"Of course!" Pavilion Master Kui Xiao nodded.

There were many books in the Sevenstar Pavilion due to the nature of its operations—all of them were pretty much goods that could be sold. As an elder and possibly the future pavilion master, the other party was, of course, qualified to browse through their book collection.

"Then it won't be a problem then. I'll agree to it." Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as he could reach the High Immortal realm, he would be in a much safer position against the Hall of Gods. It could be said that pretty much all the problems that he was facing at the moment would be resolved.

If the other party was able to help him reach the High Immortal realm as quickly as possible, he did not mind doing a favor for them. He was already an elder in the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion and the head of the Myriad Beasts Hall. He did not mind taking on another role.

In any case, he was assuming a persona at the moment. At the very most, he would just have to get his clone to disguise himself as him later on.

On the other hand, seeing that the other party was agreeable, Pavilion Master Kui Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

As the information that was going to be relayed afterward involved the confidential issues of the Sevenstar Pavilion, it would be inconvenient for those from the Ethereal Hall to remain there for too long. Thus, the Ethereal Hall elder bade farewell and left.

After the elder left, Pavilion Master Kui Xiao flipped his wrist and took out a jade bottle. "This is a High Immortal-tier Breakthrough Pill. It'll increase the chances of achieving a breakthrough to High Immortal realm for you by twenty percent. Since you have already reached the Heavenly True Immortal realm, as long as you prepare yourself well, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to make a breakthrough!"

Even though it was just twenty percent, this difference could easily spell a vast difference to many.

Not to mention, the young man before him clearly possessed exceptional mastery in his cultivation technique and battle technique. With the help of the Breakthrough Pill, it was a sealed deal that the other party would achieve a breakthrough!

"You have my gratitude." Zhang Xuan received the jade bottle gratefully.

He had never seen it in person before, but from the books he had read, he knew just how valuable the Breakthrough Pill was.

A single pill was equivalent to the price of a High Immortal-tier artifact!

It was really a huge favor to receive such an invaluable pill from the other party. It seemed like he would have to do his best in the later fight.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony! There's a private chamber in our sect that is forged solely out of Calmheart Stone. If you cultivate in there, not only would you not be affected by inner demons, your chances of achieving a breakthrough will also be increased significantly. Elder Liu, feel free to tell me if you would like to use that chamber. I can take you over right now," Pavilion Master Kui Xiao said.

"There's no need for that... I only have some doubts regarding my cultivation, so I would like to browse through some books to resolve it. May I know where the library of the Sevenstar Pavilion is located? I would like to head there to look," Zhang Xuan replied.

As someone who cultivated the Heaven's Path Divine Art, he was unaffected by inner demons. Thus, he had no need for the private chamber made of Calmheart Stone.

The only time that it had happened was an unfortunate mishap, and it had been resolved by the pendant that Luo Ruoxin had given him.

"You wish to browse through some books?" Pavilion Master Kui Xiao had thought that the young man would immediately consume the Breakthrough Pill, but who could have known that the other party would have the patience to resolve the doubts in his heart first?

He could not help but nod in approval.

To be able to resist the temptation of rushing into a breakthrough and instead bide his time till he found the most suitable method to do so... It was no wonder this young man was so powerful!

With this, Pavilion Master Kui Xiao felt much more assured. He turned to the First Elder and said, "First Elder, I'll be troubling you to take Elder Liu there."

At this point, Pavilion Master Kui pondered deeply for a moment before adding, "If there's a need for it, he's also authorized to view the confidential books in the hidden chamber!"

"Yes, Pavilion Master Kui," First Elder replied with a nod.

The Sevenstar Pavilion had its own lineage and heritage, but it would still collect books of all sorts for auctioning purposes. As such, their collection was really one to behold.

It was just that the auctions that they held were often for the top echelons of the Forsaken Continent, so the books that they dealt with contained the secret arts of other sects. As such, the disciples and elders were forbidden from accessing that content, or else it could undermine the credibility of the organization as a business partner.

However, given how matured this young man was, Pavilion Master Kui Xiao did not think that there would be any problem allowing the young man to access this collection, especially if the other party needed them to push for a breakthrough to the High Immortal realm.

Of course, this was in consideration of the fact that the Azure Bridge was about to descend, or else he would never have made such an exception.

