At the mention of Uncle Lee's daughter, Qiao Dongliang did not know how he could console him.

Uncle Lee had three sons and a daughter. He doted very much on the only daughter.

Uncle Lee wanted his daughter to find someone she loved and lead a happy life. He had no thoughts of establishing connections through her marriage.

But Lee Shu was lucky. It was by coincidence that she fell in love with the son of the Zhu family. Their relationship was going smoothly and they tied the knot in around a year's time and she was pregnant in less than three months' time.

But what was heartbreaking was that Lee Shu did not live to see the child. When she went into the labor, everything went smoothly. She had the baby through natural delivery.

But no-one would have expected that after giving birth, she would have a hemorrhage.

Lee Shu's blood type was quite common, but it just so happened that the blood bank ran out of that particular blood type on that day.

Her mother stayed behind to take care of the daughter. But her blood type did not match and so she could not donate her blood to her.

When Elder Lee and his three sons arrived, they were not in time to donate their blood to Lee Shu.

And so, only a few hours after she brought the baby into this world, Lee Shu did not even get to take a glimpse of her child and she had passed away.

Lee Shu's death came as a blow to Lee family and Zhu family. Elder Lee even forbade everyone to speak of his pitiful daughter in front of him.

"Oh." Elder Lee let out a long sigh. "I am old, I am no longer as clear minded as before. Now I always make mistakes and do silly things."

Qiao Dongliang could not help but blush in embarrassment when he heard Elder Lee's words. He was not as old as Elder Lee. Yet he had done quite a lot of stupid things, in particular, matters regarding his younger daughter. Forget it, he did not want to talk about them, he would only be more frustrated about it.

"Xiao Shu was gone. No matter how heartbroken we are, Xiao Shu will never come back. Xiao Shu left us with the only son Bao Guo. She risked her life to have him. If he is gone, I… I wouldn't be able to face Xiao Shu when I died."

Elder Lee's eyes turned red.

"Has anything happened to Baoguo?" Qiao Dongliang realized something was wrong. "I remembered Baoguo is a year older than Nan Nan. He should be in secondary three now?"

"Yes, he is in secondary three now. He is in the same school as Nan Nan."

"He is classmates with Nan Nan. They are all in the same class." Qiao Dongliang was surprised. He never thought that the maternal grandchild of Uncle Lee would be in the same class as his younger daughter. "Nan Nan, has something happened to your classmate?"

"Zhu Baoguo, my classmate?" Qiao Nan was confused. Half a month had passed since school reopened. But she had no idea she had a classmate by the name of Zhu Baoguo.

Qiao Nan twitched her lips and did not know what to say. "Among all my classmates, there isn't someone by the name of Zhu Baoguo. But I haven't seen my desk mate since school reopened."

She connected the dots and realized that her desk mate was the maternal grandchild of Elder Lee.

But what did this have to do with her. Before coming to their house, Elder Lee had no idea how she had fared in her exams. There was no way that he was here to ask that she coached his grandson in his studies.

"It's fate. It's all fate."

Elder Lee was shocked as well. He never thought that his grandson would be "related" to Qiao Nan in so many ways. "Nan Nan, on behalf of Lee family and Zhu family, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving our Baoguo."

The situation was different for Lee family, Elder Lee had three sons and two grandchildren.

But Zhu family only had one son, Zhu Chengqi. After Lee Shu passed away, Zhu Chengqi never remarried. He left his family and stayed in the army all day long.

Zhu Baoguo was the only grandson of the Zhu family.

If anything happened to Zhu Baoguo, unless Zhu Chengqi was willing to remarry, there would be no-one to continue Zhu's family line.

If something happened to Zhu Baoguo, Zhu family would be devastated!

"Save his life?" Ding Jiayi was confused.

It was rare that Elder Lee visited them, and Zhu family was involved as well. Ding Jiayi was dying to have connections with these two prominent families, but she had never had the chance.

Why would these two families have connections to their family? Why would Elder Lee come all the way to Qiao's house to thank them?

"Nan Nan, do you want to tell them what happened or should I tell them? But I guess it's better that you tell them, I might not have all the details."

"Elder Lee, I will do it." Qiao Nan was still confused. After pausing to think for a few moments, she asked, "Is Zhu Baoguo the person who was beaten up this Monday?"

After all, in her two lifetimes he was the only person that she had saved. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You are really a good child." Elder Lee beamed and nodded.

Elder Lee was not surprised that Qiao Nan did not know Zhu Baoguo. His only grandson had been dwindling his days away. He knew that his grandson never went to school.

Whenever he was reminded of how outstanding his daughter was, and yet her son was such a good-for-nothing, he would feel sorry for his daughter and did not wish to see his grandson.

"Nan Nan, you mean you have saved someone's life before?" Qiao Dongliang was shocked.

"Dad, do you remember what happened just now?" Qiao Nan shot a glance at Qiao Zijin, hinting at the incident minutes ago where Qiao Zijin tried to smear her reputation.

"It has something to do with this?" Qiao Dongliang understood at once.

"I usually stick to my daily routine, there's no way to be in touch with those people. It was on this Monday after I was done with my class duty, I saw a person surrounded by a bunch of gangsters and they were throwing punches at him. He fell flat on the ground from the beating. I went looking for the police. The police arrived and the gangsters ran off. The police then took the injured person to the hospital."

Since then, she never meddled with these fights anymore.

But she never thought that she had unwittingly saved someone so close to her.

"Why, is there something else?" Elder Lee noticed that something was amiss from Qiao Nan's tone and asked her to explain further.

"Nothing much, it's just a small misunderstanding." With that, Qiao Dongliang glared at Qiao Zijin secretly.

The truth was finally out. Nan Nan had no contact with those gangsters and was not led astray by them. In fact, Nan Nan had saved Zhu family's son - Elder Lee's biological maternal grandson!

"Misunderstanding?" Elder Lee did not probe further at Qiao Dongliang's words. Since if there was anything wrong, he would be able to to find out himself. "Xiao Qiao, all thanks to your Nan Nan, if not, I have no idea what would happened to my grandson."

"Elder Lee, please do not stand on ceremony with us." Qiao Dongliang who was unaware of the real situation thought that Elder Lee was being too polite. His younger daughter merely asked for help from others.

They were all a bunch of teenagers. It was common to be engaged in small fights.

"No, they were my heartfelt words. Do you know why I only waited till today to visit when it was on Monday that Nan Nan saved Baoguo?" Elder Lee's eyes turned teary at the mention of the danger his grandson faced. "Those people were really ruthless. Two of Baoguo's rib bones were broken. One rib bone almost pierced his lung. If not for Nan Nan, Baoguo might be beaten to death by them. Fortunately he was sent to the hospital in time, otherwise he might die or become invalid."

Everyone was stunned when they heard of Zhu Baoguo's condition. Those people were too ruthless!



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