Hearing Teacher Lee's words, Qiao Nan wanted to cheer. "Since Teacher Lee made this arrangement, I will definitely listen to Teacher Lee."

"You and your sweet tongue, alright, go back. Although you don't have to participate in the training, you should also make some preparations." Teacher Lee was pleased by Qiao Nan's words.

"Teacher Lee, don't worry, I will definitely be well prepared."

When Qiao Nan was back, Zhao Yu glanced at her a few times.

As the Chinese Representative, Zhao Yu had seen Qiao Nan's essay more than once, so she was aware of the standard of Qiao Nan's essays.

If Qiao Nan also took part in this essay competition, it would be difficult for her to win, not to mention to be one of the five participants.

At the school's preliminary round of selection, Zhao Yu was relieved that she did not see Qiao Nan. It turned out that Qiao Nan had declined to participate in the essay writing competition this time. That would be great!

Zhao Yu's essay writing skills were of some standard. Indeed, she managed to grab one out of the five places for the competition.

During training, Zhao Yu realized that there were only four attendees although there were a total of five participants.

For the sake of doing well during the essay writing competition, Zhao did not inquire further. She was motivated and focused on competing with herself, so that she could produce good essays and win a prize.

"Is this woman sick?" Every time Zhao Yu passed by Qiao Nan, she looked like an arrogant rooster who could not wait to lift its tail to the sky. Zhu Baoguo was angered by this. "What does she mean by this?"

"What can she mean, she is happy that she can participate in the essay writing competition." Qiao Nan did not have a care, she would do whatever she needed to do.

Qiao Nan had long heard the words spread by those who were on close terms with Zhao Yu.

They were saying that it was useless that Qiao Nan had good grades as she could not even participate in the essay writing competition. In the critical times, the class still had to depend on Zhao Yu to do them proud for the Chinese Language.

"What about you, you're not participating?" Zhu Baoguo was not pleased with Zhao Yu's attitude. It was just an essay writing competition. "If you wish to participate, I can help you think of a way. I can ensure that the five places are changed to six."

"No need, I have a place. I am also participating." Qiao Nan shook her head.

"You too? How come I don't know, I didn't see you attending the training?" Zhu Baoguo raised his eyebrows. His sister was so capable and did not even need his help.

"Teacher Lee specially granted me an exception for this, but please don't tell anyone about this." Qiao Nan also knew that this matter was confidential.

Although this matter was decided by Teacher Lee and had nothing to do with her, it was not good for others to know about it.

"Cow." Zhu Baoguo also lifted his chin, why was Zhao Yu was acting like a bird? After all, his sister took one of the five places without even the need to take the preliminary test or attend the training.

"Yes." Qiao Nan nodded her head, she believed that Zhu Baoguo would not say this to others, there was no point in doing so.

Zhu Baoguo would not say, but there were a number of classmates around them. Although the voices of the two of them were not very loud, someone vaguely heard that Qiao Nan would also be participating in this essay competition.

One spread to two, two to three, before the lesson ended, Zhao Yu already knew about this matter. "Impossible, Qiao Nan is lying. During the day of the preliminary round of selection, she did not even come. Moreover, she was also not qualified to attend the daily training session, how could she be one of the participants?"

"What's wrong with Qiao Nan, she dared to say this to save face." After hearing the insider information from Zhao Yu, who confirmed that Qiao Nan did not join these activities, most people held the mood of watching a show to jeer at Qiao Nan.

So what if Qiao Nan's grades were good, she loved to brag and was not a model student with good moral character. There was nothing to be proud of.

"No hurry, let's wait till the day to see how she falls on her own face. This lie would not continue for long, we will see how she brag. The more she brags now, the more her face would be hurt on the day of the competition." Zhao Yu was extremely happy that she could participate, while Qiao Nan weaved these nonsensical stories as she could not do so.

Not long after, she would like to see how Qiao Nan would lose her face, how merciless!

So, Qiao Nan was also capable of such doing such things.

After the Zhao Yu knew about this matter, she became very tolerant. Contrary to usual, she stopped talking bad about Qiao Nan, and would even praise Qiao Nan occasionally in front of others.

Upon Zhao Yu's publicity, besides the Class One of Secondary Three, the whole of Secondary Three knew about this matter. Many were spreading this rumor furiously.

"Zhao Yu, Qiao Nan's rumors were so wide-spread, will Teacher help her to clarify, we won't be able to watch the fun then." Zhao Yu's classmate was a little anxious, she was watching the buzz with fun and hoping that there would be more to come.

"What's the hurry, even if Teacher Lee clarified, Qiao Nan would also lose her face. Now, the whole secondary three students already knew that Qiao Nan would participate in the essay writing competition. If Teacher Lee clarify now, won't Qiao Nan also lose her face? Anyway, this time, Qiao Nan will not get away with it. What goes around comes around." Zhou Yu was overjoyed as she said this.

"True." The classmate laughed and returned to her own seat, while waiting for Teacher Lee to expose Qiao Nan's lies.

But to everyone's surprise, Teacher Lee did not say a word about this matter at all during the whole lesson.

Until the bell rang, upon leaving the classroom, most were astonished. Teacher Lee was not going to take a hand in this matter?

"I must clarify, I did not breathe a word to anyone about that matter." Once the class was over, Zhu Baoguo was the first to clarify to Qiao Nan.

He was not a busybody, it was enough that he knew about this matter, and there was no need to publicize this to the whole world. "Don't worry. I will surely help you find out who was the one who spread the story. I will teach him a lesson!"

"No need, I did not suspect you." Qiao Nan said nonchalantly while she ignored the classmates who were watching the fun.

"You and me are not the only ones in the class. There is a saying "The walls have ears". Let the rumors pass, there is no need to investigate."

"Really not investigating?" Did Xiao Qiao need to be so forgiving, if it were him, he would ensure that the person who treated him this way was dead.

"Fine, there's still one more lesson. Get ready to go home after that." Qiao Nan packed her books and put away all the books that she needed into her school bag.

Half a semester passed, Qiao Nan felt more at ease as she had made a lot of progress in catching up with her knowledge.

Coupled with the recent receipt of an revision book, Qiao Nan felt that her current learning journey was as smooth as a God-sent gift.

Who was so brilliant to have known her situation and bought her such a good book?



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