"Alright, it's self-study time now, everyone should remain silent. Even if you do not wish to study, please do not disturb others." When she saw Zhu Baoguo, who was standing up with one of his legs on top of the chair, Qiao Nan rolled her eyes at Zhu Baoguo. "Put your leg down."

"I'm helping you!" Zhu Baoguo was not pleased, he felt so unappreciated. "Did you really save me that day?"

The situation that day was so dangerous. That group of people who beat him up were completely furious and out of hand, whoever dared to meddle would have to be beaten up as well.

Zhu Baoguo could not imagine how such a skinny and petite lady would be so courageous to care about the situation that day. She had even found someone to help out.

Particularly, Qiao Nan's attitude today was really cold and unfriendly towards others. She was even more aloof than him.

"The person I saved that day was covered in blood, I'm not sure if that was you." Qiao Nan did not dispute. If not for someone who told her that Zhu Baoguo was the one being beaten up, she would not have known who it was.

"Then it's you. Thank you." After confirming that Qiao Nan was the one who saved him, Zhu Baoguo said a word of thanks awkwardly.

"Alright. Sit down, I want to read."

Seeing that Qiao Nan was very cold to him, Zhu Baoguo felt that he was asking for it, he wanted to disturb Qiao Nan a little and trigger her temper. "I don't know how to do this question, why don't you teach me?"

Zhu Baoguo closed his eyes and pick up a book. He casually pointed to a question for Qiao Nan.

"Sorry, I am learning too. If you do not understand, you can ask the teacher."

"I am injured. I'm asking you because I don't want to walk." Zhu Baoguo shoved the book in front of Qiao Nan and insisted Qiao Nan guide him.

Zhu Baoguo did not like to study. He was also unwilling to attend school. However, after this incident, the Zhu family was no longer as lenient and indulging towards Zhu Baoguo. Zhu Chengqi told Zhu Baoguo straight that if he continued to play truant in school and create trouble, he would rather kill Zhu Baoguo himself than to let others do it.

Zhu Chengqi gave Zhu Baoguo two options. First, to attend school abidingly.

As for his school results, Zhu Chengqi did not harbor any high hopes towards his son.

Second, he would break Zhu Baoguo's pair of legs, if he did not behave properly and get himself into trouble. He might as well let him stay at home and take care of him for the rest of his life.

The Lee Family had also changed their attitude towards Zhu Baoguo. Of course, they insisted that Zhu Baoguo had to return to school to continue with his studies. There would not be any other option.

Elder Lee even gave his son-in-law, Zhu Chengqi, a bad scolding. Zhu Baoguo was the only son left by his daughter to Zhu Chengqi. Zhu Baoguo had gone astray under the care and teachings of Zhu Chengqi. Would Zhu Chengqi still be able to face his deceased daughter?

With pressure from the elders of the two families and Zhu Chengqi's intimidation, Zhu Baoguo dared not play truant anymore. He could only come to school and sit around.

If Zhu Baoguo, who was no longer used to schooling, did not find himself any fun, he could only laze around in his current seat.

As such, Qiao Nan became the innocent sacrificial lamb targeted by Zhu Baoguo.

Qiao Nan ignored him as she could hear that Zhu Baoguo was not really keen to learn. She continued to read her own books.

She was not even afraid of Qiao Zijin, why would she be afraid of Zhu Baoguo?

Who would know that Zhu Baoguo was really too bored. Qiao Nan ignored him, so he patted Qiao Nan's shoulder and nudged her. He even purposely made loud noises by opening his pencil box and moving his chair around.

The whole classroom was full of the creaking and raucous sounds created by Zhu Baoguo. It was so noisy that everyone could not read their books but no one dared to chide Zhu Baoguo.

Only Qiao Nan was not distracted and concentrated on reading her book. The rest could not do so.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips and glared coldly at Zhu Baoguo with her shiny eyes. "Do you have hemorrhoids on your butt, so you have to keep moving?"

"Pshh… "

Many students in the class heard Qiao Nan's words, they quickly covered their mouths with their hands to prevent laughing out loud.

Zhu Baoguo's face turned red instantly, like a monkey's butt. "Who did you say has hemorrhoids, there's nothing wrong with my butt!"

"Since there is nothing wrong with your butt, then sit properly. If you have so much excess energy that you need to vent out, then go and run a few rounds in the field."

"You, you?" Zhu Baoguo was so angry. "Are you a girl, you keep mentioning the word "butt" in front of a male. Aren't you ashamed?"

"You see, I already told you she is shameless!" Zhao Yu smiled and added to the conversation.

"Damn your mother, what has this got to do with you?" Zhu Baoguo simply scolded Zhao Yu. It was up to him what he wanted to say. But who was this woman who dare to talk bad about Qiao Nan?

"You deserved it." Zhou Lei sneered. Zhu Baoguo had a nasty temper. Zhou Lei did not hit girls but it did not mean that Zhu Baoguo would not do so.

Qiao Nan had the guts to be so stubborn with Zhu Baoguo. If the other girls dared to be so bullish before him, they were asking to be beaten. Zhao Yu was foolish and asking for it. Her enthusiasm was met with cold shoulders.

