Most of all, even though Zhai Sheng was not yet the Chief, that intimidating aura that he exuded made Qiao Nan felt that she was a soldier under his charge.

Seeing that Qiao Nan was seated in an tense manner, Zhai Sheng tried to relax, was he too serious such that he was scaring Uncle Qiao's younger daughter? "I remember that your name is Qiao Nan?"

"Er…. Yes." Qiao Nan was stunned for a while, then nodded.

"Don't be so nervous. Sit down." When he saw the young lady looking extremely pitiful, similar to when he met her in the summer vacation, Zhai Sheng's tone softened.

Of course, this softened demeanor was solely Zhai Sheng's assumption. To Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng's voice sounded more aloof and frightening.

"How are your grades coming along recently?"

"Not not, not th-that good." Qiao Nan stammered and nearly bit her tongue when she spoke.

Qiao Nan's face was flustered. She turned away and patted her face gently. She felt calmer thereafter and continued to face Zhai Sheng. "As I did not revise for one summer vacation, I have forgotten some of the knowledge. I I, I have been trying to catch up recently."

"Taken your exams?"


"What have you been tested on, how many marks did you score?"

"Chinese, Maths and English. Scored 85 marks for Chinese and Mathematics, and full marks for English."

Qiao Nan realized that she had said the wrong things. Her and Brother Zhai's relationship was not akin to supervisor and subordinate. They were similar to that of parent and child!

Zhai Sheng was only older than Qiao Nan by four years, but in terms of aura even Qiao Nan, who had been through two lifetimes, did not feel worthy before Zhai Sheng.

"These grades, do you have the test papers, let me take a look."

"The papers were already returned to the teacher, I don't have it." Qiao Nan shook her head several times. She felt nervous to let Zhai Sheng see the papers.

Even when Qiao Dongliang asked about her grades, she did not have this feeling. Before Zhai Sheng, she did not know why she felt so uptight and formal that she did not know where to place her limbs.

"Are you afraid of me?" Zhai Sheng realised that his several attempts to put down his airs and communicate with Qiao Nan peacefully had failed.

Before him, Qiao Nan was like a rabbit who met a tiger. She was so scared that her limbs were wobbly and shivering with no strength to escape.

Zhai Sheng could not help asking himself, was he really so scary?

"Not not not… " Qiao Nan wanted to say "not scary", but when she stammered "not" ten times, she changed her mind and said "A little."

"Just a little?" Zhai Sheng did not believe.

"More, a little more?" Qiao Nan showed her fingers, indicating that it was more than a little.

Zhai Sheng pursed his lips. His sharp falcon-like eyes revealed a hint of a faint smile. It should be more than a little, otherwise who would dare to play tricks in front of him.

"If I am home, you can look for me if you have any questions."

"No thanks." Qiao Nan declined flatly. Zhai Sheng was not an ordinary man, his time was so precious, how could his time be wasted on her?

"You don't trust me?"

"No, Brother Zhai. You misunderstood me. I mean, if I seek your help, I am wasting your time as you have more important things to worry about." When she said this, Qiao Nan was quite coherent. "All my teachers have assigned me homework. If I have any questions, it is sufficient for me to ask them. Brother Zhai, you are destined for greater things in life."

In the previous lifetime, the Tian Dynasty was able to achieve peace and prosperity, with a wealthy nation and strong people, and Brother Zhai played a crucial role in this.

Brother Zhai was an army genius and had a gifted brain. He was an extraordinary man.

She remembered that once, there were strange activities at the border of the Tian Dynasty, the local and the bandits colluded and killed the people of the Tian Dynasty. They also framed the people for the crime of smuggling drugs.

This matter was very serious and affected a lot of people.

The exact situation, process and extent of danger - Qiao Nan heard about it but she also knew that if the matter was not dealt with properly, there would be countless deaths in the Tian Dynasty. The national interests would suffer greatly.

But she also knew that his matter would eventually be fully resolved, with losses recovered, and it was all due to Brother Zhai.

To Qiao Nan, Brother Zhai was a great character and a superhero in Qiao Nan's heart.

Since ancient times, the peace and stability of the country depended on a soldier like Zhai Sheng.

In her previous life, Qiao Nan did not pursue any idols, she only loved military uniforms and admired the army guys. Zhai Sheng was the leader of the army. He had a few identities that Qiao Nan liked. Hence, Qiao Nan could not help feeling nervous when she saw him.

In the lifetime that Qiao Nan was reborn to, the youngsters were already crazy over idols, they would be so excited when they saw them.

So, Qiao Nan felt that although she stammered before Zhai Sheng, and she could not make much sense of her words, she was considered well in control.

If these words came from others, Brother Zhai might not believe it.

However, when Zhai Sheng saw that Qiao Nan's eyes shone with so much admiration and passion when she said these flattering words, he smiled again.

At this sight of Qiao Nan, he could not help but suspect if he had really done something great to be able to receive such a compliment from Qiao Nan.

In particular, Qiao Nan looked at him with such passionate and burning eyes, Zhai Sheng was not used to it.

"It's late now, you should return home." Zhai Sheng reminded Qiao Nan as he glanced outside and realized that the sun was setting soon.

"Oh yes!" Qiao Nan slapped her head. "Brother Zhai, I am going home." Qiao Nan changed one of her books and ran as fast as a rabbit towards the house of the Qiao family.

Seeing Qiao Nan, the stiff face of Zhai Sheng seemingly became gentle, the corners of his mouth was slightly curved upwards with a sign of smile, like the beautiful and short moment of the winter's first snow.

Once Qiao Nan left, the storeroom resumed its quietness. There was occasional sounds of Zhai Sheng flipping his books.

"Dad." When Qiao Nan reached home, Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi were already off work.

Ding Jiayi snorted and went to prepare dinner. Qiao Dongliang asked with concern. "Why are you home late today?"

"To save someone again." Ding Jiayi said sarcastically.

Qiao Nan laughed. "No, I went to the place where I kept the books to change them. So, I took the longer route and came back late."

Qiao Nan's words was akin to giving Ding Jiayi a tight slap in the face.

Qiao Nan was not a policewoman, how could she save someone everyday. However, the reason why Qiao Nan came home was because she routed to another path to change her books, and Ding Jiayi was the cause of this.

Thus, when Qiao Nan was home late, there was only Ding Jiayi, who had done her duty as a mother so well, to blame.



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