It was already unbelievable news to them that the head of the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion was going to become the leader of the Starchaser Palace as well, but to think that he would announce that he was Zheng Yang and Liu Yang as well...

Just what in the world was going on here?

The bewildered Han Jianqiu quickly turned his gaze toward the First Elder of the Starchaser Palace, only to see that the latter was utterly taken aback as well. She had no idea what was going on either.

He moved his gaze toward Elder Kui Xiao and Elder Qin Yuan, and the two of them were flabbergasted too.

Over the past half a month, the Six Sects had been announcing one after another that they had found suitable successors to take over themselves, and there was a great deal of bragging and fawning that followed suit... But in the end, all of them turned out to be the same person!

It felt almost like an extremely bad joke!


Contrary to the shocked faces all around, Bai Xuansheng and Gu Zhuiyun's faces turned utterly livid upon hearing the news.

If those four sects had a common leader, wouldn't that mean that they were going to form a tightly-knitted alliance with one another? If so, it wouldn't be that easy to borrow their Guardian Artifacts anymore.

"Let's inform Hall Master Kong of the matter!"

The two of them glanced at one another and nodded slightly.

Hall Master Kong had entrusted them with the task to convince the other four sects to accept his deal. They thought that given how attractive the deal was, the others wouldn't hesitate to accept it. After all, there was no sect that would risk lagging behind the others and becoming irrelevant.

However, it would be a different matter if the four sects were united by a common head.

If that was the case, the bargaining power they had against the other four sects would be greatly reduced.

"Zhao Yue, Han Jianqiu, Qin Yuan, and Kui Xiao, I need the four of you to follow me."

As the inauguration ceremony came to an end, Zhang Xuan listed the names of these four figures before gesturing them toward a guest room not too far away.

"Sect leader, you are really... Zheng Yang and Liu Yang?" Han Jianqiu asked agitatedly.

Zhang Xuan nodded in response.

Han Jianqiu and Zhao Yue stared at one another. They could hardly believe what they had just heard.

The same went for Kui Xiao and Qin Yuan as well.

It took a long while for everyone digested this shocking fact.

Elder Kui Xiao was the first one to speak up after the prolonged silence, "This isn't necessarily something bad. At the very least, I think we can all agree that there's a greater threat ahead of us, and there's a need for us to stand together in order to overcome this crisis. If Zhang Xuan can become the binding factor that pulls us together, we'll be in a much stronger position than before."

Zhang Xuan nodded slowly before adding on, "The Hall of Gods has already attempted to assassinate me thrice, and they have openly made a move on the Starchaser Palace and Palace Master Du as well. I don't know what the Hall of Gods is up to, but one thing is clear—they aren't going to remain as spectators anymore. Things could go horribly if we were to continue standing divided at a time like this. Thus, I hope that our four sects could combine our forces and advance and retreat alongside one another."

He didn't have much interest in accruing power, but even an outsider like him could sense that a storm was brewing in the background. If the Six Sects were to continue acting independently of one another, it would only be a matter of time before they were destroyed one after another!

"You have been assassinated thrice?"

The crowd turned to look at Zhang Xuan with shocked looks on their faces.

So, Zhang Xuan quickly explained the happenings that had caused him to be assassinated those three times.

In an instant, the eyes of the crowd widened in disbelief.

They would have never imagined that the lofty Hall of Gods would be so persistent in attempting to claim a person's life. It actually went to the extent of dispatching a Semi-Divinity realm expert in order to deal with him...

What was even more unbelievable was that the young man was actually able to survive their assassination attempts and even subdue the enemies that had come for him... One must know that even they would have trouble dealing with the warriors of the Hall of Gods!

It seemed like the young man was far stronger than they had thought!

"Hall Master Zheng, you mentioned earlier that you have tamed four Semi-Divinity realm beasts?" Elder Qin Yuan asked.

Zhang Xuan had briefly talked about the Blackback Tortoise and the three sharks earlier in his explanation.

For many years, the Myriad Beasts Hall had never been able to tame a Semi-Divinity realm beast, but within such a short span of time, Zhang Xuan actually managed to tame four of them by himself... Was this for real?

