They were both their biological daughters, and Qiao Dongliang was the one who wanted to have Nan Nan. Elder Lee could not understand why Qiao Dongliang would let such things happen at his house.

Elder Lee looked weary and tired. Qiao Dongliang did not say a word, stood up and turned to leave.

Qiao Dongliang had known Elder Lee for years. Even if it was when he left the army to have a second child, Elder Lee might be disappointed in him, but he had never said such harsh words to him.

"Nan Nan, you are back." When Qiao Dongliang reached home, Qiao Nan was already at home.

Qiao Nan paused and called "Father".

Qiao Dongliang sighed at the younger daughter's cold attitude. It seemed like Nan Nan blamed both Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi for what happened.

"Are you going to read your books?"

"Yes." Qiao Nan had no idea what Qiao Dongliang wanted to talk to her about. As usual, she refused to communicate with him. No matter what, she would not compromise regarding matters concerning her mother.

"Then go ahead to study."


The conversation between the father and daughter ended with simple replies.

During dinnertime, Qiao Dongliang said, "Nan Nan, make a trip to Lee's house tomorrow."

"Lee's house? Qiao Nan blinked in confusion. "Elder Lee's house?"

"You shouldn't call him 'Elder Lee', call him 'Grandpa'." Qiao Dongliang reprimanded Qiao Nan. "Tomorrow Zhu Baoguo will go to Lee's house. You will help him with his revision. Remember, put in some efforts and teach him well. Do you understand?"

Qiao Nan pursed her lips and replied coldly.

Ding Jiayi was not too happy at this news. But when she saw Qiao Nan's response, she thought about it and curled her lips into a smile. This time, she did not give her objections.

Qiao Dongliang had already promised Elder Lee. Qiao Nan had no other choice. On the weekend, she took her books and went to Lee's house. Zhu Baoguo arrived earlier than her.

"Oh, you have arrived." Zhu Baoguo propped his two legs on the table, leaned back on the chair, twitched his lips and held his pen with his upper lips and nose. He did not look like he was here to study. In fact, he looked like he was on vacation.

Seeing this, Qiao Nan frowned and said coldly, "You have two choices, one, you can't go out, you will do whatever you want while I read my books; second, put down your legs, you will do what I say."

Zhu Baoguo's legs crumbled under him, he almost fell off from his chair.

He never thought that Qiao Nan would be so firm. This was Lee's house, but it seemed more like Qiao's house.

Since Qiao Nan was here, shouldn't she talk to him nicely and patiently and only start teaching when he had accepted her?

Why did Qiao Nan sound as if she did not care if he wanted to learn or not? If he did not want to study, she was not going to coax him into learning? She would allow him to do whatever he wanted?

Grandpa asked Qiao Nan to coach him. Could Qiao Nan say all this?

"Are you serious?" Zhu Baoguo was dumbfounded.

"What do you think?" Qiao Nan sat at one side and took out her revision notes. Without another look at Zhu Baoguo's legs that was propped on the table, she started to read her books.

"But my Grandpa asked you to teach me." Was Qiao Nan's attitude that of a tutor?

"The teachers were there to teach students. But if you refuse to learn, can they do anything about it? I couldn't possibly be better than a teacher." To Qiao Nan who once lost the chance to study, she was very displeased with Zhu Baoguo's learning attitude. He did not understand how fortunate he was.

It was up to Zhu Baoguo whether he wanted to study or not. If he was willing to learn, she would put in efforts to teach.

If Zhu Baoguo was unwilling to study, she would just treat it as another place for her to study.

Lee's house was big and spacious and there was no-one to disturb her. If not for the good study environment, she would not have wasted her time on someone who did not want to study.

"You aren't going to persuade me to study at all? Aren't you worried that given your bad attitude, I—I might walk off in anger?" Zhu Baoguo stood up, preparing to leave.

Zhu Baoguo turned and looked at Qiao Nan while he was on his way out. He was waiting for Qiao Nan to come after him.

But he had already reached the door, and he realized that Qiao Nan was still at the table. In fact she seemed to have finished a few problem sums.

Zhu Baoguo felt really foolish. Qiao Nan did not pay attention to him at all. She made use of the time to study. He only took a few steps towards the door, but she had already finished a few questions.

"Hey!" Zhu Baoguo walked angrily to Qiao Nan's side. When Qiao Nan paid no attention to him, he snatched her books in anger.

Qiao Nan squinted at Zhu Baoguo, "I have lots of workbooks. It's alright if you snatched one of my workbooks. I can change to another workbook. But don't you find yourself to be very childish?"

"What do you mean by this attitude of yours? Do you not want to teach me? Are you looking down on me because I did not have a mother since a young age?" This time, Zhu Baoguo was really furious.

He really treated Qiao Nan as his sister. But she had always been cold towards him. Did she think that he was beyond hope and it would be a waste of time to teach him?

"Look down? I do not have the right to do that." Qiao Nan shook her head. "It's just that I knew it better than anyone else. If you are willing to learn, you would be able to take in what I said. But if you do not want to learn, you would turn a deaf ear to what I said and my studies would be affected as well. It's not worth it. Do you want to learn or not?"

Qiao Nan did not use any flowery language, and her words might not carry a deep meaning, but what she said was the plain, simple truth.

Qiao Nan was so calm and indifferent. Zhu Baoguo's outburst of temper did not affect her at all.

"You would teach me if I wanted to learn? Zhu Baoguo asked in some annoyance.

"Yes, if you want to learn, I will teach you; If you don't want to learn, I won't bother you."

"How do you intend to teach me? I don't even know what my standard is."

"Finish this first. I will decide on how to teach you after that." Qiao Nan handed a sheet of paper to Zhu Baoguo. It was a test paper to determine his standards.

Zhu Baoguo was appeased when he saw the handwritten test paper. "So you came prepared." Qiao Nan actually cared about him.

Qiao Nan remained silent about Zhu Baoguo's demanding character. She was fine as long as he kept quiet.

Zhu Baoguo took the handwritten test paper and started working on it while Qiao Nan was busy doing her problems. The room was in total silence, it was a good learning environment.

Elder Zhu could not help but worry about his grandson. He decided to take a look.

He was not worried that his grandson might bully the young lady. He was anxious that he might not be willing to study, and that he might head off to have fun after throwing a tantrum at the young lady. It would be disastrous if he injured himself again.

What he saw came as a surprise to him. When he walked into Lee's house, his grandson sat quietly at a side, with a pen in hand, writing diligently.



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