Regarding Zhu Baoguo's situation, the Zhu family had already mentioned it to Teacher Chen. So, when Teacher Chen entered the classroom, he was not surprised to see Zhu Baoguo. He even said a few words to the students about this.

Zhu Baoguo had not fully recovered from his injuries. The students in the class should take care of him more.

Besides this, although Zhu Baoguo came to school, he would not participate in any lesson that required physical activities.

Teacher Chen observed Zhu Baoguo for a lesson. He realized that Zhu Baoguo was seated in his own chair, writing and keeping quiet, he did not disturb others or Qiao Nan. Teacher Chen then felt much better.

It was lunchtime. Qiao Nan stood up straight, looked at Zhu Baoguo and asked, "Are you settling your own meal or do you need someone to help?"

"No need, someone will bring me my food. You can go by yourself." With Qiao Nan's concern, Zhu Baoguo felt at ease.

"Fine." Having received this response, Qiao Nan did not dawdle and simply left.

When she reached the entrance of the classroom, Qiao Nan saw a male stranger walking towards the classroom.

Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows. This seemed to be the person who was delivering the food to Zhu Baoguo.

After ascertaining that Zhu Baoguo would not die of hunger, Qiao Nan completely put down her worries and went to eat on her own.

"Boss." After Hou Shan entered the classroom, he said jokingly while taking a glance at the direction where Qiao Nan left. "Boss, you actually attended class obediently, is the sun is rising in the west? That girl is so beautiful, is she my sister-in-law?"

"Don't talk nonsense. She is my sister. She was the one who saved me." Zhu Baoguo smiled grimly for a while. "She's called Qiao Nan. Help me check if there is anyone plotting against her. How could I allow anyone to bully my sister?"

Zhu Baoguo was a very sensitive person. Even if Zhao Yu and Zhou Lei did not say much, Zhu Baoguo also guessed a little.

He was still injured and it was not convenient from him to investigate, but he had some followers in the school. He could send his follower to handle such small matters.

"So she is Qiao Nan. Boss, you don't need to investigate this, I already know." Hou Shan simply told Zhu Baoguo all of what happened recently in the school.

"My sister is so obedient, it's impossible that she would mix with those people. My sister's grades are so good and they said she cheated, who made those rumors, I'll kill them!" Zhu Baoguo revealed a fierce look. After all, if Qiao Nan was dragged into this, it was because of him.

Zhu Baoguo understood immediately that rumors were certainly related to the matter of Qiao Nan saving him.

After all, before Qiao Nan saved him, he already know that the quad had Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao, but he did not hear anyone talk bad about Xiao Qiao before.

If Qiao Nan had contact with those people, the only time would be when she saved him.

"Boss, don't be anxious, this matter has already been cleared. Before the flag-raising ceremony, sister-in-law… Boss, what do I call her?" Hou Shan felt awkward. If he could not call sister-in-law, what could he address her as? "Do I call her as sister?"

"That's my sister, what has this got to do with you?!" Zhu Baoguo of course declined. "You can call her Qiao Nan."

"Oh, Boss. You really dragged Qiao Nan into this. That day, when Qiao Nan saved you, someone with a loud mouth saw it and weaved tales that Qiao Nan was friends with the hooligans. Moreover, they said that Qiao Nan's grades were always good because the hooligans helped her to steal the test papers. You don't know how miserable Qiao Nan was at that time, many in the school looked down on her."

Qiao Nan was the top student in the school. When people in the school knew that she was a fraud, many took the chance to add salt to the wound.

Hou Shan recalled that he also secretly laughed at Qiao Nan at that time.

No matter how outstanding she was, all the good grades were the credit of others who "stole" for her. This was worse than a student like him, who scored as much as he deserved.

Of course, Hou Shan did not dare to say all this to Zhu Baoguo, as he was afraid of being bashed by Zhu Baoguo.

"I'll assign you a mission - help to investigate who was the one who started this." Zhu Baoguo's eyes were full of hate. The person had the gall of a leopard to dare to do this to his sister.

"Boss, don't worry. I assure you that I will help you to settle this properly." Hou Shan patted himself on the chest. Previously he was not concerned about this matter, if he wanted to investigate, it would be easy.

"Where's my food? I'm starving."

"Here." The brother's follower, a guy who was always by Hou Shan's side, brought Zhu Baoguo's food over. Zhu Baoguo finished up his meal neatly and in the span of a few minutes.

When Qiao Nan was back, Zhu Baoguo was already resting his head on the table and napping.

Seeing Zhu Baoguo, Qiao Nan was more relieved.

In the afternoon, after school, Zhu Baoguo was taken home by the Zhu family.

When the Zhu family saw Zhu Baoguo coming out from the school, they heaved a sigh of relief, and sent Zhu Baoguo home as fast as they could.

Without Zhu Baoguo's disturbance, Qiao Nan felt more relaxed. As usual, she went to the Zhai family's storeroom to change her books.

When Qiao Nan just reached, she found the storeroom unlocked. She opened the door and saw a person sitting inside.

"Zhai, Brother Zhai?" She had not seen Brother Zhai for more than a month. Qiao Nan was used to being like a little mouse in the Zhai family, coming and leaving quietly, when she suddenly ran into a person today, she was feeling a little guilty.

"Yes." Zhai Sheng put down the books in his hands. "Do you come here often?"

Zhai Sheng had given his desk to Qiao Nan. So, when he came back this time, he did not have a desk and he came to the storeroom.

To Zhai Sheng, it did not matter where he read, as long as the environment was conducive.

What surprised Zhai Sheng was that the storeroom was not only tidy but also very clean. He could see that someone had been cleaning this place often.

The Zhai family did not come to the storeroom. The only person that would tidy this place up was Qiao Nan.

As a soldier, Zhai Sheng was used to settling everything in a slow and orderly manner, he could not stand messiness and disorder.

Qiao Nan was only a girl in her teenage years and the place belonged to the Zhai family. Qiao Nan made the effort to tidy up the place so nicely, Zhai Sheng did not expect this.

Zhai Sheng nodded his head with satisfaction.

"From Monday to Friday when I need to attend school, I will come here to change the books. But I'll be here every weekend." Standing before Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan was as honest as a student with her disciplinary master - her little feet close together, little hands placed properly, body stiff, a pair of eyes that that looked down at her toes and did not dare to look elsewhere. In particular, she did not dare to look Zhai Sheng straight in the eyes.

Each time she stood before Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan felt very stressed.

Since she knew about Zhai Sheng's success in future, she certainly saw him in a different light.



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