"She's the one behind that matter?" The shark seated on the middle throne was somewhat taken aback by that news. "Are you certain of it?"

The reason the three of them had been able to achieve a breakthrough was due to the blood droplets of the young female god falling into the sea.

"My king, I dispatched my 100,000 subordinates to look into the matter, and I am absolutely sure of it!" the catfish replied affirmatively.

The shark in the middle took a while to calm itself down before harrumphing. "Humph! So what if she's able to summon a god? Based on what I saw that day, shortly after entering the Forsaken Continent, the god broke open the surrounding space to head somewhere else, and she hasn't appeared ever since. As long as a god doesn't get involved in the battle, we still stand a good chance in a war against the Six Sects!"

"Our Big Brother is right! Even the gods who have descended to the Forsaken Continent find their strengths significantly lowered here," the shark seated on the left remarked smugly. "It's for this reason that no gods will descend and interfere in the affairs here other than the Hall of Gods. Even if Starchaser Palace is able to communicate with the gods, it's unlikely that they have the ability to rally the gods to fight on their behalf!"

"Since that's the case, what do we have to fear? No matter how powerful the head of Starchaser Palace is, she's nothing more than an individual. With the combined prowess of us three, killing her will be a walk in the park!"

The fact that the heavens have allowed us to achieve a breakthrough shows that fate is starting to favor us oceanic creatures. We should seize the day instead of allowing this rare opportunity to slip through our fingers!" the shark seated on the right added in agreement. "Our era is swiftly arriving! How many of us aquatic creatures have those humans slain in the past? We shall return the favor twofold! We'll let them know that we aren't to be belittled!"

"We aren't to be belittled!"

Those words immediately sparked the blazing passion among the aquatic creatures. Be it the prawns, octopuses, crabs, oysters... All of them trembled in agitation upon hearing those words.

For the past several thousand years, the Six Sects of the humans had held the dominant position on the Forsaken Continent. As a result of that, the aquatic creatures had not dared step on land easily for fear of getting killed. But now that they had the backing of Semi-Divinity realm experts as well, they had nothing to fear anymore!

Hiding at the back, Zhang Xuan murmured with a frown, "The head of Starchaser Palace?"

Starchaser Palace had been founded by the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe. Considering that Luo Ruoxin was the Spirit God, it was only natural for her to answer their summons!

If what was said about Luo Ruoxin was right, it was likely that Palace Master Du Qingyuan had summoned her down to the Azure. Right after that, Luo Ruoxin had descended further down to the Master Teacher Continent in order to snatch the Great Codex of Spring and Autumn.

From the looks of it, getting in touch with Palace Master Du Qingyuan will be the crux of learning the truth behind everything!

He had rushed over there after deducing that the Godblood Rock had something to do with Luo Ruoxin, but it seemed like his focus had been wrong.

If Du Qingyuan was the one who had summoned Luo Ruoxin, how could she not know who and where the latter was?

I should return for now, Zhang Xuan thought to himself after learning of this critical piece of information.

Putting aside the fact that there were three Semi-Divinity realm beasts there, just the several hundred High Immortal realm ones were enough to overwhelm him!

The main reason he had sought the true origin of the god blood was to verify if Luo Ruoxin had really been to the Azure and, from there, determine where she had gone. Since he had been able to acquire the news from Palace Master Du Qingyuan, there was no need for him to remain there anymore.

After all, there was no need for him to expose himself to needless danger.

So, Zhang Xuan slowly backed away, and just as he was about to retreat from the cavern, he suddenly felt a pulsation of spiritual energy coming from within. This pulsation of energy caused the pendant around his neck to tighten a little. A frightening amount of heat was being emanated from it.

He quickly turned around and saw the shark seated at the centermost throne bringing out a crimson droplet of blood before all the aquatic creatures gathered there.

The droplet of blood was roughly the size of a sesame seed, but even so, the amount of energy that it emanated was alarming. It was as if an entire world had been compressed into it. If such an amount of energy was released, the entire ocean would immediately descend into turmoil!

"This is the god blood," the centermost shark said as it rose from its throne. "This is the key that allowed us to reach the unattainable Semi-Divinity realm. Pledge your loyalty and serve us with devotion, and you will not be let down by what you receive!"

"My king, we are willing to pledge our lives to you!"

The appearance of the god blood caused the eyes of the aquatic creatures to light up as they roared in excitement.

Even a droplet of blood from a true god was enough for them to push for a breakthrough to Semi-Divinity realm. There was no doubt that it held great allure to all life forms.

Seeing that it had managed to rouse the morale of the aquatic creatures, the centermost shark nodded in contentment.

Through a mixture of fear tactics and incentives, it was confident that their subordinates would serve them loyally.

Those who have reached Semi-Divinity realm really mustn't be underestimated, Zhang Xuan thought warily.

Their strength was one thing, but he had never thought that the sharks would be so skilled in the art of commanding as well. It seemed like human cultivators had really been underestimating the intelligence of other life forms all this while.

I should leave!

There was no doubt that Zhang Xuan was interested in the god blood, but he knew that it was impossible for him to obtain it given his current strength. The risk was too great for him to bear.

Besides, there was no need for him to make a move personally. There was no doubt that Starchaser Palace and the rest of the Six Sects would deal with the three sharks once they learned of the matter. They could not risk the aquatic creatures forming a power of their own.

By then, he could simply lend them a hand in dealing with the sharks.

"Who is it?"


