As Elder Lee spoke of his grandson's condition, she found everything to be so familiar. Two of the rib bones were broken, one rib bone almost pierced the lung.

So in her previous lifetime, that person who was from the same quad, who became invalid from all those beatings, and died from the extreme pain as no-one went to his help, was actually Zhu Baoguo?

In her previous lifetime, Qiao Nan had already quit school and started working at this time. it was only when she came back then that she heard from others that someone from the quad was beaten to death. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even though the injured person was still alive, knowing that they had gotten themselves into trouble, those gangsters just ran off without him.

A day has gone by the time he was discovered. His corpse had turned cold, and there was no chance of saving him.

Because of this, Ding Jiayi started sending Qiao Zijin to school from then onwards.

Qiao Nan had just reached home for barely a day before Ding Jiayi took all her pay and sent her off to work again. She did not even have time to ask about this matter in detail.

So after her rebirth, in this lifetime Qiao Nan had no memory of this incident. She did not know that the person who had died in her previous lifetime was actually Elder Lee's maternal grandson.

"Baoguo sustained serious injuries and had just passed the critical stage. He had woken up but is still in recovery. He is still young, he should be able to regain his health by taking more tonics and healthy food."

In the beginning, Zhu family and Lee family were devastated and worried when they knew of Zhu Baoguo's injuries.

They did not have the time and the mood to find out who saved Zhu Baoguo's life.

It was only yesterday that Zhu Baoguo woke up and was able to speak. The two families felt slightly at ease. It was then did they remembered that they should thank the person who saved his life.

Zhu family and Lee family found the two police officers who sent Zhu Baoguo to the hospital. They had wanted to thank them for saving Zhu Baoguo's life.

But like the soldiers, the police officers were honest and upright. They told the two families that it was a young lady from the quad who found Zhu Baoguo and asked them for their help to save Zhu Baoguo.

So the person that the two families had to be grateful for was in fact this young lady.

Zhu family and Lee family asked around and finally found out that the person who saved Zhu Baoguo was none other than Qiao Nan, Qiao Dongliang's daughter.

Elder Lee felt most comforted at this news.

Elder Lee had always felt sorry regarding Qiao Dongliang's discharge from the army. Nobody would have known that it was Qiao Dongliang's younger daughter who ended up saving his only grandson.

"Xiao Qiao, don't blame Uncle Lee for taking such a long time to visit. Your daughter Nan Nan has saved Baoguo, Lee family and Zhu family owed your family a big favor," Elder Lee said earnestly.

Back then he helped and guided Qiao Dongliang purely on account of his friendship with his father. But it was different now. Qiao Nan saved Zhu Baoguo's life. He owed Qiao's family a huge debt of gratitude.

From now on, Qiao Dongliang no longer owed Lee family anything. Rather, as Elder Lee said, it was Lee family and Zhu family who owed Qiao family.

"Uncle Lee, we are one big family. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be what I am today. Nan Nan just did what she had to do. Regardless of whether its Baoguo or not, when faced with such situation, Nan Nan would not turn a blind eye to it. Uncle Lee, you do not have to worry about it."

Qiao Dongliang stood straight and looked at Qiao Nan with pride and joy.

"Okay." Elder Lee smiled. Xiao Qiao was never a person to request that someone return the favors. "Xiao Qiao, you have taught your daughter well. It was all worth it!"

Qiao Dongliang discharged from the army due to Qiao Nan. Elder Lee could not get over it for a long time. But he understood now and was fully supportive of his decisions.

If Qiao Dongliang did not have a second child and had still served in the army, no matter how successful he was, there would have been no-one to save his grandson.

Elder Lee was just like everyone, hoping for the best for his family. He would naturally prefer the current situation now.

"Uncle Lee, I find it all worthwhile as well." Qiao Dongliang said firmly.

Qiao Zijin was all flustered. Elder Lee was all praises for Qiao Nan, and from the way he looked at Qiao Nan, it was as if she was his real granddaughter.

Qiao Nan merely asked for help. It was not her who took Zhu Baoguo to the hospital. She did not deserve such credit.

Qiao Zijin kept her thoughts to herself. She dared not speak of it in front of everyone else. With a look of worry on her face, Qiao Zijin asked, "Grandpa Lee, how is Brother Baoguo now?"

"We think it would be better for him to rest in the hospital for another half a month. He needs at least three months for the injuries to the bones and tendons to recover. Right now my biggest worry is Baoguo's studies." Elder Lee was worried but at the same time angry at his grandson.

After the near death experience, Elder Lee knew that he had to face up to his pain inside and to take the matter of Zhu Baoguo seriously.

But Zhu Baoguo did not put his effort into studying. He did not do well in the first two years of junior high school.

If he had not played truant and messed with those gangsters, he would not have suffered such injuries.

By the time he was discharged from the hospital, a quarter of the four-month long semester would have passed. He could not just watch on helplessly while his grandson wasted his time away in junior high school, be content with a junior high certificate and joined society, uneducated and without a proper degree.

When his daughter was still around, she was very intelligent and quick to pick up new knowledge. She always did very well in her studies.

Why would such an outstanding daughter give birth to a grandson who was such a good for nothing?

At the thought of that, Elder Lee gathered that it must be due to Zhu family. After all, Lee family had good genes.

Qiao Zijin had a bright idea and said, "Grandpa Lee, I just graduated from junior high school. Why don't I coach Baoguo in his studies during my free time?"

Lee family and Zhu family were prominent and established families. If she was on friendly terms with Zhu Baoguo, Lee family and Zhu family would help her along, there was no need for her to worry about her future.

It would only take them a mere lift of the finger to arrange a good job for her. She did not need to have good results in order to have a bright future. This was only meant for people who came from poor background and who had no connections with the prominent people.

If she had the connections, even if she was illiterate, she would still have a good job.

"I am of similar age to Baoguo, we would definitely get along."

Qiao Nan stared at Qiao Zijin incredulously. Where did her confidence come from? Wasn't she worried that she might be doing Baoguo more harm than good?

Ding Jiayi found nothing wrong with Qiao Zijin's words. She thought it was a good idea. "Uncle Lee, our daughter Zijin is very patient and good with children. Baoguo would love it to have an elder sister to take care of him. After all Zijin is in high school now, she would find it easy to teach junior high syllabus."

Elder Lee looked at Ding Jiayi and smiled at Qiao Dongliang, Xiao Qiao, this is a good idea, but it's just that I thought Nan Nan is in the same class as Baoguo. Furthermore they are deskmates. Can we ask Nan Nan to help Baoguo instead?"



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