As they recalled those bitter memories in that dueling ring, it did seem like the other party had not given a damn about who they were.

Based on their encounter with Liu Yang, the latter was not a completely tactless person. If the latter had known their true identities in advance, he would not have thrashed them so mercilessly.

Everything that had happened seemed to suggest that Liu Yang had not approached them intentionally, which meant their conspiracy theories did not hold.

"It could also be that he's shrewd enough to have set all of this up in order to fool me..." Pavilion Master Kui Xiao shook his head grimly. "That was also why I gave him the Breakthrough Pill and promised to help him achieve a breakthrough to the High Immortal realm. I wanted to gauge how he would react when I held him in high esteem... but instead of making more requests, he asked me for permission to access our repository of books."

The First Elder and Elder Hong Wu fell silent.

It seemed like the pavilion master had been thinking about this matter right from the start. His every single action had another motive behind it.

The fact that the pavilion master had given Liu Yang a Breakthrough Pill and promised to help him reach the High Immortal realm showed just how highly the pavilion master regarded him. Liu Yang should have caught the drift as well, and under such circumstances, it was likely that any request, even if it was slightly overboard, would be accepted.

But it was as if Liu Yang was completely oblivious to all of that. As though a fool, all he requested was access to their library.

Of course, knowledge was an extremely valuable asset to a cultivator, but it had to be slowly accumulated over time. It was not as if one could attain enlightenment after reading for a couple of hours.

As such, Liu Yang's request was nothing compared to what he could have asked for.

Pavilion Master Kui turned to the First Elder and asked, "What is Liu Yang doing at the moment?"

"He's still reading in the library. He isn't out yet," the First Elder replied, clasping his fist.

"I see... Since that's the case, try to find out what books he's reading, compile a list, and submit it to me," Pavilion Master Kui instructed.

"Yes’ Pavilion Master Kui!" the First Elder replied before taking his leave.

A few moments later, the First Elder returned with a conflicted look on his face.

"How did it go?"

"Well... Pavilion Master Kui, this is the recording from the library. You should take a look at it personally," the First Elder replied with a reddened face.

Perplexed, Pavilion Master Kui took a jade token from the First Elder's hand, and with a tap, its contents immediately floated into appearance.

In the recording, Liu Yang could be seen standing in the middle of the library, whipping his head everywhere.

The recording was roughly ten minutes long, and throughout those ten minutes, he did nothing but whip his head. If a shelf had ten rows of books, he would whip his head ten times toward the shelf before moving on to the next one.

"This... Is he having a stroke?"

Pavilion Master Kui and Elder Hong Wu were stunned.

Was the young man not planning to browse through their collection of books?

Why was he shaking his head around with such a serious look on his face?

It was almost as if he was a young lad trying to practice his head whipping skills to charm the ladies...

Unable to comprehend the reason behind Liu Yang's actions, Pavilion Master Kui Xiao could only say, "Continue keeping tabs on Liu Yang."

But even as more recordings were brought into the Celestial Dipper Palace, they showed nothing more than Zhang Xuan's frenzied head whipping.

"It doesn't seem like he's trying to steal the secrets of our Sevenstar Pavilion either..." The First Elder squeezed these words out from his stifled chest.

If the young man was planning to steal their secret arts, he would surely take out their books and secretly copy them down so that he could study how to decipher them later on. However, all this young man did was whip his head for four hours straight, not bothering to browse through any of the books.

If it was possible to steal a sect's secrets just by whipping one's head, there would not be any secrets in the world anymore.

"There must be some kind of reason for him to continue whipping his head for four hours straight... Let me give it a try!" Elder Hong Wu said.

With a flick of his wrist, he took out a couple of books and placed them around him. Following which, he took a deep breath before whipping his head in the same manner as Zhang Xuan in the recording.

Pavilion Master Kui Xiao and the First Elder hurriedly turned their gazes over and asked, "How is it? Did you notice something peculiar?"

"My head... giddy. I want to puke!" Elder Hong Wu said with difficulty.

Pavilion Master Kui Xiao and the First Elder.

It was only at the sixth hour that Liu Yang finally halted his head whipping. He sat down on the floor and closed his eyes, seemingly at rest.


The crowd heaved a sigh of relief.