Yes, they are all from the Ocean of Exiled Stars," Zhang Xuan replied.

With a thought, he summoned the Blackback Tortoise and the three sharks out, and a powerful aura immediately suffused the entire room.

"This is..."

Everyone narrowed their eyes in astonishment.

With glowing eyes, Han Jianqiu muttered excitedly, "If that's the case, wouldn't that mean that our alliance consists of the forces of the Ocean of Exiled Stars as well?"

"You're right!"

The crowd widened their eyes in realization.

The Hall of Gods was an existence that had towered over the Forsaken Continent for many years. Even with the combined prowess of their four sects, they still weren't confident of victory. However, it would be a different matter if they had the aquatic creatures of the ocean with them as well.

The ocean was vast and expanse, and the lifeforms that existed within it were countless. Put together, they would be able to form a power that was greater than that of any of the sects on land.

If they could tap into this power effectively, it would be equivalent to having the entire Six Sects or even more behind them!

"The three sharks have already managed to unite most of the ocean together. They have several hundred Heavenly High Immortal realm aquatic creatures directly under their command, and once the order is issued, they would swiftly rally the entire ocean to launch a decisive strike!" Zhang Xuan replied.

Shark One was intending to build an underwater empire, and it had pretty much managed to pull most of the major powers in the ocean over to its side during the meeting at the cavern back then. Once it gave its order, the entire ocean would move together.

Realizing that they were far more powerful than they had thought, they couldn't help but look at the young man before them in deference.

While they did require a leader figure to unite the sects together in this period of turmoil, they were still worried that someone as young as Zhang Xuan would be unable to do the job well. After all, there were still some differences among ,and they would need someone decisive and powerful to keep each of the sects in check.

However, it turned out that Zhang Xuan possessed the strength of a Semi-Divinity realm cultivator himself, and he had four Semi-Divinity realm beasts and two Semi-Divinity artifacts with him. On top of that, he had the entire ocean backing him as well.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that his influence was comparable to even that of Hall Master Kong.

With such might under his command, only a fool would attempt to turn against the alliance and risk getting on the bad side of Zhang Xuan!

"Pavilion Master Liu, the Azure Bridge is about to descend soon. It's about time for us to head to the Heaven Anchoring Boulder. As the head of four sects, how do you think we should allocate the slots?" Elder Kui Xiao asked.

Their initial thought was to have their respective heads challenge the Azure Bridge, but as it turned out, their four heads were actually a single person. In other words, they suddenly had three additional slots.

"I'll be using the Starchaser Palace's slot. As for the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion, Sevenstar Pavilion, and the Myriad Beasts Hall, you will each nominate a qualified candidate to accompany me onto the Azure Bridge," Zhang Xuan said.

The reason why he made such a decision was because the Starchaser Palace had acquired the god blood, which meant that they possessed the means to produce Semi-Divinity realm cultivators. In fact, aside from Du Qingyuan, there was already another one in the sect at the moment.

As such, the Starchaser Palace wasn't as desperate as the other sects.

"That shouldn't be too difficult, but the only issue is that the warriors of the Hall of Gods are too powerful... Currently, we don't have any candidates that stand a good chance of surviving against them," Han Jianqiu said with a deep frown.

After all, if the Ascendant Cloud Sword Pavilion, Myriad Beasts Hall, and Sevenstar Pavilion had a reliable candidate to count on, they wouldn't have gone to the extent of nominating an outsider whom they had just met as their new head!

It was true that they could simply push new candidates forward to fill up the additional slots, but if the candidates stood no chance at success at all, that would be no different from pushing them to their deaths.

Zhang Xuan pondered deeply for a moment before saying, "Choose your candidates and send them to me. I'll teach them personally. There isn't much time before the Azure Bridge descends, but as long as they put in their all into learning, I believe that they will still be able to stand a chance."

It might be last-minute preparations, but that didn't mean that it was meaningless.

Especially since he was the one doing the teaching over here.

