"Could it be a feint?"

Alarmed, Zhang Xuan quickly raised his head to take a look.

It suddenly crossed his mind that the other party could have been pretending to explode his cultivation in order to find an opportunity to flee?

Zhang Xuan turned to the youth anxiously, but when he caught a clear glimpse of the latter's appearance, his eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

The fellow who was trying to explode his cultivation had a fragment of a gourd in his head... And an entire half of his head had been blasted away!

He was smashed to death by the gourd before he could gather sufficient power for an explosion!

It was no wonder why the explosion halted all of a sudden...

"How could this be..." the youth muttered indignantly with his dying breath.


His corpse fell from the sky.

He had considered the possibility that he might be killed by Zhang Xuan, but never had he thought that he would be killed by a fragment of a gourd in such a manner...

What a huge embarrassment!

On the other hand, after confirming that the youth had died, Zhang Xuan quickly turned his sights toward the Dongxu Gourd with excitement gleaming in his eyes, "Has it broken free of its seal yet?"

Following that, he saw a golden irradiance as brilliant as the blazing sun engulfing the surroundings. After which, a silhouette reminiscent of a canary slowly unfurled its wings.

Shrouded by the flames, it was impossible to tell what it was right away. Nevertheless, from the imposing air it emanated, one could feel that it was an extremely powerful beast.

It was no wonder why it was able to devour Heavenly High Immortal-tier and even Semi-Divinity artifacts easily... The Dongxu Gourd really wasn't bragging at all. Even if it wasn't a legendary beast that had ruled over the lands, there should be very few in the Azure that could hurt it.

"I have succeeded! I'm finally out of this darned shell..."

Hearty laughter echoed in the air as shadows flickered amidst the radiance. Slowly, the brilliance died down, and the silhouette in the air became clearer and clearer.

Zhang Xuan's clone also quickly turned his sights over. He had known the Dongxu Gourd for quite some time too, and he was extremely curious to find out just what kind of monster was sealed within it.


The light finally dissipated entirely, leaving the silhouette concealed amidst it in plain sight.

"You are... the legendary beast who used to rule over the lands?"

Upon catching a clear look at the Dongxu Gourd's appearance, Zhang Xuan nearly bit down on his own tongue.

"Why? Do I not look like it?"

A little yellow chick which looked as if it had just broken out of its shell waddled its way over. Its head was tilted upward, making it seem as proud as a peacock.

Zhang Xuan and his clone rubbed their eyes, but the sight before them still remained the same. The sheer ridiculousness of the situation nearly made them tug their hair out.

Where is the promised Ancient Divine Dragon?

Where is the promised Taotie?

Where is the promised Pixiu?

Instead of all of that, you are actually a little yellow chick instead?

Just tell me, what the hell about you resembles a legendary beast?

"Are chickens considered legendary beasts too?" Zhang Xuan uttered in disbelief.

The Dongxu Gourd had boasted so much in the past that it had unknowingly built up great expectations in him for the revelation of its true form.

But it actually turned out to be a little yellow chick instead? The hell!

If it was a dragon or the sort, how awe-inspiring it would be for him to ride on it and dominate anyone who dared to cross him? Not even the Hall of Gods would dare to mess around with him!

What was he supposed to do with a chick like this? Toss it at his enemies and hope that it could fluff them to death?

You are the one who is a chicken, your entire family are chickens!" the little yellow chick scoffed furiously. Tilting its head up proudly, it said, "I am a legendary beast who once ruled over the lands. I am…As for what I am, I haven.t recovered my memories yet so I can't say for sure, but I am very certain that... I. Am. Not. A. Chicken!"

"Whatever," Zhang Xuan waved his hand dismissively.

He didn't want to think or argue about this matter anymore. He felt like he might really suffer a mental breakdown if he were to continue harping on this matter.

He turned to look at the surrounding folded space instead and noted that it was already on the verge of shattering apart. So, he quickly kept his clone, his tamed beast, and the corpses of the three youths into his storage ring.

Then, he shot a look at the little yellow chick, and anger began boiling within him again.

With an impatient voice, he harrumphed, "We'll talk later. Get back to my dantian for now."

"I have already broken free of my seal. I don't need to return to your dantian anymore," the little yellow chick replied smugly.

"Get your ass back in there!" Zhang Xuan picked up the little yellow chick with two of his fingers and spoke sharply. "Otherwise, you'll be going into my storage ring instead!"


The little yellow chick meekly returned back into Zhang Xuan's dantian.


Barely after these were all done, Zhang Xuan suddenly found that he had returned back to the street outside the Ethereal Hall. Just like before, no one had noticed the intense battle that had just happened here not too long ago.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan rushed over to the disciple from the Myriad Beasts Hall and noted that while the latter was severely injured, he was still breathing. Thus, he fed the latter a bottle of the gourd's bathwater and instructed him to recuperate well.