A deafening voice reminiscent of rumbling thunder tremored through the entire cavern, causing rock fragments and dust to fall to the ground.

Following that, three boundless auras burst forth.

What's going on? Zhang Xuan thought with a frown.

He had been suppressing his aura the whole time, such that it should not have been possible for the other party to notice him easily. Besides, even if the other party did notice him, it should have happened as soon as he entered the cavern. Why would such a thing happen just as he was about to leave?

Perplexed, Zhang Xuan turned his head around, only to nearly faint in horror.

At some point in time, the god blood that was floating right before the eyes of the aquatic creatures had vanished without a trace, causing a huge panic within the cavern.

The three Semi-Divinity realm sharks flew into a fit of rage. They released their powerful auras, displaying their determination to rip the culprit into shreds.


A voice echoed in the air all of a sudden.

In response to that, a shot of water current burst forth and struck the ceiling of the cavern, causing rock fragments to fall to the ground.

Tracing the shot of water current, Zhang Xuan lifted his head to take a look. What he saw nearly caused his to keel over.

In the corner of the cavern, a little yellow chick was frantically flapping its wings to maneuver through the water. At the same time, loud burps were escaping from its mouth. The energy of the god blood could be felt pulsating within its body.

It was obvious who the culprit who stole the god blood was.

"I'm not going to accompany your suicidal tendencies..."

What else could Zhang Xuan do in a situation like this other than turn tail and flee?

This fellow was really an idiot!

There were three Semi-Divinity realm beasts and several hundred High Immortal realm aquatic creatures there, and that dumb chick had still gone forward to devour their god blood. Was that any different from committing suicide?

"Master, wait for me!"

Before Zhang Xuan could get far, the little yellow chick cried out loudly, and the next moment...

It had already caught up with him.

"The might of the god blood is greater than I thought. I am at my limit and can't really move anymore. I'll need to rest for a while..."


Right after saying those words, the little yellow chick dived right into his tamed beast sack.

Looking around him, Zhang Xuan saw a whole army of aquatic creatures staring at his revealed profile with stunned looks on their faces, and he nearly burst into tears.

My heavens, just what did I do so wrong to deserve such a punishment?

You sure have it easy, going to sleep and dumping all the responsibility to me. What am I supposed to do now?

Zhang Xuan cursed beneath his breath. He really wanted to roast that damned chick alive.

But he knew that it was only possible if he got out there alive. Without any hesitation, he immediately executed his Heaven's Path Movement Art and fled.

If he waited any longer, he would lose his life.

"Capture him!"

"How dare a human come here and steal our god blood? Kill him!"

"Let's make meat paste out of him to feed the dogs!"

"You buffoon, we don't have dogs underwater! You can feed him to me instead!"

The aquatic creatures bellowed in frenzy.

It was not too long ago that they had declared confidently that they would expel the humans from the ocean, yet a moment later, one of them infiltrated their nest and stole their god blood. It was inevitable that they were infuriated.

Boom boom boom!

As Zhang Xuan fled, innumerable surges of energy kept exploding around him, leaving goosebumps rising all over his arms. He really wanted to burst into tears.

I am just an innocent bystander! I swear that I'm not the culprit behind this. Why won't any of you believe me?

The gray shark seated on the lift throne rose up and scoffed in fury. "Did you think that this is a place where you can come and go as you please?"

With a whip of its tail, it appeared right before Zhang Xuan to block his escape.

There was no doubt that Zhang Xuan's Heaven's Path Movement Art was formidable, but his movement speed was severely impeded due to the viscosity of the water. On the other hand, the opponents that he was facing had spent their lives in the water, and their physiques were adapted for gliding through the water.

As such, he had no speed advantage whatsoever before the other party!

"You thieving human, you shall pay for your foolishness!"

The gray shark whipped its powerful tail toward Zhang Xuan with crushing might that caused even the surrounding space to collapse. There was no doubt that even the current Zhang Xuan did not have the ability to withstand such a powerful strike!

The threat of a Semi-Divinity realm beast that specialized in offense was indeed far greater than that of the Blackback Tortoise!

In this moment, Zhang Xuan panicked a little.

He had always been proud of his speed, but in the water, it was as if he was a crawling snail competing against a sprinting hare.

Turning to take a look, Zhang Xuan saw that the huge army of High Immortal realm aquatic creatures was glaring at him ferociously. The other two Semi-Divinity realm sharks had also darted over to him with killing intent flaring from them.

Zhang Xuan's reaction was quick, but it was inevitable that he was handicapped against the aquatic creatures in a race underwater. Before he knew it, he was already tightly encircled.


Knowing the urgency of the situation, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist.

Hu hu hu hu hu!

Five Heavenly High Immortal-tier swords appeared before him.

With an upward flick of his finger, these five swords, imbued with the Gods' Sword Intent, pierced toward the tip of the cavern.

The Semi-Divinity realm shark before him was simply too powerful, so there was no way he could afford to face it directly. At the same time, he would be pushed back into the cavern, thus losing all chances of fleeing.

Thus, he could not afford to be bogged down here!

Since he was surrounded from all four directions, the only way he could escape was through the ceiling of the cavern!

If he could knock a way out for himself, he would be able to get to the trench, and utilizing the cover of the plants, he might just be able to get away safely!

It would be hard to find his tiny figure amid the massive ocean filled with all kinds of huge creatures. As long as he could get out of this cavern, with his disguising ability, there was a good chance that he would be able to make a successful escape!



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