When Zhu Baoguo scolded Zhao Yu, he slammed the table and kicked the chair, displaying a strong and bad aura, as though a hooligan was making his grand entrance to the school.

Many were troubled by his behavior. The class originally had a conducive atmosphere for studies. But when Zhu Baoguo came, the learning atmosphere was completely destroyed. It would be better if he had not come.

Zhu Baoguo was not stupid. Also, as his mother was already not around since he was young, Zhu Baoguo's feelings were more sensitive than others.

Initially, he threw a tantrum as he did not see eye to eye with Zhao Yu. But after he created a scene, the whole class disliked and shunned him. Zhu Baoguo was burning with anger inside, his eyes slightly red as if he was an annoyed bull. He straightened his neck and was preparing to leave the classroom.

It did not matter if they disliked him. He did not like these classmates anyway. What was the big deal?

Seeing that Zhu Baoguo had the intention to leave, most of them were relieved.

Zhu Baoguo had just reached the podium, when Qiao Nan, who had been quite silent all this while, suddenly slammed her book hard on the table with a loud slam. "It's so early in the morning. Why are you creating a din? Come back!"

Zhu Baoguo, who was leaving with big steps, was stunned by Qiao Nan's slam. He stood at the podium and looked at Qiao Nan.

"It's the morning revision time now. If anyone dares to make noise, get out and stand as a punishment."

That slam by Qiao Nan, the rest of the class, not to mention Zhu Baoguo, was shocked. Astonished, everyone bowed their heads to carry on with their own stuff. No one dared to place their attention on Zhu Baoguo again.

"Why are you standing there, do you want to sit next to the teacher during the lesson? If you are willing to, I can help you apply for permission from Teacher Chen! Qiao Nan started at Zhu Baoguo whilst raising her chin and pointed towards the seat beside her to signal to Zhu Baoguo to make a choice.

"Why!" After Zhu Baoguo regained his senses, he argued with Qiao Nan again. "Why should I listen to you?"

He did not even listen to his father all the time. Why would he listen to a young lady who was smaller in build and physically weaker than him? That would be so spineless of him.

"Why?" Qiao Nan laughed. Her laugh gave Zhu Baoguo goose pimples. "Fine. Since you like that place, you can sit there in future. Let me help you shift the table. Rest assured, you will know why I said that after Teacher Chen arrives."

Zhu Baoguo did not know the situation as he did not come to the school to study.

However, the rest of the students in the class knew clearly that although Qiao Nan was the Vice Class Monitor and not the Class Monitor, Qiao Nan's words were often better heard. Who asked her to be the teacher's pet?

Most importantly, although Qiao Nan had the power and ability, she was not arrogant. Typically, she did not bother about the matters in class, neither would she abuse her powers to undermine others. She would only do whatever she needed to do.

As such, it did not matter if Qiao Nan did not say a word. But once she said something, the students in the class were more willing to listen.

Zhu Baoguo was the only rash fellow who dared to argue with Qiao Nan.

When Zhu Baoguo saw that Qiao Nan was serious in shifting his table to the side of the podium, he was so scared that he hurriedly ran over to hold his table. "I don't need you to arrange my seat. I sit wherever I like."

"Then are you still going to make noise?"

"Since when did I do that!"

"Then sit properly if you are not making noise. Stop making a fuss. If you are not willing to read then just sit and doze. You should know how to doze right. In short, don't cause disturbance to others. Do you understand?"

Zhu Baoguo lay on his own table and gave a quiet snort. He indeed sat down and did not make strange noises to disturb others, like he did before.

Zhu Baoguo was willing to cooperate, the rest of the students in the class had no issues then. The morning self-study time was finally over, but they did not know whether it would be the same tomorrow.

When the school bell rang, Zhu Baoguo, who was lying on the table, bored and in a daze, came to his senses and thought of why he should listen to Qiao Nan.

Even if Qiao Nan placed his seat elsewhere, he did not wish to study. How would that impact him?

Just when Zhu Baoguo just wanted to throw a fit, a few pieces of white paper with questions written on it appeared before him. "Complete these questions."

"Why should I?"

"Do you really want to know?" Qiao Nan looked at Zhu Baoguo, half amused. "I don't believe that Elder Lee did not tell you about it. When you are in the school, I am in charge of you."

"You didn't want to teach me earlier right?"

"You said it yourself. That was earlier. Do it for me now."

Qiao Nan did not want to change her mind. She did not want to meddle in Zhu Baoguo's affairs but Zhu Baoguo was really too stubborn. If she did not arrange something for him, he would always make trouble. At that time, Qiao Nan's studies would also be affected?

Preciously when Elder Lee requested Qiao Nan to supervise Zhu Baoguo in his studies, Qiao Dongliang simply agreed in the face of Qiao Nan.

If Qiao Nan were to completely leave her hands out of this matter, with Zhu Baoguo's temper, he would not abidingly stay in the school. If he left the school he would certainly get into trouble again. Qiao Nan would not be able to explain to Qiao Dongliang and Elder Lee then.

Qiao Nan rubbed her forehead. Her father had really found her a very good job. She had not become a mother, yet, she had to teach and raise a son. How unfortunate!



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