"No problem at all." Qiao Nan knew when to draw the line. She knew that if she was to continue, Zhu Baoguo might turn hostile.

The first lesson in the morning was the form teacher, Teacher Chen's lessons, Mathematics. Teacher Chen walked into the classroom in high spirits.

Most of the students breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Teacher Chen's expression. It seemed like they did not do too badly in the exams.

It was the mid-term exams after all, the second most important exams in a semester. Very few students could be indifferent towards their results, especially when they were in a good class.

"For this mid-term exams, the class's results were satisfactory. I am very pleased that some of the students have made improvements." Teacher Chen cast a glance in the direction of Qiao Nan.

Those students who noticed Teacher Chen's expression make noises at their seats. It seemed that Teacher Chen was in high spirits as Qiao Nan had done well. The teacher was so good to Qiao Nan.

"But everyone must bear this in mind, one must be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. We must continue to work hard and make improvements. I will hand out the papers now. Qiao Nan."

Teacher Chen did not announce the results, but Qiao Nan's paper was placed on the top of the stack. It was obvious that Teacher Chen had taken a look at the papers before arriving at the classroom.

A lot of the students craned their necks trying to get a glimpse of Qiao Nan's results. But she folded the papers in half as soon as she received it and returned to her seat.

Everyone could only see the ticks on the questions, with no indication of any deduction in marks.

"100 points?" Zhu Baoguo arched his eyebrows. His desk mate was so extraordinary, her results were truly outstanding.

"It would be good if its 100 points." Qiao Nan sighed. "98 points."

Qiao Nan had a rough gauge of her marks before receiving her papers.

She was confident about the new knowledge learned in this semester. But the last question in the "fill in the blanks" section of the Maths paper was much more complicated and difficult. Even though she did not leave it blank, she had no confidence in getting it correct.

As expected, she saw a cross on that question, and two marks being deducted.

"That's a very good result." Zhu Baoguo said in surprise. "Did you think that it would be that easy to score 90 points and above and that it was that common to score 95 points and above just like in the elementary school?"

He clicked his tongue. For him, it would be marvelous if he could score 89 points, not to mention 98 points.

Though Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo were whispering to each other, a lot of the students had overheard their conversation. They were all surprised at Qiao Nan's grade of 98 points.

No wonder Teacher Chen said that Qiao Nan had made tremendous improvements. She was only a few marks short of a perfect score. It was not easy to get this result.

She was the top student after all. It was only not long ago that she fell below her standard. Yet she had got back on track in such a short period of time.

By the time everyone got their papers, Teacher Chen said, "The highest score in our class for Mathematics was 98 points. But the highest score in the level was 99.5 points. That student left out a period in the answer. We must put in extra efforts and to take this as a learning example, not to commit the same mistake. This deduction of half a point is a pity, isn't it?"

A sheer pity.

If not for the period, it could have been a perfect score. There was nothing that was more unjust than this.

"Alright let's analyze the papers now." Teacher Chen went through the papers quickly, highlighting the parts where most of the students did not answer correctly. Of course, the question in "fill in the blanks" section with a hundred percent failure rate was the main highlight of the discussion.

"Alright, the lesson is over."

Qiao Nan waited for Teacher Chen to leave the classroom before stretching her hand towards Zhu Baoguo, "Don't hide it anymore, let me take a look at your paper."

"No, why should I give my paper to you?" Zhu Baoguo stiffened, he wished that he could tear up his papers right in front of Qiao Nan.

As compared to Qiao Nan's paper which had such pretty results, Zhu Baoguo's paper was just like the scene of a traffic accident, it was a horrible sight to see.

"Would I not know where's your standard? Do you think I would have other thoughts after looking at your papers?" Qiao Nan sighed. If she was to judge someone based on results, she would not have wasted her time on Zhu Baoguo.

"Elder Lee only wanted me to keep an eye on you, he did not want me to make sure that you do well for your exams. I wanted to look at your papers as I treated you as my friend. If you do not wish for me to look at your paper, I won't."

"Go ahead and have a look." Zhu Baoguo was appeased by Qiao Nan's words. He relaxed his tight lips and handed the papers to Qiao Nan reluctantly.

Qiao Nan was as calm as the dead sea when she looked at her papers, But when she looked at Zhu Baoguo's papers, she widened her eyes and had a look of surprise on her face.

Zhu Baoguo's face reddened in anger. "You, you hand it back to me!" Didn't she say that she would not judge someone based on results. What does Xiao Qiao mean by her expression? Were his results way below her expectations?

"Zhu Baoguo, I have realized that you are very bright." Qiao Nan praised him while looking through his papers.

"Qiao Nan, are you praising Zhu Baoguo or mocking him?" Zhao Yu smirked. Everyone knew where Zhu Baoguo's standard was, it would have been difficult for someone like him who never turn up for school to pass the exams. How could Zhu Baoguo be associated with being bright?

If Qiao Nan wanted to suck up to Zhu Baoguo, she should not have gone to such extremes.

Zhu Baoguo glared in anger, "What do you mean by that?"

Qiao Nan might not be the type who would mock him, but it would be impossible to praise him.

Nobody would praise him for having such a bad result. He could not bring himself to say his own grades.

"Take a look at it yourself." Qiao Nan placed the papers in front of Zhu Baoguo. "You haven't been to school for a long time. I went through the new knowledge that was taught in this semester with you. This few questions, and this question, and the other few questions. You have got the answers correctly for most of the questions that tested on the topics that I covered with you. As for those that you answered wrongly, they were all those that I did not go through with you. Zhu Baoguo, you are really quite brilliant. I only went through them once with you, yet you can take in all the information and concepts."

Qiao Nan meant it with her sincerest heart when she praised Zhu Baoguo.

Zhu Baoguo definitely had the knack for Science subjects.

After Qiao Nan's detailed explanation, Zhu Baoguo knew that Qiao Nan meant it from the bottom of her heart when she praised him.

Zhu Baoguo was used to being scolded. As it was the first time someone had praised him, he blushed in embarrassment and felt awkward. "That, that, as long as I put my heart into it, there's nothing that I wouldn't excel in. Of course, you have done a good job teaching me."

Compared to the teachers that his grandpa hired for him previously, other than their temper, they were also not good in teaching. He could not take in what they said at all.

"Keep up the good work, you would surpass me and make huge improvements in the future." Qiao Nan could feel the pressure.



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