I can't believe my hundreds of tiny eyes. What are the heck are you guys doing?! Sure there are more than ten of you but those guys are freaking massive! The Titan-Croc by itself could snap all of you up it two minutes!!

Before I can even think, my feet are moving. I don't understand exactly why but I cannot let these ants get killed, not now, not after I've been searching for so long.

I will not them die today!

Before the two massive monsters can react properly to the new threat I have charged forward, out of my cover and into the open. Digging in my feet I spin quickly to point by back at the two creatures.

Let me introduce you monsters to what is affectionately known as my business district!


I fire off three quick shots without aiming too much, all I want is the beasts to turn their attention to me, hopefully that way my colony mates won't be instantly crushed to pieces.

The three sizzling jets of acid streak through the air, impacting on the two massive beasts and immediately adhering to them, burning into their flesh.

Thankfully these guys are so large I don't have to aim too much in order to hit them, but it would have better if I had been able to target my restrictive acid more carefully, hitting their joints would have reduced their ability to fight even if only a little.

My gambit pays off enough though, the two huge beasts turn their back on the approaching ant force and face this new threat with primeval fury burning in their eyes.


Hey guys!

Any chance you two are pacifists?

These two monsters look like the absolute alphas of this place, I still remember how the Titan-Croc smashed an adult centipede into bits with a single swipe of its claws. Why on Pangera did my ant brethren decide to take on these things?

I seriously hope my ant brothers and sisters are not also suffering from an immensely low Cunning stat, because I deeply question the wisdom of this current course of action!


[Improved acid shot has reached level 4]

Before they can charge at me I fire off two more quick shots, both aimed at the Ape. Hopefully the extra acid will restrict its movement somewhat since it is by far the faster of the two.

Practically all of my ranged ammunition has been expended now, I have only one shot remaining. Acid is a damage over time sort of effect however, hopefully we can all survive long enough to see the effects start to kick in!

My fellow ant kind are still bombarding with their acid, firing spray after spray, I seriously don't want them to draw the aggro so I'm going to have to do something I'll quickly regret.

I charge!

Witness me!

With the two brooding monstrosities looming over me I dash forward directly toward them. These two giants are seriously ticked off, drenched in stinging acid, some of it hardening and sticking to them, they are ready to pound these offending insects into a paste.

When they see me running at them they both react aggressively.

The ape responds first, its superior reflexes and speed on full display as it dashes forward to meet my charge. The ground thunders in response to the sheer bulk of the creature as its fists pound into the rock.

With its leathery bat face growing larger and larger in my vision I can really see with far more detail than I'd like the massive curved fangs protruding from the monsters maw. Suddenly the Ape gathers its strength and leaps high into the air!

I've seen this before!

With every ounce of strength in my body I hurl myself to the side just as those massive fists impact, shattering the ground with the sheer kinetic force of the strike. Every ounce of my being is shivering after witnessing that force up close.

Even the spray of rock and dirt from the impact is almost enough to damage me.

Just how strong are you, damn ape?!

Just as I 'm congratulating myself for my narrow escape I can see something flaring up in my peripheral vision. Is that….


Springing out with all of the energy I can pump into my legs I feel a searing heat begin burn into me before a catastrophic explosion rocks the ground just beneath my feet.

That damned Croc launched a fireball at me when I dodged the ape!

Since when is your teamwork so good?! Are you the new Colossal Brothers Duo?

That one nearly cooked me, if I'd been one second slower I'd be roast ant at this point. Even though I was able to dodge I've still taken some damage and one of my legs is fairly wrecked, it was closest to the ground when the explosion went off.

I curse my bad luck, I can't afford to lose mobility!

I don't have much choice. I activate my regenerative healing gland.

Immediately an icy sensation explodes deep with my body before creeping down my veins and spreading throughout my entire frame. Yeeouch! That feels so weird! Almost as if my guts had been put in a deep freeze!

This must be the healing fluid I'd read about. In the span of a few seconds the freezing, numb sensation has swept through me entirely and as it recedes I can tell I feel better than I did before. Dings in my carapace have started closing over and my leg is almost back to full function after being a roasted entrée just a minute ago.

Checking my status I can see that I've regained five HP from what I had before.

It was a shame to have to blow it so early in the fight but the regenerative properties of this new organ are impressive. I'm very satisfied with this purchase!

All said and done I've only managed to buy about thirty seconds so far. I hope that acid is doing some work, otherwise we're all dead!

The two gigantic monsters almost seem surprised to see their much smaller opponent still alive after their combined assault. I suppose these guys don't usually have much trouble hunting in this place, I haven't seen anything else that remotely approaches their strength.

My fellow ants are still are still firing acid from above but some of them are starting to descend to enter into melee combat.

Are you guys frikken serious? You'll be torn to shreds!

Seeing several of the ants approach the two monsters turn to face them.

I can't let that happen.

My leg is as good as its going to get. Gogogogogo!

With my two enemies distracted and facing away I charge with all of my speed. Dammit, I should have taken that dash skill ages ago! I need to be faster.

Running up behind the ape I spring high with all of my legs, mandibles glowing brilliantly white.

Crushing Bite!

My mandibles close on the wrist of the Ape with audible *crunch*. If I can disable his hand it will be a huge reduction to its ability to fight!

The beast reacts with incredible swiftness, rapidly swinging its arm and flinging me off into the air. Fortunately I've had some practice with this lately. Tuck the legs aaand roll!

As I hit the ground I land onto my back, the hard carapace absorbing the impact and then I roll over and over, dispersing the impact and protecting my vulnerable legs.

When I slow down I get back onto my feet and charge straight back into the fight. I can't afford to let up for a second!

A few of my allies have reached the fight now, rushing forward suicidally to bite and latch onto the gigantic creatures, heedless of their own lives.

You idiots!

The Titan-Croc draws back one of its enormous hands, preparing to swipe down with its fierce claws.




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