"Nan Nan's results used to be better than Zijin, it would be good if she could go to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, she would be able to catch up on her studies."

Qiao Dongliang laughed coldly.

"No, she had already said that if her results are not satisfactory she wouldn't go to that high school. We do not have so much money at home!" Ding Jiayi turned green with anger. She did not wish to see that Qiao Nan and Qiao Zijin had the same treatment.

"I have said before, you will take care of Zijin while I am in charge of Nan Nan. I wouldn't take the money from our house. If she really did badly, I will think of other ways." Qiao Dongliang looked at Ding Jiayi with a forced smile on his face. "If I do not have the abilities, there would be someone who has the abilities."

"Mom, I am hungry, shall we make dinner?" Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi were about to break into a fight and the topic made Qiao Zijin uncomfortable. She cut in and tried to stop them.

Her mother had spent all the money at home. If her father wanted to send Qiao Nan to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, he would have to seek Grandpa Lee's help to fork out a sum of money.

Her father would definitely have to borrow that money.

Anything borrowed had to be returned.

If their family had external debts and had not enough to feed all of them, given her character, her mother would definitely tighten the purse strings and cut down on her allowances so as to save the money to repay the debts.

All said, the money that was supposed to be spent on her would then be used for Qiao Nan's enrollment.

Most importantly, when Qiao Dongliang mentioned that he might look for external help, Qiao Zijin was worried that he might seek Elder Lee's help. He might spill the truth about the secret to her enrollment.

Her mother had gathered that the Qiao family and Lee family had not been in contact with each other for ages.

Since they had not been keeping in touch, Grandpa Lee would help them on the account that it was the last request that the Qiao family had of him.

By then, she would have settled the enrollment problem and her father would not find out the truth. This would be kept a secret forever.

But now that Qiao family and Lee family were in contact with each other, if Grandpa Lee was to tell her father about the truth, Qiao Zijin could not imagine the thunderstorms that would be stirred up in her family.

After pulling Ding Jiayi to the kitchen, Qiao Zijin said, "Mom, stop picking on Nan Nan in front of Dad. We are the ones who would suffer in the end." In particular her!

"As long as Qiao Nan has agreed to it, it doesn't matter how Dad thinks about it. But if you continue with your ways and agitate Dad, he might borrow money from Grandpa Lee to get Qiao Nan into The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. By then, not only would we have a lot of external debts, Grandpa Lee might mention my enrollment to Dad. What do you think his reaction will be?"

Even if there was no way for Qiao Nan to quit school and work, her mother should try to cut down on Qiao Nan's expenses, lest her father spent too much of his hard-earned money on her.

Her mother had always been quarreling with her father. Because of all these quarrels, her father had given the money that was meant for her to Qiao Nan instead!

"If he could seek Uncle Lee's help for Qiao Nan, he would not dare to raise his voice at me if he finds out that I have been to Grandpa Lee regarding your enrollment. Aren't they the same?" Ding Jiayi refused to admit defeat, but her tone calmed down. "Forget it, I will not pick on that wretched girl on your account. It would be a waste of my time and energy to pick on her."

"Mom, it's good that you can straighten out your thoughts." Qiao Zijin was relieved that Ding Jiayi was willing to listen to her.

Qiao Zijin noticed that whenever her parents quarreled, Qiao Nan would be the one who benefited from it, while she was the one on the losing end.

During dinnertime, Ding Jiayi had a change of attitude, she no longer picked on Qiao Nan. Instead she concentrated on praising Qiao Zijin, saying that she would definitely be able to get into a first tier university and study at the capital.

When Qiao Zijin found a job, settled down and have a family at the capital, she and Qiao Dongliang would stay with Qiao Zijin at the capital, leading a life of leisure and comfort.

Qiao Dongliang's countenance did not changed when he heard Ding Jiayi's words, in fact his silence seemed to say that he agreed with her.

Qiao Nan buried her face and laughed at her parents' reaction.

In the previous life, Qiao Zijin was married to Chen Jun, she stayed in a small villa and had a limousine. But even so, she did not give a single cent to her parents, in fact, they had to give her money instead.

In this life, it sounded amusing and hilarious to say that Qiao Zijin would take care of her parents and let them live in comfort.

It reminded her of a popular saying years later: Fantasy is always good, but the reality is always cruel.

Qiao Nan who was well aware of Qiao Zijin's selfishness, could not help but hand it to her when she looked to be in high spirits at her mother's words.

The Qiao Zijin in this life would not have agreed to her mother's words as well. When her mother said that Qiao Zijin would have to bear the responsibility of taking care of her parents, she could still talk animatedly without batting an eyelid and nodded in agreement to her mother's words. Qiao Nan smirked, it was no wonder that she was totally defeated by Qiao Zijin in the previous life.

Even in this life, she could never match up to the glib-tongued Qiao Zijin.

On Sunday, Ding Jiayi sent off Qiao Zijin in high spirits, with hopes that she would bring back good news with her. The next day morning, Qiao Dongliang thought for a while and said to Qiao Nan, "Don't be too worried or give yourself too much stress. It's okay if you did not do well. It's only half of a semester. Besides, there's still half a year to go. We can take things slowly. Even if you really did badly, as long as you wanted to study, I will definitely support you."

As for whether he would fork out the money for Qiao Nan to enroll into The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China like Qiao Zijin, Qiao Dongliang dared not make a promise right now.

"Thank you, Dad." Qiao Nan gave Qiao Dongliang a relaxed smile, took her bag and left before him.

"Hmph, she is really shameless. She could still smile when she did badly in her exams." Ding Jiayi had a look of disdain on her face as she watched Qiao Nan left the house.

"What did you say?" Qiao Dongliang snarled and chided Ding Jiayi. "Have you forgotten what I said previously? You have no say over Nan Nan's affairs. Since you don't wish to take care of her, then you have to relinquish all your authority over her. Not a word from you ever."

"Fine." Ding Jiayi muttered grumpily. "I am going off to work, remember to close all the doors and windows before leaving."

She did not have the time and effort to pick on Qiao Nan.

Rather than wasting time on Qiao Nan, she would rather think of ways to work hard and to earn more money so as to send Zijin to the university and for overseas studies.

"You are here?" Zhu Baoguo reached school earlier than Qiao Nan.

"You are so early?" Qiao Nan's eyes flickered in surprise. "Has hell frozen over?"

Ever since coming back to school, though Zhu Baoguo did not play truant or arrive late, he was never this early before.

"I woke up early today, is there anything wrong?" Zhu Baoguo turned his face sideways, avoiding Qiao Nan's eyes. Whenever she looked into his eyes, he had the feeling that he could hide nothing from her. It was so strange, after all she was just a young lady.



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