"Qiao Nan, you said those words yourself just now, a person must keep their word, if you do not do well and yet wish to attend The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, please don't bring up Zijin's matter again."

"Mom, don't worry. I will keep my promise."

"Old Qiao, you heard Qiao Nan's words. So, don't work so hard and cause your health to suffer because of money. Zijin's grades have improved, in future, she will study in College and our expenses will increase. Health is the source of revolution and wealth. Don't be rushed when it comes to earning money."

Ding Jiayi was worried that, in order to support the two daughters' studies and to prevent Qiao Zijin's situation from happening to Qiao Nan, Qiao Dongliang would take up side jobs to save more money.

From Ding Jiayi's perspective, Qiao Dongliang's attempts to save were futile.

All their savings over the years were gone, and she was the one who had asked Uncle Lee to pull the strings to enable Zijin to enter The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

If Old Qiao started to take up side jobs now, regardless of the number of jobs, would he be able to save up the ten years' savings in just one year?


The elder daughter was Ding Jiayi's biological daughter, Ding Jiayi doted on her.

Qiao Dongliang was Ding Jiayi's man, Ding Jiayi also loved him and was afraid that he would work too hard and tire himself out.

To Ding Jiayi, only Qiao Nan, who was always suspicious and guarded, was like an outsider in this family.

"Nan Nan, have you really thought about it carefully?" Qiao Dongliang did not know whether to be happy or guilty about his younger daughter's sensible character.

He had always said that he would treat both daughters the same - equally well.

The family had spent 5000 yuan for Zijin to attend The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, why would the younger daughter be an exception?

But if there was a need to bear another 5000 yuan, Qiao Dongliang knew that he was not capable of affording it. He would not be able to come up with the 5000 yuan within such a short span of time even if he sacrificed his life.

The more Qiao Dongliang thought about it, the more complicated and confused he felt. He could not stand and face his younger daughter with pride.

"Yes, I have thought about it. You will look at the results of my middle school examination. I have said that the results will determine which school I go to, I will not regret it." In this life, it was good to be able to continue her studies. As for other matters, she dared not expect too much, she further dared not expect her parents to give her the same treatment as Qiao Zijin.

It did not matter if her parents were biased towards Qiao Zijin. She would favor and love herself more.

Qiao Nan, who had her own plan in mind, clearly knew that there was an issue with Qiao Zijin's ranking in the eighth place. But she did not mention it in front of Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi.

If she raised this up, her mother would certainly assumed that she had intentionally woven this lie as she was unhappy and jealous of Qiao Zijin. Her father would also believe this.

This type of difficult and thankless matter, she would never do it again in this life.

It was still the same saying, Qiao Zijin could create a din as she wished as long as she did not cause trouble before her, she and Qiao Zijin would not interfere with each other. "Dad, I'll go and do my homework."

To help Qiao Nan strengthen her knowledge and foundation for the past two years, her teachers were very conscientious in retrieving the past years' examination papers, selecting questions and collating them into test papers for Qiao Nan to complete.

So, the test papers and homework on Qiao Nan's hands were twice as much as that of her classmates.

"Go ahead." Qiao Dongliang, who felt guilty towards Qiao Nan, nodded. After Qiao Nan left, Qiao Dongliang said to Ding Jiayi, "You also said it just now. I will take care of Nan Nan's matters, you don't need to worry about them. In future, if Zijin performs well and you want to praise her, I will not object. But if you use Nan Nan as a raft to stay afloat again, I will not be happy about it. Both are your daughters, even if Nan Nan is only in junior high school now and the curriculum is not as difficult as Zijin, it doesn't mean that her good grades do not matter. What was said today, I don't wish to hear it a second time."

Qiao Dongliang, who felt guilty, simply gave Ding Jiayi a scolding to lessen the negative feelings in his heart.

He thought that he was helping Qiao Nan to seek justice, but he did not know that the more he said this, the more Ding Jiayi hated Qiao Nan and could not see eye to eye with her.

"I know. All of you are masters, leaving your dishes on the table after dinner. After a long day of work, I still have to do all the housework. Fine." Ding Jiayi felt this was unfair.

But no matter what, Qiao Nan was finally willing to agree.

"Mom, I help you to bring them over?" Qiao Zijin stood up and wanted to help Ding Jiayi serve the rice.

Ding Jiayi pushed Qiao Zijin away. "No, quickly, go and do your homework."

Having said that, Ding Jiayi gave a purposeful glance towards the entrance of Qiao Nan's bedroom, hinting to Qiao Zijin that she should not be overturned by Qiao Nan again.

Qiao Nan was so conscientious. Qiao Zijin had to be even more so.

"Mom, then I shall go and do my homework." Qiao Zijin did not really want to do the household chores. The bowls were oily. She did not mind when she was eating with them. But when it came to washing, Qiao Zijin disliked the oily feel in her hands.


After both children had returned to their rooms to do homework and Ding Jiayi was also busy with the housework, Qiao Dongliang, who suddenly had nothing to do, felt a little confused. He did not know if what he had done earlier was right.

Such a biased approach, did Nan Nan really accept it wholeheartedly without any feelings of unhappiness?

Qiao Dongliang stood up and walked to the entrance of Qiao Nan's room. He raised his hands and wanted to knock on Qiao Nan's door but did not do so after a long time.

This was because Qiao Dongliang did not know what to say to Qiao Nan. Should he say that he treated her and Qiao Zijin equally well and was not biased?

These words, Qiao Dongliang did not have the guts to say.

After a long time, Qiao Dongliang gave up and gave a sigh. He returned to his own room.

Qiao Nan, who was holding a pen but did not write a single word, heard the sigh and footsteps. She also gave a sigh.

Clearly both were biological sisters but they were treated as though one was not. It was not that she did not feel sad or wronged.

It was just that she had been too used to the suffering and hurt. Her heart was already numb.

If you lean against a hill, it will collapse. If you lean against a person, he will run away. Relying on yourself is the most reliable option in this world.

At this thought, Qiao Nan perked up and did her test papers. At the very least, she was not abandoned by all the people in the world. The teachers were very good to her and had high hopes for her.

Qiao Nan hoped that she could deliver good grades, to the best of her ability, during the middle school examinations.

It might be because of Qiao Zijin's good grades that the Qiao family was very peaceful this weekend. Ding Jiayi was in a good mood so she did not find find fault with Qiao Nan. Anyway, Qiao Nan had already promised that she would not use more of the family's money.

Compared with having to let Qiao Nan work to make money, Ding Jiayi now had only one thought in mind, that is, she hoped that Qiao Nan would use less of the family's money. This was good enough.

Monday came. When Qiao Nan carried her school bag to school, not long after she sat down, the long empty seat beside her was suddenly occupied by a handicapped person.

"Hey, you are the Qiao's family's Xiao Qiao, are you the one who saved me that day?" The person next to her asked impatiently with a draggy tone.



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