The libraries were all located in the Celestial Authority Palace. Following the First Elder, he was soon inside the elders' library.

"Feel free to look around. I'll be heading back now, but please do inform any of the nearby disciples to call me if you need any assistance," the First Elder said before taking his leave.

Zhang Xuan finally took a good look at his surroundings.

This library was much more spacious than that of the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion. Proportionate to its size, there were many more books there as well. All kinds of cultivation technique manuals could be seen placed neatly atop shelves. Its collection was much more diverse than that of the Myriad Beasts Hall and Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion.

It did not take long for him to collect all the books on the first floor.

He quickly proceeded on to the second floor, then to the third floor.

Within six hours, he collected every last book that could be found there into the Library of Heaven's Path. Following which, he headed to a nearby private chamber and looked through his gains.

"There are some True Immortal realm soul cultivation technique manuals here, but not enough for me to compile a Heaven's Path Soul Art..."

The books in the Sevenstar Pavilion covered many different fields. All in all, there were several hundred books regarding soul cultivation techniques, but that was still insufficient for Zhang Xuan.

As High Immortal realm cultivation technique manuals, while the collection in the Sevenstar Pavilion was indeed larger, there were only thirty or so books. He was still a long way off from compiling the corresponding Heaven’s Path Divine Art.

"From the looks of it, it isn't too possible for me to make a breakthrough in the short-term..." Zhang Xuan sighed deeply as he rubbed his glabella.

It seemed like he would still have to make a trip to Starchaser Palace after all.


While Zhang Xuan was in the library, the atmosphere in the Celestial Dipper Palace was particularly heavy.

"Pavilion Master Kui, do you intend to substitute me with that outsider?" Elder Hong Wu's face was incredibly livid. "Pardon my insolence, but I can't accept your judgement!"

"You have fought the warriors of the Hall of Gods before, but you can't even withstand a single blow from the other party. What about my judgement are you unable to accept?" Pavilion Master Kui frowned.

"He isn't from our Sevenstar Pavilion. What right does he have to be bestowed with the centennial opportunity to challenge the Azure Bridge?" Elder Hong Wu replied indignantly.

"That person claims to be an unaffiliated cultivator named Liu Yang, but the truth is that we know nothing about his background. We have instructed our intelligence team to look into him, but so far, they haven't been able to uncover anything about him. If he turns out to be an expert from the Hall of Gods in disguise, this could potentially become our undoing! No, this won't do. I need to force him to spit out his true identity!"

There was no way someone who was so powerful would be able to remain completely unknown. But given the vastness of the Sevenstar Pavilion's intelligence network, if there was anything that could be uncovered about Liu Yang, they should have uncovered it by now.

It was as if this fellow had appeared out of thin air!

Such a situation was really worrying.

After all, the outcome on the Azure Bridge would determine how the next hundred years of their sect would be. If anything happened, there was a good chance that their Sevenstar Pavilion would be dropped from the ranks of the Six Sects.

"I have fought the warriors of the Hall of Gods before, and his battle techniques and cultivation technique are all unlike theirs," Pavilion Master Kui replied with a shake of his head.

"But that being said, it's likely that Liu Yang is an alias he has assumed. I have already instructed the First Elder to investigate him based on his appearance. We should be able to get some results soon enough."

As the head of the Sevenstar Pavilion, Pavilion Master Kui Xiao was not so negligent as to disregard these doubts.

The very act of nominating 'Liu Yang' to the Azure Bridge was as good as declaring his intention to make the other party the successor of the Sevenstar Pavilion. Naturally, he had to exercise the highest level of vigilance regarding the matter.


Right after those words were spoken, the First Elder walked into the hall.

"How did it go?" Pavilion Master Kui Xiao asked.

"I have already relayed the instructions to all the branches of our Sevenstar Pavilion, but none of them have any information about a genius who shares the same appearance and soul aura as Liu Yang," the First Elder replied.

The Sevenstar Pavilion was very different from the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion. Just as it was a sect, it was also a multicity corporation that had countless branches all over the Forsaken Continent.

For this reason, its intelligence network was also quite developed.

"Nothing at all?" Pavilion Master Kui Xiao frowned. He pondered for a moment before asking, "Where are Sect Leader Zhang Xuan and Hall Master Zheng Yang's portraits and soul auras?"