Putting aside his deep understanding of battle techniques and cultivation techniques, having fought the warriors of the Hall of Gods on multiple occasions, he was probably the person of the Six Sects who boasted the greatest understanding of their fighting style.

After that, Zhang Xuan continued laying out some of the future directions regarding the four sects.

While he wasn't interested in dealing with such matters, that didn't mean that he didn't have the ability to do so if he wanted to.

He was, after all, the man who had stood at the very zenith of the Master Teacher Continent, and the innumerable books he had browsed through had built on his knowledge. He could offer deeper insights and newer perspectives in certain matters, thus allowing better decisions to be made.

The four elders had initially wondered if he was too young to take on such a role, but the maturity and alacrity in his thoughts left them feeling deeply impressed.

The ideas that he proposed were considered from multiple perspectives, and every single one of them was very intentional in their outcome.

If they were to follow Zhang Xuan's directives, the four sects would become more deeply integrated with one another, allowing them to support one another in their growth. With time, they would truly gain the strength to stand independently and oppose the Hall of Gods.

After drafting up the future plans for the four sects, Zhang Xuan took out dozens of jade tokens and passed them over, "Here is a set of cultivation techniques from Ancient Sage to High Immortal that I have modified from your existing cultivation techniques. Feel free to impart it to qualified disciples; it should allow them to advance their cultivation swiftly."

He had studied the cultivation techniques of the four sects and modified them accordingly.

While these cultivation techniques weren't simplified Heaven's Path Divine Art, they were indeed much stronger than what the disciples of the sects were cultivating at the moment. It should prove to be invaluable in enhancing the fighting prowess of the individual sects.

The four elders took the jade tokens over, and after taking a look at the contents, they fell utterly silent.

A moment later, their shoulders began to tremble.

The cultivation techniques which Zhang Xuan had come up with was truly a work of ingenuity. If they were to pass it down to their disciples, it could be foreseen that the overall strength of their sects would surge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The Blackmirror Citadel and Evanescent Immortal Sect would be the ones who were left behind instead!

"That's all for now. Let's hurry up and get on with what has to be done for now!" Zhang Xuan dismissed the group with a wave of his hand.

The elders quickly left the room.

After their departure, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

The elders were aware of the dangers lurking in the Forsaken Continent at the moment, so they knew the importance of uniting together. As such, they were still willing to acknowledge him as their sect leader.

However, it would be difficult to convince the disciples of the matter. After all, they were not privy to the confidential secrets of the continent, and to them, the honor and pride of their sect came before everything else. Thus, he would have to resort to other means in order to win them over to his side.

And through passing these cultivation techniques down, not only would he be proving his strength to the disciples, he was also painting a bright future of where the new heights that their sect would reach under his leadership.

That would help stabilize his current shaky position.


The door suddenly opened at this moment, and an adolescent youth walked into the room.

"Young Master!" the adolescent youth bowed down and cried out.

"Wu Chen! You are fine?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up in agitation.

The person who had just entered the room was no other than the ex-Sovereign Chen Yong of the Master Teacher Continent! Who could have thought that Du Qingyuan would really manage to save him and even forge a new body for him!

"Yes, Young Master. I managed to survive!" Wu Chen replied with reddened eyes.

Despite the conflicts between the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe and the human race on the Master Teacher Continent, there was no doubt that this young man had saved him on many occasions.

"How are you feeling at the moment? Have you managed to recover your cultivation yet?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Taking a look at Wu Chen, he surprisingly found that he was unable to see through the latter's cultivation at all.

"Yes, I'm fine right now. After Palace Master Du brought me here, she used an invaluable artifact to forge my body, and she even bestowed me with a droplet of god blood. As such, not only have I managed to recover from my injuries, I was even able to advance my cultivation all the way to Semi-Divinity realm!" Wu Chen swiftly went through the happenings after he arrived at the Forsaken Continent.

After that, he released his aura, fully showcasing his might as a Semi-Divinity.

Back when he was still on the Master Teacher Continent, Luo Ruoxin had imparted him with a disguise technique. As such, even though his cultivation had already reached Semi-Divinity realm, unless he were to willingly reveal his own aura, no one would be able to discern the extent of his strength!



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