Qiao Dongliang said that because he had made up his mind.

His wife's favoritism had not happened over one or two days, and it was very serious. If his wife continued to take care of both of them, the younger daughter would certainly be destroyed at the hands of his wife.

The reasons why Qiao Dongliang dared to hand Qiao Zijin over to Ding Jiayi were twofold. First, Ding Jiayi had always been biased towards Qiao Zijin. As such, Qiao Zijin would not be neglected if Ding Jiayi took care of her.

Qiao Dongliang was not concerned about Qiao Zijin being rebellious. After all, children would go through this stage during their puberty.

By nature, the elder daughter was still a good child and he need not worry that much.

Qiao Dongliang had put his words so bluntly, Ding Jiayi could not rebuke. She took the six yuan, and after consideration, she took out and added another two yuan from her own pocket, then passed the money to the elder daughter.

"Mom, shouldn't it be 10 yuan?" Qiao Zijin was a little unhappy when she saw the money. Compared to the previous time, the amount was small.

Ding Jiayi smiled. "Have you forgotten what your Dad said? Since I have not found a job yet, this family still depends on your Dad. You think eight yuan is little. Your Dad only gave me six and I added two yuan for you."

In the past, Ding Jiayi was also considered a responsible woman. However, she had been a full-time housewife for 15 years.

All of a sudden, she had to return to society to work. Ding Jiayi felt awkward and unhappy.

It was because of her elder daughter that she ended up in such a predicament.

Qiao Zijin could see that Ding Jiayi was burning with anger inside. She quickly smiled. "Mom, don't be angry. It's not that you don't know my grades. If I still do not work hard, how can I do better than Nan Nan? There's a lot of study materials for sale but they are not cheap. Given the situation at home, I don't mean to ask you for more money. I could gradually save up some of my meal expenses then buy them on my own. It's just that, all of a sudden, I was short of two yuan. My plan was disrupted and I probably have to buy the study materials later. Mom, don't be angry."

"Is it really for buying study materials?" Ding Jiayi questioned suspiciously.

The earlier matter regarding the novel had left a phobia on Ding Jiayi.

If her daughter wanted to buy study materials, Ding Jiayi would use all means to squeeze out the money for her elder daughter.

But not for buying those novels that were bad and time-wasting.

The lack of family savings had now became the fear of Ding Jiayi.

"Of course it's for buying study materials." Qiao Zijin nodded her head hard. "But don't be anxious, Mom. I can save up a little gradually. But the living expenses cannot be reduced anymore, if not, I don't think I will have enough to eat, neither will I eat well."

Those who attended The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China were either high achievers or from rich families.

There were also quite a number who entered the school in the same way as Qiao Zijin. Most of them did not meet the entry criteria. Hence, the school simply arranged them to be in the same class, so that they do not affect the learning progress of the rest of the students.

If not, if her friends were having good food such as protein dishes, Qiao Zijin could not possibly have vegetarian meals.

Also, after attending the school, Qiao Zijin realized that there were many rich folk in this world. Her two weeks' living allowance was not even the one day's expenditure of the well-to-do students.

At the thought of this, Qiao Zijin's lips pursed tightly, her eyes full of reluctance and jealousy.

If Qiao Nan went to work, she could also lead such a life. It was all Qiao Nan's fault as she insisted on continuing her studies. She did not have any sisterly love for her, neither did she spare much thought for her.

She should think of the past - that year when her mother was pregnant with Qiao Nan, she had to take so much suffering and humiliation.

Qiao Nan owed her and it was only right for her to quit school and support her!

"As long as you are sensible, Mom is happy. Don't worry, Mom will find a job as soon as possible. When Mom has a job, you will definitely be given 10 yuan. But Zijin, you still have to save a little, some of your school supplies can still be used, don't dump it all on Qiao Nan like you did before. The family's savings are gone, and Mom has to find a way to save some money. Otherwise, we won't have money to seek medical treatment if any of us fall sick in future."

Now that there was famine in the family, there was a limit to how much Ding Jiayi could dote on Qiao Zijin now.

"I know, Mom." Qiao Zijin bit her lips and replied with a forced smile.

After Ding Jiayi left, Qiao Zijin threw a tantrum and started hitting her own bed.

National Day would be in half a month's time. Her class had thought of having a performance. She had to dance but she was short of a costume now.

Qiao Zijin was the lead dancer and she could not be dressed like everyone else. She had her eye on a dance dress which was selling for 10 yuan.

Qiao Zijin had really been saving money recently. However, it was not for the revision materials, it was for the dress for the National Day performance.

Unless, when Qiao Zijin went to school this time, she missed her meals for two weeks to save up the 10 yuan. If not, she would either have to give up the performance or the lead dancer role.

After some consideration, Qiao Zijin stood up and went to knock on the door of Qiao Nan's bedroom. "Nan Nan, are you in, can I come in?"

Upon hearing Qiao Zijin's voice, Qiao Nan put away her books properly. "Come in."

After Qiao Zijin pushed opened the door and went in. She did not look good.

In the entire Qiao family, Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi's bedroom was of course the biggest. Qiao Nan's room was originally Qiao Dongliang's study room. It was slightly bigger than Qiao Zijin's room, and the lighting in this room was particularly good.

Initially, Qiao Zijin wanted to stay in this room but Ding Jiayi would not allow it.

Ding Jiayi's initial arrangement was, of course, to let the couple have the biggest room. This room with good lighting was for the son, and Qiao Zijin's current bedroom was supposed to be the study room.

Of course, the room where Qiao Nan lived before was not arranged by Ding Jiayi for Qiao Zijin.

Just because Ding Jiayi had given birth to Qiao Nan and not a son, Qiao Zijin now had the third-class room, and Qiao Nan the fourth-class room.

But who would expect that, at the year that Qiao Nan was 15 years old, although she was obviously not the son, she now lived in the room that Ding Jiayi had once prepared for the son.

Qiao Zijin revealed this matter. "Nan Nan, do you know, Mom originally prepared this room for her son. She would not allow me to do so when I wanted to stay here."

"So?" Qiao Nan was not affected.

Qiao Zijin was stunned. Unexpectedly, Qiao Nan's reaction was too cold. Shouldn't Qiao Nan feel as indignant as her and be dissatisfied with her Mom's biased behavior?

"Any matter?"

"There is something." Qiao Zijin recalled her motive. "Nan Nan, I would like to ask you for a favor. I remembered that you have some money. Can you lend it to me? I will return it to you in future?"

Qiao Nan twisted her eyebrows. "Borrow money? I don't have any!"



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