"They are over here," the First Elder said as he passed two jade tokens over.

Pavilion Master Kui Xiao tapped on them, and two figures immediately materialized in the air. They were Zhang Xuan and the Zheng Yang that he had disguised as!

As Zhang Xuan had stayed in the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion for some time, it was not too surprising that the other powers had managed to obtain his portrait and soul aura. However, he had only been at the Myriad Beasts Hall for a single day, and he had hardly met anyone. Yet, the Sevenstar Pavilion had somehow obtained his details...

It had to be said that its intelligence network was extremely fearsome!

Seeing Pavilion Master Kui examining the appearances and soul auras of the two intently, the First Elder asked, "Pavilion Master Kui, are you suspecting that Liu Yang might be either Sect Leader Zhang or Hall Master Zheng in disguise?"

Pavilion Master Kui nodded in response.

"I know that Sect Leader Zhang is a Heavenly True Immortal realm cultivator, which tallies with Liu Yang's description. However, the former is known for his unparalleled swordsmanship whereas Liu Yang was able to defeat both you and me with his bare fists. It doesn't seem very likely that they are the same person," the First Elder said with a frown.

"As for Hall Master Zheng, according to the news we have received thus far, his cultivation is at Heavenly High Immortal, and due to that, he was able to tame the Serpentine Dragon, Nine-headed Fiery Phoenix, and the others with ease. Since that's the case, it's even more unlikely for him to be Liu Yang. Besides, I examined their soul auras carefully, and it's clear that they are three different individuals."

The First Elder was simply unable to understand the basis behind Pavilion Master Kui's suspicion.

"There's a plant that grows only in the City of Collapsed Space called Transmogrification. It allows a cultivator to alter their appearance and soul aura," Pavilion Master Kui explained. "I have seen this plant in person once, but I was unable to obtain it."

"Pavilion Master Kui, you are suspecting that Liu Yang might have consumed Transmogrification?" the First Elder asked.

"I'm not implying that. I'm just trying to tell you that just it's possible to disguise one's appearance and soul aura. Just because the two of them appear and feel completely different from one another doesn't necessarily mean that they are two different people," Pavilion Master Kui replied calmly. "It's just that... I can't help but find it a little queer."


"It was just a few days ago that the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion found itself a sect leader who has comprehended the Gods' Sword Intent, and not long later, a formidable genius who possesses unparalleled beast taming skills emerged amid the Myriad Beasts Hall. Then, all of a sudden, an invincible True Immortal realm cultivator whom none of us are a match for appeared in our city..." Pavilion Master Kui Xiao shook his head.

"Don't you think that it's too much of a coincidence for all of them to appear like that?"

Those words stumped the First Elder.

He had not paid much attention to this matter before, but thinking about it, it did seem rather suspicious.

Under normal circumstances, it would already be a huge blessing if geniuses of such caliber appeared once every few centuries. Yet, within a short span of ten or so days, three of such figures suddenly emerged.

There was indeed something really unnatural about this situation.

"Pavilion Master Kui, do you find Liu Yang suspicious, too?" Elder Hong Wu's eyes lit up hopefully upon hearing those words.

He had thought that the pavilion master had gotten a little too excited by the appearance of such a formidable expert, to the extent that the latter was ignoring the possible threats. However, it seemed like he had underestimated the shrewdness of the man who had ruled over the Sevenstar Pavilion for many years.

At the very least, the points that were listed out were not things that he had considered before.

"Well, I wouldn't really say that I'm suspicious of Liu Yang..." Pavilion Master Kui shook his head. "I asked the elder of the Ethereal Hall about how he came to know Liu Yang earlier. According to what he said, Liu Yang was initially intending to rent an aerial immortal beast to get to the Sea of Exiled Stars as soon as possible, and it was the elder who recommended that he join our ride.

"However, the Ethereal Hall hiked up the price by quite a bit in order to earn a commission for their service, and this forced Liu Yang to head to the dueling ring. From this, the rationale behind his appearance in the dueling ring doesn't seem to be to capture our attention, and he doesn't seem to have any interest in the Sevenstar Pavilion. Furthermore, based on how he has conducted himself before us thus far, it doesn't seem like he's even aware that he defeated us in the dueling ring."

"This..." Pavilion Master Kui's analysis left the First Elder and Elder Hong Wu a little lost for words.



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