"Xiao Qiao?" Hearing the name, Qiao Nan was shocked for a moment.

"That's right, our quad has a pair of Qiao, your sister is Da Qiao, and you are Xiao Qiao." Zhu Baoguo's right hand was in a cast and he looked like he did not have a care in the world. He said in a flippant tone, "Not bad looking. It's not wrong to call you Xiao Qiao. I have not seen any pretty girls in the Eastern Han Dynasty, but I guessed this Xiao Qiao is passable as one."

Hearing that Zhu Baoguo sounded like a hooligan, Qiao Nan pursed the corners of her mouth while sizing up her deskmate.

When she looked at Zhu Baoguo, he was opening his eyes uneasily and unable to look her straight in the eye. Most importantly, Zhu Baoguo's ears actually turned red. Qiao Nan finally understood. The reason that Zhu Baoguo had been saying all this was because he wanted to apologize to her?

"If you are really grateful to me, don't need to talk so much nonsense. Actually, saying the two words "Thank You" is more than enough."

"You said I was talking nonsense earlier?" Zhu Baoguo stared at her. He was commending her for her good looks just now.

In the past, numerous ladies yearned for his praise and he could not even be bothered to glance at them more. Today, his praise had been shunned.

"Yes, nonsense." Qiao Nan nodded without giving any face. "Now is the time for early revision, I need to read my books. Whether you are reading or not, I don't care and can't control but I hope that you won't disturb my reading."

Based on her experience in the previous life, Qiao Nan do not wish to get involved with a person like Zhu Baoguo.

In those days when she was having a relationship with Chen Jun, Qiao Zijin found out about his family background. Each time she had a date with Chen Jun, Qiao Zijin wanted to tag along. When she did not feel like going, Qiao Zijin even took the initiative to help her arrange the date. Of course, Qiao Zijin would be there as well.

In the end, Chen Jun was probably wavered by Qiao Zijin. Qiao Zijin tried to create trouble for her before the date so that she could not turn up, and then she would attend the date on her behalf.

Nevertheless, Qiao Zijin was still young now, she had not reached that stage with Zhu Baoguo.

But with Qiao Zijin's stubborn character, she was afraid that the same situation as with Chen Jun would happen again.

It was Qiao Zijin's own issue that she could not pull Zhu Baoguo on her side. Anyway, Qiao Nan would never agree to act as the bridge for her.

Having thought clearly about this, Qiao Nan wanted to stay away from Zhu Baoguo.

Furthermore, in her opinion, Zhu Baoguo was always absent from class, she was not close to him anyway. Who would have thought that he would attend class today? It was an uncertainty as to whether he would continue to come to class.

For the first time in his life, Zhu Baoguo was shunned badly by a girl, he could only wrinkled his eyebrows and watch as he saw this thin and fair pretty lady ignoring him and taking out a book to read.

Zhu Baoguo was very unhappy. He snatched the book from Qiao Nan's hands and blocked Qiao Nan's view with his face. "Is the book better looking than me?"

Looking at the face in front of her which had been magnified many times, Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "If I look at your face, my future will be bleak. But if I read the books, I can work hard for my own future."

"What nonsense, I am only asking you, is my face better looking than the book?" Zhu Baoguo frowned. He did not really like Qiao Nan's comments.

"The book is better looking."


"Shameless." Zhao Yu, who was seated beside them, saw this and was at the top of her anger.

Having known Zhu Baoguo for so long, she had never seen him so close to any girls. What was the meaning of this. Did Zhu Baoguo like Qiao Nan and wanted to pursue her to be his girlfriend?

"Have you heard it, she said you are shameless. So, can I trouble you to keep quiet?" Qiao Nan looked indifferent as she shifted Zhao Yu's target of hostility to Zhu Baoguo.

"What are you talking about?!" Zhu Baoguo slammed the table and created a big commotion in the classroom. His pair of round eyes opened widely and stared like the eyes of a tiger, scaring everyone. "Who are you scolding?!"

Zhao Yu shivered and stuttered. "I I I, I didn't scold you."

"Then who are you scolding!"

"I I, I was scolding her for being shameless!" Zhao Yu pointed her fingers at Qiao Nan clumsily.

Zhao Yu thought that Zhu Baoguo would be happy to hear that she was scolding Qiao Nan as Qiao Nan had angered him with her earlier words.

However, this time, Zhao Yu had guessed wrongly. Zhu Baoguo sneered. "What are you, are you fit to scold her, why is she shameless?"

"Zhao Yu, are you still going to say that Qiao Nan was in the bad company of the hooligans, and had indecent relationships with them?" Zhou Lei stared at Zhao Yu as if she was crazy. He did not think that Qiao Nan was shameless.

"You, all of you are helping her and bullying me! Zhou Lei, how many times have this been? Do you like Qiao Nan, that's why you have been helping her to chide me? If you are capable, tell Teacher Chen to allow me to change seats with Qiao Nan. Then you can sit together with your loved one Qiao Nan!"

"You!" Zhou Lei gave a stare, like a leopard that was furious. Zhao Yu was again frightened. "Zhao Yu, do you want a beating? The previous rumors about Qiao Nan - do you think no one knows how they came about? You're just jealous that she scored better than you in the exams and purposely weaved such lies to hurt Qiao Nan. And when we know to differentiate right from wrong, it means to you that we are biased towards and like Qiao Nan. Zhao Yu, do you have a problem with your brain? Do you believe that I will tell Teacher Chen? You keep thinking about this everyday and did not concentrate on your studies, no wonder you can't score better than Qiao Nan."

"You, you're talking nonsense. " Of course Zhao Yu would not admit that the rumors started from her, especially in front of Zhu Baoguo. "Do you dare to tell Teacher Chen, Zhou Lei? You're still into this game when you're already out of kindergarten, aren't you childish?"

"As long as this is an effective way, I don't care if it is childish. Zhao Yu, if you continue to provoke me, don't blame me for being nasty."

The usually bright and cheerful Zhou Lei was in such a huge temper that he scolded Zhao Yu straight without any hesitation.

16, 17 years old was a sensitive age. When he heard that Zhao Yu said he liked Qiao Nan in front of so many people in class, Zhou Lei really wanted to beat Zhao Yu up.

"But you said something right. This seat should indeed be changed. If I continue to sit at the same table as you, I am unlucky."

"What do you mean, what is going on, why is there another hooligan? Xiao Qiao, is anyone bullying you. Tell brother, brother will support you." Zhu Baoguo changed his stand and called himself Qiao Nan's brother, as if he looked upon Qiao Nan as his sister.

"I am warning all of you. Qiao Nan is my sister. If anyone dares make trouble for Qiao Nan again, that means you're not happy with me. Be careful on the roads then, make sure that you have someone accompanying you."

When Zhu Baoguo said this, he deliberately started at Zhao Yu a few times. At one glance, he knew that there is nothing good about this woman.



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