They were getting light-headed just by seeing that fellow whip his head all around. They really had no idea how anyone could continue whipping their head like that for six hours straight...

"He's cultivating!" Elder Hong Wu exclaimed.

It was likely that the young man was exhausted, and he was planning to recuperate a little after shaking his head for so long.

"Wait... Is he consuming a Superior Immortal Pill?"

In the recording, not too long after Liu Yang sat down, he began consuming pills. One pill, two pills, three pills... After eating five Superior Immortal Pills straight, he suddenly rose to his feet.

"As a Heavenly True Immortal, is he really able to assimilate that much medicinal energy?" The First Elder's face paled.

Superior Immortal Pills were a cultivation resource that was effective even on High Immortal realm experts. Even he would have to take at least ten days to assimilate the energy from a single one properly. Considering the other party was only at the Heavenly True Immortal realm, consuming five of them at once was tantamount to suicide!

Was the young man not afraid of stuffing himself to death?

"Is he intending on pushing for a breakthrough to the High Immortal realm?" Pavilion Master Kui Xiao remarked with a frown.

But at that moment, Liu Yang suddenly rose to his feet.

Hu hu hu!

His palm began moving around with astounding ferocity.

"Is that... my Dragon Transformation Palm?" The First Elder was stunned.

The move that the young man was executing was the Dragon Transformation Palm that he specialized in, but somehow, the other party's movements were much swifter and smoother.

He had cultivated the battle technique for many years before he was able to master it, but the young man was already able to execute it better than him on his first try.

All of a sudden, he felt as if his years of hard work had all gone to waste.

"No, something is wrong... Isn't he executing this portion a little wrong? Eh? Why does it feel like his version is much more logical? It seems to be far stronger than the original," the First Elder remarked in bewilderment.

As someone who had immersed himself in mastering the Dragon Transformation Palm for many years, he could tell that the young man's execution of the technique diverged from the original secret manual. But for some reason, it seemed to flow even more smoothly. It was almost as if the other party was using the original version whereas what he had was the pirated version!

"Let me give it a try," the First Elder said as he rose to his feet.

He executed the Dragon Transformation Palm according to how the young man did.

Hong long!

With a resounding echo, a surge of zhenqi gushed through his body, and an indomitable aura could be felt from him. "This is…Major Accomplishment?"

The First Elder felt as if he was going bonkers.

Even though he had spent many decades studying the Dragon Transformation Palm, he knew that he was still a far way off from reaching Major Accomplishment. He was famed for being the only cultivator in the Sevenstar Pavilion who had mastered the technique, but in truth, he had already resigned himself to being unable to reach Major Accomplishment in his lifetime.

Yet, who could have known that he would be able to achieve a breakthrough just by imitating the other party's movements?

This was a little too fast!

At this moment, the person in the recording switched from executing the Dragon Transformation Palm to the Flowerless Palm.

This time, it was Elder Hong Wu's turn to be stunned. Soon enough, he began imitating the young man's movements. Hong long!

Similarly, it did not take him too long to surpass the current bottleneck that he was facing.

Soon after, the young man began executing Pavilion Master Kui Xiao's Bolting Lightning Clutching Clouds, and just like the other two, shortly after Pavilion Master Kui Xiao imitated the young man's movements, he achieved a breakthrough.

It took a while for Pavilion Master Kui Xiao to recover from his shock, and he muttered to himself, "Just by shaking his head for six hours, he managed to grasp the most profound battle techniques of our sect and even improved them, making them even more powerful than before. Could it be that whipping one's head can clear one's mind, allowing one to learn battle techniques faster than normal?"

But he had secretly tried it earlier, and it had only caused his head to spin, leaving him unable to see anything clearly. How did the young man do it?

"He must have used some kind of secret art to accelerate his learning..."

"But he didn't browse through any of the relevant books at all! How did he manage to learn all of our techniques?" Elder Hong Wu was perplexed.

Throughout the entire six hours of head whipping, the young man had not touched a single book, so how could he have learned their techniques? Not to mention, he had even reached Major Accomplishment in them within such a short span of time. They had sunk decades into their battle techniques in order to reach their current levels!

