In the past, Qiao Nan was very submissive, and would do whatever chores that Ding Jiayi asked her to do. Even so, Ding Jiayi still disliked her. Now that Qiao Nan had learned to rebut her words, Ding Jiayi disliked her even more.

Qiao Dongliang saw how the younger daughter rebutted her mother. Ding Jiayi was flushed red and at a loss for words. Qiao Dongliang frowned and said, "Nan Nan."

As the saying goes, "Parents always have their good reasons", no matter what, Old Ding was Nan Nan's mother, Nan Nan should not speak to her in that way.

To others, the younger daughter's words might not mean anything. But Qiao Dongliang could tell that she was digging at her mother.

Qiao Nan curled her lips and mocked herself. She knew things would turn out like this.

But it was okay. Like she said, she would pamper herself. Though her father did not favor her, she would not ask for more as long as he was not as biased as Mom and only doted on Qiao Zijin, depriving her of the chance to study.

"Dad, I will return my school bag to the room."

Without much expression on her face, Qiao Nan returned to her room, never once glancing at her parents. Qiao Dongliang felt uneasy at her attitude.

Waiting for Qiao Nan to close door, Qiao Dongliang chided at Ding Jiayi, "Nan Nan is not someone who is disobedient and insensible. You knew that she is a good child yet you have to pick on her? Look at her attitude now, if you continue with your cold remarks, she may not treat you as her mother in future."

Qiao Dongliang could feel that Qiao Nan had turned cold and aloof towards Ding Jiayi.

In the past, Qiao Nan would never disobey Ding Jiayi's orders. At times, whenever she was free, she would take the initiative to do the household chores. Back then, Ding Jiayi did not have to work and was still a full time housewife.

Even if Qiao Nan was not very affectionate and did not always call her Mom, from the way Qiao Nan looked at Ding Jiayi, Qiao Dongliang could sense the longing affection that Qiao Nan had for her mother.

But he could no longer see the longing affection in her eyes now.

The younger daughter's expression had turned cold and detached. Qiao Dongliang could not help but be worried.

"I gave birth to her. Regardless of whether she treated me as her mother or not, I am still her mother. Even when she is a adult, she still has to obey me." Ding Jiayi had nothing to fear.

She did not wish to listen to Qiao Dongliang's lectures anymore. She went off to prepare dinner.

Ding Jiayi walked into the kitchen. It did not occur to her that she was also brought up by her mother.

But when her mother wanted to sell her off, she also did not obey her and married Qiao Dongliang instead.

"Nan Nan?" Since his wife refused to listen, Qiao Dongliang went to look for his daughter, hoping to talk some sense into her.

"Dad." Qiao Nan was writing. "Dad, I am doing my homework. Is anything the matter?"

Qiao Dongliang was embarrassed when he saw that Qiao Nan was really doing her homework. "Nothing, carry on with your homework. There's nothing more important than your studies. You carry on with your work, I won't disturb you."

With that, Qiao Dongliang closed the door and left without saying anything.

After he left, Qiao Nan sighed in exasperation.

As expected, her father liked to see that his daughters were studying. She knew the reason why her father came looking for her, but she did not want to listen.

As children, she shouldn't argue with her parents. But the saying "Parents always have their good reasons" was not applicable to her mother.

In her previous lifetime she had already paid all the debts and given in to all her demands and requests. In this lifetime, she would not compromise anymore.

After that, Qiao Nan tried to avoid Qiao Dongliang at all costs.

Qiao Dongliang could not disturb her as she wanted to study. On the second day, everyone in the family went off to work and to school. Qiao Dongliang didn't have the time to have a word with Qiao Nan for a few consecutive days.

This day Qiao Dongliang was back from work. He had just entered the quad when he was led away by Elder Lee's men.

Since Qiao Nan was born, this was the second time that Qiao Dongliang saw Elder Lee. He was very happy to see him, "Uncle Lee, what's the matter?"

Qiao Dongliang pondered for a few moments and asked, "Is it related to Baoguo?"

"Xiao Qiao, you should know that my grandson is not good in his studies. So I would like for Nan Nan to tutor him. Is this weekend okay?" Elder Lee smiled and nodded his head.

Qiao Dongliang hesitated for a moment. "Uncle Lee, it's not that I do not want to help. Nan Nan's results have lagged behind recently. Will she be a hindrance to Baoguo? Uncle Lee, actually it might be better if you hire a professional tutor for Baoguo."

Qiao Dongliang was worried that Baoguo's results might deteriorate with his daughter's coaching. If that happened, he would not be able to answer to Uncle Lee.

It never crossed his mind that Qiao Nan's results might be affected if she tutored Zhu Baoguo. Right now his main concern was how he could mend his relationship with Elder Lee and to repay his debts of gratitude towards him.

"No need, I think Nan Nan is a good choice." Elder Lee shook his head, rejecting Qiao Dongliang's suggestion.

"Uncle Lee, during school hours, Nan Nan could take Baoguo in hand, this…"

"Don't worry. No matter what, I would like to thank Nan Nan for this. Nan Nan is the perfect candidate." Elder Lee understood Qiao Dongliang's concerns. He laughed, "You might not know, Baoguo is very stubborn. If he dislikes someone, he would refuse to listen to that person."

His grandson had in fact sent away several private tutors. At the mention of this, Elder Lee had a splitting headache.

"After going back to school, I find that Baoguo is much more obedient. He would stay in school everyday. I heard that it's Nan Nan who keeps an eye on him. I think Nan Nan would be able to keep him in check. As for Baoguo, he is already in secondary three. I do not harbor any hopes that his results would improve."

His grandson has missed a lot of the classes. Not to mention Qiao Nan, his teachers might not even be able to help him to improve his results.

"So you would like Nan Nan to keep an eye on him?"

"Yes, Baoguo has not fully recovered from his injuries. But he is so full of energy that he can't keep still. Nobody can control him."

Qiao Dongliang was shocked. He had heard of Zhu Baoguo's temper; to put it bluntly, he was a bully. When they were still young, all the children in the quad were fearful of Zhu Baoguo. They tried to keep themselves out of his way.

Nan Nan might be of the same age as Zhu Baoguo, but they never played together when they were small. Would Zhu Baoguo obey her?

"If that's the case, it might work. Nan Nan is a quiet girl." Qiao Dongliang thought about it and agreed.

"Xiao Qiao, have you heard of this saying "To govern the country (and bring peace to all), one should first be able to govern one's family"? Recently I have heard quite a lot of rumors about your family. Xiao Qiao, what are your views?" After settling Zhu Baoguo's matters, Uncle Lee touched upon his main topic.

"My… My family is doing well." Qiao Dongliang blushed. Why would Uncle Lee ask this question? Did Nan Nan spout nonsense to Baoguo?

One should not wash dirty linen in public. Nan Nan had gone way overboard this time!

"Good? It's good that your wife sold Nan Nan's books and wanted her to quit school?"



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