Has hell frozen over?

Elder Zhu told the people around him not to make a sound and went to look for Elder Lee.

"Why are you here?" Elder Lee snorted when he saw Elder Zhu. His daughter was so smart, his grandson should be smart as well. Yet he was pampered to such an extent by the Zhu family. It was all the fault of this old man.

But the Lee family had not bothered to care about Zhu Baoguo's affairs, hence he had no right to chide Elder Zhu.

"Why bother with watering the plants? Are you really going to let that young lady teach Baoguo? What can a young lady be capable of? The Zhu family is capable of hiring a teacher. Let me tell you beforehand, if Baoguo's results is not good even with the tutoring, do not put the blame on the Zhu family."

Even if Elder Lee kept quiet about it, Elder Zhu knew what was on his in-law's mind.

They had brought up their grandson by themselves. For people like Elder Zhu who was conventional in his thinking, they would naturally dote and pamper their grandson.

Discipline, Elder Zhu wanted to discipline him but he had no idea how to discipline. On top of that, his grandson had lost his mother at a young age and his father was not by his side to take care of him. It was already very painful for him to be all alone by himself. So Elder Lee could not help but pamper Zhu Baoguo.

"Like you said, the Zhu family was capable of hiring a teacher. Didn't you hire a teacher for Zhu Baoguo before? And what were the results? Look now, Nan Nan might be a young lady, but you have to see Baoguo's attitude towards her."

Elder Lee smirked.

The Zhu family had hired several teachers for his grandson, male and female.

But when the teachers knew of the identity of his grandson, they dared not offend him. Moreover his grandson was very mischievous. The female teachers all ended up in tears of exasperation, while the male teachers were too frustrated that they quit.

For some matters, one could not judge a person's capabilities by his age or qualifications. One had to judge them based on the person itself.

"Do you mean that my grandson has been subdued by that young lady?" Elder Zhu was unhappy. His grandson had been a bully at home. But he was intimidated by this little girl, what did this mean?

"Baoguo was willing to be subdued, and Qiao Nan was willing to subdue him as well." Elder Lee had learned of what happened between Zhu Baoguo and Qiao Nan just now.

Elder Lee was slightly annoyed by Qiao Nan's cold attitude. But he could understand, since he knew of her situation at home.

In particular when his grandson asked "Are you looking down on me because I do not have a mother since a young age?" Elder Lee knew that this was hurtful for both his grandson and Qiao Nan.

Looking at Ding Jiayi's temper, having a mother and being without a mother did not make a difference.

And though his daughter had passed away at a young age, his grandson still loved and missed his mother. But Nan Nan had no feelings left for Ding Jiayi.

"This young lady was so pitiful?" After hearing about Qiao family's affairs, Elder Zhu was shocked. "What does Qiao Dongliang mean by that? He had a daughter but he did not bring her up well, and he did not say a word when his wife bullied her?"

"He is a traditional man, favoring sons more than daughters. It totally clouded his judgment." Elder Lee laughed coldly. He had seen through Qiao Dongliang, but he did not spell it out on that day.

The reason why Qiao Dongliang did not put in efforts on Qiao Nan was simple - Qiao Nan was a daughter, not a son.

If Qiao Nan was a son, even if Ding Jiayi favored daughters over sons, Qiao Dongliang would know of it if Ding Jiayi did not treat Qiao Nan well.

"Baoguo is such a troublemaker and yet you get him a young teacher. Is that suitable?" Elder Zhu was troubled over this.

His grandson was very stubborn and had a bad temper, he could not get along well with anyone.

Judging from the family that the young lady came from, she must not be someone who was warm hearted.

Would a young teacher like her be able to teach his grandson?

"I only wanted Nan Nan to coach him in his studies. She is not responsible for his character building. That is Zhu Chengqi's responsibility." Elder Lee gave him an angry stare. He was full of complaints at the mention of his son-in-law, Zhu Chengqi.

His daughter was no longer around, Zhu Chengqi should bear the full responsibility of teaching and guiding his grandson. Yet look at what Zhu Chengqi had done!

It was a fact that his daughter had passed away, but Zhu Chengqi was always not at home, his grandson had been leading his life with the absence of his father.

It was Zhu Chengqi's fault that his grandson was so disobedient and keep getting into trouble.

"Alright, that's enough. Let's not talk about this." Elder Zhu waved his hands, he did not wish to talk about his son.

Both of them were glad that his son and daughter-in-law had deep affections for each other.

But who would have known that after the daughter-in-law died, his son would neglect his biological son and failed to take him in hand. Elder Zhu was boiling with anger at the mention of his son.

When Zhu Baoguo was sent to the the hospital for emergency treatment, Elder Zhu ordered Zhu Chengqi to come back from the army. As soon as he arrived, Elder Zhu gave him a few punches out of anger and exasperation.

Elder Zhu might be old, but he was once a soldier. His fists were still very powerful, it would be painful to be on the receiving end of his punches.

"Baoguo has very high self-esteem, he would definitely not accept someone who was warm hearted and compassionate. Instead, Baoguo would listen to Nan Nan who was indifferent and cold. Facts speak louder than words, I think this arrangement would work. I did not expect Baoguo to catch up on his studies, I only hope that he would rein in his temper and stop being so irritable and he would not be bullied by those hooligans. If Baoguo is not good in his studies, I will send him to the army when he graduates from high school."

Elder Lee had his grandson's future all planned out.

"Alright." It was rare to see that his grandson settle down to study. No matter who the tutor was, what was important was that the grandson would listen to her.

"You should make your way back. Baoguo will stay over at my house tonight."

"What, how could Baoguo not go home!" Impossible.

"What do you mean by not go home? Lee's house is also Baoguo's home!" Elder Lee fumed in anger. "Baoguo is my biological maternal grandson, why can't he stay over for a night in my house?"

"Why didn't you ask Baoguo to stay over in the past? Why did you begin to care for him now?" Elder Zhu would not budge regarding his grandson.

Zhu Chengqi was Elder Zhu's only son, and Zhu Baoguo was Zhu Chengqi's only son.

The saying is very true, "The first grandson and the last son are the lifeline of the old lady."

The first grandson, and the only grandson were the lifeline of the grandpa as well.

Zhu Baoguo, who had finally settled down to work on the test paper turned green when he heard the loud quarrel between his two grandparents. He looked at Qiao Nan in embarrassment and unease.

Qiao Nan remained calm and composed. "Why are you looking at me? Do your test papers, don't waste your time. We are in secondary three now, there isn't much time left for revision, so we have to be efficient."

Zhu Baoguo twitched his lips and finally managed to settle down.

Before the incident, Elder Zhu and his wife were the only people who cared about Zhu Baoguo. but they had no idea how to discipline and care for him. As for the Lee family, they never asked about him at all.

Come to think of it, Zhu Baoguo seldom went to Lee's house. He knew that they believed that he had caused his mother's death.

Up till now, even if the Lee family had a change in attitude, Zhu Baoguo still found it weird and uncomfortable to be around his grandpa, Elder Lee.



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