Pavilion Master Kui paused for a moment before saying, "It could be that he secretly learned them while we were fighting with him... There are incredibly talented people out there who are able to remember every single detail of a battle technique just looking at its execution. It was said that Hall Master Kong possessed such an ability."

This was the only way he could reason this out.

Otherwise, it made no sense for the other party to be able to learn all their battle techniques and even master them to such a formidable degree just by whipping his head around.

Right at that moment, the First Elder's anxious voice echoed once more. "Pavilion Master Kui... look!"

Pavilion Master Kui raised his head. In the recording, after executing the Bolting Lightning Clutching Clouds, Zhang Xuan clenched his fists together and began executing yet another set of battle techniques.

"This is... Red Dust of Ten Thousand Li?"

"River of the Purple Sun?"

"Dawn of the Hundred Canaries?"

"Obliteration of All Trails?"

The trio spat out the names of the top battle techniques of the Sevenstar Pavilion one after another. It was as if the young man in the recording had turned into the founder of the Sevenstar Pavilion. All sorts of battle techniques and cultivation techniques seemed to flow right out of him, and every single one of them had reached Major Accomplishment.

Utter silence.

It took a while before Pavilion Master Kui Xiao's hoarse voice sounded in the air. "There is a total of twenty-three top- notch battle techniques in our Sevenstar Pavilion. In history, the elders and pavilion masters who were able to master even one of them left their mark on history, becoming famed figures whose names were recited by others even after their death. Yet, he actually managed to master all twenty-three of them?"

The Sevenstar Pavilion had quite a few battle techniques that were on the same level as the Bolting Lightning Clutching Clouds, but they were all extremely difficult to cultivate. Every single one of them would take a great deal of time and effort in order to interpret and master.

In order to master the Bolting Lightning Clutching Clouds, Pavilion Master Mo had gone through a lot of trouble. He had specially paid a visit to the highest peak of the Forsaken Continent to examine thunder and lightning. He had also ventured into the Western Regions in search of a cloud-shaped accessory. He had even entered the City of Collapsed Space in order to seek the answer to a doubt he had regarding the battle technique, and he had nearly lost his life there!

On the other hand, the young man had only whipped his head for six hours, and he had already mastered everything. Furthermore, all the battle techniques that he had executed were far stronger than what Pavilion Master Kui Xiao remembered.

In other words... it seemed like the young man had found the flaws in them and corrected all of them!

Was it really possible for a human to be that talented?

"If he becomes our leader, our Sevenstar Pavilion could very well become the Sevenstar God Pavilion in the near future..." Elder Hong Wu could hardly close his agape mouth.

"Become our leader?" Pavilion Master Kui Xiao looked at Elder Hong Wu curiously. "You aren’t going to beat anymore?"

It was just a moment ago that Elder Hong Wu had said that he was going to beat the young man up until the latter confessed his true identity.

"This..." Elder Hong Wu's face reddened. "Even though I'm an entire cultivation realm stronger than him, there's no way I could be a match for him..."

He might not be as discerning as Pavilion Master Kui Xiao, but he knew where he stood. Given the other party's superior battle senses and top-notch battle techniques, there was no way he could be a match for the other party even though his cultivation was higher.

If they really fought, it would have surely ended in a tragic defeat for him.

He stood no chance at all. He would only be making a joke out of himself if he challenged the other party.

"Considering that he's able to defeat you despite being a cultivation realm weaker, if he successfully achieves a breakthrough to reach Heavenly High Immortal... is there any chance that we could win the fight against the other Six Sects and secure the best position?" The eyes of the First Elder lit up.

"This..." Pavilion Master Kui Xiao fell into deep thought.

"Sect Leader Zhang Xuan from the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion has comprehended the Gods' Sword Intent, so there's a good chance that he'll be able to match High Immortals despite only being at the True Immortal realm himself. As for the newly-appointed Hall Master Zheng Yang of the Myriad Beasts Hall, the fact that he was able to tame the Serpentine Dragon and the others shows that he's no weakling either... Nevertheless, if Liu Yang is neither of them in disguise, he should still be able to stand his ground against them!"

The First Elder pondered over those words for a moment before remarking, "Actually, isn't there a very easy way to verify the matter? Pavilion Master Kui, you could just enter the Ethereal Hall and ask Elder Han Jianqiu and Elder Qin Yuan!"



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