The rumor was very clear. Zhu Baoguo was beaten by a bunch of hooligans, and if not for the younger daughter of Qiao family, he would have died.

For others, they would think that the younger daughter of the Qiao family was really kind hearted, and was brave enough to help Zhu Baoguo. But for some people, this rumor was bad news.

Zhao Yu had cooped herself up in her room since Sunday. She did not wish to go out, and she had enough of her mother's nagging.

"Zhao Yu, did you hear that? In the future, do not come home by yourself, walk home with your classmates. Also, if you chance upon such incidents, don't try to be meddlesome and stay away. That young lady must count her lucky stars, if the hooligans went after her as well, the two of them might have died there."

Her mother kept nagging, she was frightened out of her wits.

"Mom, that's enough. I understand." Zhao Yu rolled her eyes. Not everyone would chance upon incidents like this.

So it seemed that Qiao Nan ran into the small road to save Zhu Baoguo?

It occurred to Zhao Yu that Qiao Nan was not alone at that time, there were two adults with her.

But how would she know that Zhu Baoguo was beaten up by hooligans and that Qiao Nan had gone to seek help to save Zhu Baoguo.

If she had known earlier, she would not have let Qiao Nan take all the credit. The person that Qiao Nan saved was none other than Zhu Baoguo!

Zhao Yu had not grown up in the quad, but her house was not too far away.

As a result, she knew that the children of the quad were the envy of others.

Among all the male students in class, the person that Zhao Yu wanted to get close to was Zhu Baoguo. Although his results was not as good as her desk mate Zhou Lei, Zhu Baoguo was actually much more good looking than Zhou Lei.

Zhao Yu might still be young, but she knew that it did not matter that Zhou Lei's results were way better than Zhu Baoguo's.

Because in terms of future prospects, no matter how smart or hardworking Zhou Lei was, he would never be able to compare to the good prospects that Zhu Baoguo had.

Zhou Lei could be a good boyfriend, but Zhu Baoguo was good husband material.

But in the two years of junior high school, Zhu Baoguo never went to the school. Even if Zhao Yu who was mature for her age had wanted to create a favorable position to get closer to him, to be in his good books and if possible become his childhood sweetheart, there was no way for her dreams to materialize as he never went to school.

Zhao Yu would never have thought that she would miss the one and only opportunity.

If she had followed Qiao Nan on that day and discovered Zhu Baoguo at the same time as Qiao Nan, she would not have walked off. Instead she would have joined Qiao Nan to save him.

If so, she would be Zhu Baoguo's life savior.

Even if she could not have any sort of relationship with Zhu Baoguo, now that the Zhu family owed the Zhao family a debt of gratitude, her parents would be able to ask them for help if they met with any difficulties in their jobs.

Such a good opportunity had just slipped away from her fingers. Zhao Yu who had motives towards Zhu Baoguo found it such a pity. As for Qiao Nan, her hatred for her grew even deeper now.

To Zhao Yu, if not for Qiao Nan, she would be the one who saved Zhu Baoguo. Qiao Nan had taken the credit for it. But it should be hers in the first place.

The news that Zhu Baoguo was injured spread rapidly, so did the fact that it was the younger daughter of Qiao family who had saved his life.

When Qiao Nan arrived at school, many students knew that the rumor was not true. Qiao Nan did not hang out with those hooligans.

"Qiao Nan, everyone now know that it was a misunderstanding. Congratulations, you have been cleared of all suspicion." Zhao Yu shot a smile at Qiao Nan.

Zhao Yu's words made Qiao Nan felt uncomfortable and displeased. What did she mean by cleared of all suspicion? She was innocent all along, that rumor was fictitious. There was no eyewitness or material witness. How could she be labeled as a suspect?

"Zhao Yu, regardless of the reasons behind your dislike for me, the feeling is mutual. Just stay away from me in the future, and mind your own business. If you use the cynical tone with me in future again, I won't be so polite anymore."

Qiao Nan looked at Zhao Yu and told her in a very stern expression.

Zhao Yu was a spoiled brat. Qiao Nan was the same age as her. There was no reason that she had to give in to her once and again.

"Moreover, If I wanted to check, I would be able to find out who started that rumor. Zhao Yu, do you understand my words? I am sure the teachers do not like students who start rumors and create troubles, especially one who does not pay attention to her studies but comes up with ways to frame her classmates. Zhao Yu, do you agree with me?"

"What… What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? You have to figure it out by yourself. But I won't allow this kind of incident to happen again. If there's a next time, I will make sure to get to the bottom of the matter. I have to let Teacher Chen know of the black sheep in our class, who created troubles and affected our relationship."

Qiao Nan had purely made a guess when she said those words.

When the rumors started to spread, Zhao Yu was the only one who seemed to be very happy, and she could come up with vivid and realistic accounts.

Besides, whenever she brought up her suspicions, Zhao Yu would have a guilty look on her face.

What Qiao Nan said just now was just to bluff her. But Zhao Yu turned red with fear.

"Y-you are talking rubbish. I-I don't understand." Zhao Yu was so scared that she started to stutter. She took out her essay book and buried her head behind the book. "I won't waste time on you, I am going to read my book, don't disturb me."

It was Zhao Yu who came looking for Qiao Nan, yet now she said that Qiao Nan was disturbing her from reading her book.

Zhao Yu was in the wrong yet she put the blame on Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan could not be bothered with her. After all, she had brought the main point across just now.

"Ha, made a fool of yourself?" Zhou Lei sneered, his smile was full of sarcasm. When bad rumors about Qiao Nan started going around last week, Zhao Yu was the only one in class who carried on spreading the tales around.

Secondary three (1) class used to be the best class in school. This incident almost affected the reputation of the class.

Zhou Lei had no liking towards people like Zhao Yu, who were not united and did not work as a group.

Today was Monday. There would be a flag-raising ceremony.

Previously Teacher Chen was still agonizing over ways to clear up the rumor regarding Qiao Nan. After Zhu Baoguo's incident came to light, Teacher Chen was no longer worried.

Teacher Chen had discussed with the school's management. They have decided that during the flag-raising ceremony today, Qiao Nan would make a speech for acting heroically in a just cause.

Teacher Chen had already prepared the speech and had passed it to Qiao Nan. She only had to read it accordingly.

Qiao Nan stood onto the stage, all the students and teachers fixed their gazes on her. She faced them with confidence and ease. She had no stage fright at all. She read the speech that Teacher Chen prepared in a calm and steady voice.



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