"No idea." Qiao Nan shook her head honestly.

"Qiao Nan, on the account that we are classmates, I must remind you, these books seem to be very costly. The reception office might have the wrong person. You had better handle the books with care and do not make any scribblings. If not, you might not be able to pay for the books." Zhao Yu gloated at the thought. There was no way that someone would give Qiao Nan these books as a present.

"It's only worth a few yuan, why can't my sister afford it?" Zhu Baoguo glared at her in anger.

"Zhu Baoguo, you may be rich, but that's your business. Qiao Nan did not have the money. Qiao Nan, you are not thinking of using Zhu Baoguo's money to pay for the books?"

The more protective Zhu Baoguo was of Qiao Nan, the more frustrated Zhao Yu was.

Zhao Yu was aware that Zhu Baoguo and Zhu family had lots of money. She could tell from the fact that someone drove him to school every morning.

In this school, there were not many students who had a chauffeur to take them to school. Zhu Baoguo came from an established family.

"You do not have to worry about that." Qiao Nan kept the books. Zhao Yu's words might be hurtful but they made sense. Even if the staff at the reception office made it very clear that the sender had specified that the parcel was for her, it would not hurt to be careful.

Besides, there was no need to make notes on the books. She had lots of rough paper. Her teachers were very generous with rough paper.

Zhu Baoguo found it incredulous that Qiao Nan could maintain her composure despite Zhao Yu's hurtful words. "She was trying to mess with you, yet you are not angry?"

"That would be a waste of energy and time."

"Why does she always say that of you? Are you very poor?"

Qiao Nan who was reading the books paused for a second, "I have always been poor."

In her previous lifetime, in the eight years of school before she quit and started to work, she had never once used a new eraser or a new pen. All of her stationery was that which Qiao Zijin had no use of.

As time passed, her classmates eventually noticed that.

In her previous lifetime, part of the reason why Qiao Nan quit school and submitted to Ding Jiayi's wishes was also due to that.

Unlike Zhao Yu who would laugh and tease her to her face, in her previous life, most people would talk behind her back. Qiao Nan had overheard their conversations for a few times.

As a child growing up in that kind of environment, this gossiping and badmouthing would hurt one's feelings, not to mention the fact that children at this age were very sensitive.

At that time Qiao Nan was only a child, she could not take all the gossiping and grew to be very quiet in class. Other than her teachers, no one liked her.

In this lifetime, Qiao Nan was still used to being alone, she did not intend to make friends. But at the very least she would no longer feel ashamed when people made hurtful remarks just like what Zhao Yu had said to her just now.

"Don't worry, I have the money." Zhu Baoguo patted his chest out of loyalty. He had nothing except loads of money.

"Silly." Qiao Nan rolled her eyes at Zhu Baoguo. No wonder he was beaten up by hooligans. What a bad mouth he had. He was not good with words and was not likable at all.

"You are the silly one. Lots of people are queuing up to have my money. But it all depends on my mood. I am offering it to you, yet you reject me?" When Zhu Baoguo was not at school, he would always have a bunch of sidekicks with him.

"You are comparing me with them? Why didn't these people come to your help when you were beaten to a pulp?" Qiao Nan laughed.

Zhu Baoguo was just like a deflated balloon, he was stumped for words. "I wanted to be nice to you."

Cupping her chin in her hands, Qiao Nan looked askance at Zhu Baoguo. "Your Mom passed away at an early age, I have a Mom, shall I share my Mom with you?"

If her mother had a son like Zhu Baoguo, she would be thrilled. She would definitely treat him well as if he was her biological son.

"You are courting death!" Zhu Baoguo smashed his fists on the table, his eyes red in anger. "Mother" was a taboo for Zhu Baoguo. Whoever said it would be in for trouble.

"Look, isn't it the same?" Other people might be afraid of Zhu Baoguo, but Qiao Nan was not. "I may be poor now, but I will earn lots of money in the future. I do not need your money."

"You…" Zhu Baoguo could not stay angry but he was also displeased with her words. Looking at Qiao Nan, he could not wait to bite at something to ease his frustration.

Zhu Baoguo jumped around in frustration, as if he had ticks on him. Qiao Nan looked at him and sighed, "This character of mine, I do not know how to get along well with others and would offend others unknowingly. I have a sharp tongue and my words might hurt others."

Qiao Nan could sense that Zhu Baoguo was sincere and genuine about making friends with her.

It was rare that someone treated her with kindness, she could not bear to shut him out.

But this was her personality. There were some habits that she just could not change.

To put it bluntly, both of them were problematic kids, it would be difficult to get along with each other.

"I am a man, I wouldn't argue with you." Zhu Baoguo's eyes spewed fire. But Qiao Nan's explanation doused his anger. It was as if ice water was being poured over the blazing fire.

Qiao Nan arched her eyebrows in surprise when she saw that Zhu Baoguo had calmed down and was no longer angry with her.

Zhu Baoguo was known for his bad temper. Most people would not be able to accept her explanation, yet Zhu Baoguo accepted it. He was a good kid after all.

"What's there to look at, didn't you say that you would rather look at the books than at me? Look at your books!" Zhu Baoguo blushed in embarrassment. He covered Qiao Nan's face with the books, avoiding her eyes.

Qiao Nan laughed. It seemed like Zhu Baoguo would make a worthy friend.

"What's there to laugh about? To show off your white teeth?" Zhu Baoguo had relaxed and was no longer angry.

Zhu Baoguo knew that those "brothers" that followed him around in the past were only after his money, they were not sincere in making friends with him. They hung around him for his money, but would be the first to run off when he was in trouble.

But Qiao Nan was different. She had saved his life and ever since knowing him, despite his prominent family background, she had never sucked up to him or asked him for favors. Even if he wanted to treat her differently, she also refused vehemently.

Zhu Baoguo was not stupid, he could tell if one was sincere or not.

If one could have a sincere and loyal friend, no one would like to mix with fair-weather friends. But it was just that Zhu Baoguo had never had the chance in the past.

Zhao Yu's eyes reddened, she was full of anger and jealousy when she saw how unaffected Zhu Baoguo was by Qiao Nan's blunt words, and that they seemed to be closer than before.

She remembered there was once when someone mentioned about Zhu Baoguo's late mother in front of him, and Zhu Baoguo gave that person a furious kick.



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