After that was done, he began reflecting on what had happened over the past few days.

He had made sure to disguise every single aspect of himself, such that there was no trace of the original Zhang Xuan to be seen in him anymore. Yet, those from the Hall of Gods were still able to find him...

Just what were they basing their search criteria on?

And how could they be certain that they had gotten the right person?

As long as Zhang Xuan was unable to figure this out, he would never know when he would be in danger.

After the disciple had recovered a fair bit, Zhang Xuan instructed him grimly, "You should return to the sect. I'll be fine on my own."

After which, he dived into the crowd, and not too long later, he had already assumed a different appearance.

He wanted to check if the Hall of Gods was really able to see through his disguise.

Thus, he chose to linger around the vicinity where he was assassinated for more than two hours, but there were no more assassination attempts. If the Hall of Gods was really able to see through his disguise, they would have noticed him and struck again by now.

That shouldn't be it then... Zhang Xuan thought.

Thinking back, if the Hall of Gods was really able to see through his disguise, they should have made a move on him back when he first left the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion.

I really have no idea at all... But since they aren't able to see through my disguise, I guess I should still be fine for the time being... Zhang Xuan sighed helplessly.

He returned back to the Ethereal Hall and booked another silent chamber.

He quickly set up a series of Isolation Formations and the sort around before bringing out the little yellow chick once more.

"What abilities do you have, and how strong are you at the moment?"

He thought that he shouldn't jump into assumptions about this fellow. It would be best for him to clarify the situation first. After all, the Dongxu Gourd was also much more powerful than it looked as well.

If he could find out what the little yellow chick was capable of, he would know how he could utilize it in a battle.

"My abilities?" the little yellow chick cocked its head to the side. "I don't really know either."

"Are you able to fly?" Zhang Xuan asked.

The little yellow chick tried flapping its tiny wings.


It crashed back to the ground.

"I don't think so," it replied.

"What about your fighting prowess?"


In the next instant, a slap flew right toward the little yellow chick. It was sent twirling into the air before crashing into the wall.

"It's a no then. What about your strength?"

Feeling as if he was staring right into the abyss of despair, Zhang Xuan brought out one of the corpses of the Heavenly High Immortals and tossed it on the little yellow chick.

The little yellow chick was immediately crushed to the ground. A tiny claw could be seen trembling at the very corner of the corpse...

Ten minutes later, Zhang Xuan was really on the verge of a mental breakdown.

"Is this the strength you used to 'rule over the lands'?"

This fellow had been boasting about how powerful it was since a long time ago, but it turned out to be such an adorable and harmless beast instead... What was even more ridiculous was that it didn't seem to possess any strength at all. It was a being which any cultivator could easily stomp to death!

That being said, there was indeed one thing that was noteworthy about it—its recovery ability. Even when it was smacked and crushed under a High Immortal, it swiftly recovered from the damage it had sustained.

"I... I'm sure that I am a legendary beast who once ruled over the lands! It's just that... I have just broken out of my seal, and my energy is exhausted. I just haven't recovered yet! Why don't you bring me another 200 Superior Immortal Pills, no, make it 200 Premier Immortal Pills instead! I should be able to recover quite a bit after that..."

The little yellow chick flailed its wings around anxiously.

"200 Premier Immortal Pills? Why don't you go to hell instead?" Zhang Xuan was rendered speechless.

It was already difficult enough for him to procure 200 Superior Immortal Pills, and this fellow wanted him to gather 200 Premier Immortal Pills...

I really should smack that idea out of your mind...

As stifled as Zhang Xuan was, he knew that there was a good chance that what the little yellow chick was saying was true. After all, it was able to devour even a Semi-Divinity artifact in its sealed state. There was no way it could possibly be ordinary!

"Since you are my tamed beast, you should have a fitting name too. I can't possibly keep calling you Dongxu Gourd or little chick," Zhang Xuan sighed deeply and said.

"Un un!" the little yellow chick nodded in agreement. "It must be that I still have some seals which I have yet to release yet, so I'm still not sure what exactly I am either. However, if one is for sure, I'm definitely not a chicken! I must be a legendary beast who once ruled the lands, a powerhouse in this world!"

No matter how powerful a chicken was, it couldn't possibly be capable of devouring a Semi-Divinity artifact whole!

As such, it was extremely opposed to its master calling it a chick.

Thus, it looked at its master with a hopeful look, hoping that it would come up with an imposing name for it.

"No matter whether you are a real chicken or not, it's a fact that you look like a chick at the moment. You have also claimed that you are a legendary beast, a ruler of the lands. Since that's the case, why don't we call you..."

Zhang Xuan pondered very deeply at this moment before his eyes lit up in excitement, "Supercock!"


The little yellow chick collapsed to the ground.

Are you sure that this is an appropriate name for a legendary beast?

An extremely powerful human is known as Superman. An extremely powerful male chicken is simply known as Supercock.



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