leaving now?" Elder Qin asked.

"Un. I have urgent affairs to attend to, so I'm afraid that I can't delay my schedule any longer," Zhang Xuan replied with a nod.

"I understand. Allow me to accompany you on your journey then," Elder Qin said.

"There's no need for that. With the Serpentine Dragon and the others with it, I believe that no one would dare to make a move on me," Zhang Xuan patted the tamed beast sack hanging on his waist and smiled.

After becoming the hall master, he was given his own unique tamed beast sack. His tamed beast sack was extraordinarily large in size, allowing him to store all four immortal beasts in without it getting too squeezy.

Elder Qin pondered over Zhang Xuan's words for a moment before nodding in agreement.

The other party was right. With the protection of the four immortal beasts, there should be no one who would dare to make a move on him.

Not to mention, his identity had been kept a secret, and the other elders who knew about the matter had been strictly warned against speaking about it. Even if he were to leave right now, the others would only think that he was an ordinary Heavenly True Immortal. No one would have suspected that this middle-aged man would actually be the new hall master of their Myriad Beasts Hall.

"Hall Master Zheng, I'll dispatch a disciple and an immortal beast to escort you then. We can't allow you to drive the immortal beast on your own!" Elder Qin said.

It had become a known fact that the Serpentine Dragon had been tamed by the new hall master of the Myriad Beasts Hall. If he were to ride the Serpentine Dragon out at this moment, it would be as good as telling others that he was the new hall master. Thus, he could only use the ordinary aerial immortal beasts within the sect.

"Alright then," Zhang Xuan accepted the proposal.

It didn't take long for the arrangements to be completed, and soon enough, Zhang Xuan was already on his way northward.

Elder Qin had prepared a Lesser High Immortal realm beast for him, and the disciple driving it was a Heavenly True Immortal realm cultivator. It was the best that they could do without being too eye-catching.

They flew for three days straight.

"Hall Master Zheng, we're not too far away from Biyuan City at the moment. The Sevenstar Pavilion of the Six Sects is situated there as well. It's already the largest city within the region. If you wish to acquire anything from the Ethereal Hall, it would be the best place for you to head to," the disciple driving the immortal beast said with a smile.

Over the past three days, the two of them got familiar with one another, and the disciple also learned about Zhang Xuan's identity as the hall master too.

"The Sevenstar Pavilion?" Zhang Xuan muttered as he looked at the scenery ahead of him.

A hint of a massive city could be seen on the horizon. Just by its width, it was already apparent that it was many times larger than Wuhai City.

"Let's head over to take a look," Zhang Xuan instructed with a gleam in his eyes.

The Dongxu Gourd needed 200 Superior Immortal Pills in order to break out of its seal... Perhaps, he might just be able to gather the required number here!



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