Her father quoted the words of the great leader just to get her to tutor Zhu Baoguo. Qiao Nan twitched her lips and forced a smile on her face. "I understand."

"Good, you must make sure to study hard. Dad will not disturb you. Leave all the chores to your Mom." Qiao Dongliang patted Qiao Nan on her shoulder happily. He then instructed Ding Jiayi not to disturb Qiao Nan when she was studying at home.

Ding Jiayi was displeased at his words. "I had a long day at work, I am tired to the bones. There are so many chores to do, why can't she help me out? Old Qiao, don't you think you have gone way overboard?"

"There's nothing wrong with it. Wasn't it the same for other people?" Qiao Dongliang laughed in anger. In his department there were a lot of his female colleagues who had to work and take care of their children.

"They have in-laws to help them to take care of the children. I had two daughters, nobody was around to help me." Can other people be compared with her?

"But you are not working at that time. You basically just stayed at home to look after the children, and I helped to bring up Nan Nan as well." Qiao Dongliang might have kept his silence, but that did not mean that he was unaware or had forgotten about it.

If not for the fact that Ding Jiayi complained that milk powder was too expensive, she would not have bothered to breastfeed Qiao Nan.

After feeding her for less than half a year, she complained that it was too toilsome on her and had stopped feeding her.

Luckily the families nearby reared goats. The goats had just given birth and had milk for its offspring. The families felt that Qiao Nan was very pitiful, and they boiled the goats' milk and gave it to her.

At times Ding Jiayi found it too troublesome, it was Qiao Dongliang who prepared the milk for Qiao Nan.

Ding Jiayi did not really do her part in bringing up the child.

Even if Qiao Nan had closed her door, she could still hear the quarreling sounds of her parents.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips and continued to do her work.

In the past she had to help out with household chores and had no time to study.

Now that she had to tutor Zhu Baoguo, at the very least she had the weekdays to revise. She stood to gain from this arrangement.

Ever since the rebirth, she had learned to set her thinking straight. In this lifetime, she had the chance to study. There was no need to compare herself to Qiao Zijin, she only had to make sure that she led a better life than herself in the previous life.

Given that she had five days worth of study time at home and she would no longer need to do housework, as compared to the previous life, this current life was already so much better.

In the previous life, she had to work during the day and help out with household chores at night. On the contrary, her mother stayed at home the whole day long. Apart from preparing meals, the rest of the housework was done by Qiao Nan. Sometimes Qiao Nan even had to wash the clothes for the whole family.

In this life, besides washing her own clothes, Qiao Nan did not need to do other chores. She had more time for her studies.

With that, Qiao Nan felt better.

Her weakness was Chinese. Besides Chinese, she also had no confidence in Chemistry as well.

But the books that she received previously basically covered almost all of the subjects and topics that Qiao Nan was not good at.

Who would have such a clear understanding of her studies, to have given her the exercise books on the topics and subjects that she was weak in?

In the beginning, Qiao Nan had doubts about the intended recipient of these books. But after looking at the contents, she was sure that these were for her. If not, it would not be such a coincidence.

Maintain your strengths while working on your weaknesses.

To get the results, every subject must be tackled.

Ding Jiayi had to obey Qiao Dongliang's words. There was no way that she could make Qiao Nan share the burden of the housework.

This weekend, to everyone's surprise, Qiao Zijin was home.

"Zijin, aren't you supposed to be back next week? Why are you back this week?" Ding Jiayi poured her a glass of water and asked her.

"Our school is having a sports meet, that's why I am back. Mom, how did Qiao Nan do in her exams this time? The results should already be out." Zijin did not forget about Qiao Nan's exams.

"Don't mention it. What she said that day was purely to hoodwink us. She had gotten back on track with her exams this time. She was among the top ten in the level and the top three in her class." Ding Jiayi looked defeated at the mention of this.

Qiao Nan made such a tremendous improvement. Her results rose and fell just like a rocket.

"How about you? Your results are out as well. How did you do this time?" Ding Jiayi's eyes sparkled. She was more interested in the elder daughter's results.

"That's right, Zijin, how were your mid-term exams?" Qiao Dongliang who just came back overheard their conversation and asked in concern.

"Similar to what I had before, not as much improvement as Qiao Nan." Qiao Zijin was not quite pleased.

"That's incomparable. The students at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China are the cream of the crop, can all of the students at Qiao Nan's school enroll in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China? The ranking is incomparable." Ding Jiayi praised Qiao Zijin. "It's alright, you just have to maintain your standard."

The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China was the key high school in Ping Cheng. A significant percentage of their students could make it into the first tier key university.

If Zijin could maintain her standard and stay in the top eight places in her class, she should be able to get into the first tier university, if not, a second tier university would be just as good.

As for Qiao Nan's school, one still could not say for sure how many of the students would make it to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, not to mention getting into a first tier or second tier university.

"Still the eighth place in class? Well, it is more than enough." Qiao Dongliang sounded slightly disappointed. He thought that the elder daughter would improve in her ranking, he did not expect that she would still be ranked eighth in class. "How was your ranking among your level?"

Qiao Nan told them her ranking in both the class and the level. Naturally Qiao Dongliang would like to know how Qiao Zijin did in detail as well.

"In our high school, we only have the ranking within the class, we do not ranked the students according to the level. This is not the final year exams." Qiao Zijin rolled her eyes and thought of an idea.

It was the truth that she ranked the eighth place in class. But she was way behind Qiao Nan in terms of her ranking in the level.

Qiao Zijin had originally planned to tell her parents of her ranking in the level. But when she heard that Qiao Nan ranked in the top ten, she decided to keep silent about her ranking.

If she was to tell them, her poor results would be a stark contrast to Qiao Nan's good results.

Qiao Nan had just entered the house, she laughed to herself when she overheard Qiao Zijin's words.

In junior high school, the students would always be ranked according to the level, so it was amusing that The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China did not rank students according to the level.

But seeing that her parents had believed Qiao Zijin's words, Qiao Nan made no other comments.

"Dad, I will bathe first." Qiao Nan put down her stuff in her room, took her clothes and went to bathe.

Both Qiao Zijin and Qiao Nan had sports meets in their schools.

Unlike Qiao Zijin who only cheered from the sides, Qiao Nan took part in the actual sports events.

She knew that there would be questions related to sports and microcomputer experiments in the middle school exams, so her participation would be an added bonus in the exams.



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