Even if she had the money to pick it up in the bookstore, she might not be able to choose a book that suited her so well.

When Qiao Nan reached home, Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi were already around. Qiao Nan put away her school bag. She saw that Ding Jiayi had a look of excitement on her face, both eyes were as bright as the daylight - did she pick up some money from the streets?

"Zijin is so capable. A prominent school lives up to its name. The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China is excellent. I feel that I have made the best decision in my life by admitting her into the school."

"It's not bad. Have you gotten someone to bring the money over to Zijin?" Qiao Dongliang was all smiles too, with a expression full of glory."Zijin is not at home, today, you should prepare a good meal too, we can celebrate."

The elder daughter was so capable, Qiao Dongliang was really pleased.

"Fine!" Ding Jiayi agreed without any hesitation."Good food today all thanks to Zijin."

While saying that, Ding Jiayi shifted her glance to Qiao Nan, if not for the sake of celebrating for Zijin, she also did not wish to prepare a good meal when Zijin was away and benefit the wretched girl.

"Nan Nan is back." Qiao Dongliang, who was in a good mood, saw everything positively. "Nan Nan, Zijin got a place to participate in the provincial city essay writing competition. Your sister has really improved."

"Provincial city essay writing competition?" Having heard this, Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows. Such a coincidence?

But, with Qiao Zijin's essay, was she qualified to join the competition?

"Yes, Nan Nan, when you study in the senior high school, like Zijin, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the Provincial city essay writing competition." At the thought that the younger daughter's grades were better, Qiao Dongliang believed that she would certainly have the chance to do so in future.

"Old Qiao, you don't need to give Qiao Nan so much pressure, can any Tom, Dick and Harry take part in the provincial city composition competition? Zijin asked someone to passed the message that the whole school only sent 10 people. One out of 10, there are so many students in the school, and all these are good students. Zijin has done us proud!" Ding Jiayi became more excited as she continued. "You used to control Zijin. Zijin told me that, putting the storyline aside, the writing in the novels that she read previously is good. Reading more will help greatly in essay writing. You see, Zijin did not waste money or read the books without giving any thoughts. She had a reason for reading those books."

While drinking her water, Qiao Nan casually asked, "Dad, when is Sister going to the competition?"

"Your sister will not be back next week, she has to stay in the school for training because the essay writing competition is on the weekend of the week after next."

"Oh, same for me too."

"Same?" Qiao Dongliang blinked his eyes. "Nan Nan, you are also joining the competition?"


"What yes, Zijin is participating in the provincial city essay competition, how can it be the same?" Ding Jiayi casted an unhappy look at Qiao Nan.

"I am also joining the competition, and at the same timing as Sister, that's why I said it's a coincidence."

Qiao Nan's words should be good news for the family, but at that moment, the smiles on the faces of Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi were frozen for a while.

Qiao Dongliang was happy, but at this moment he had further thoughts.

Qiao Zijin was able to participate in the competition and would not be coming home next week. She specially asked someone to sent a message to request money from the Qiao couple to buy an essay writing book to read.

When the child has progressed in her learning, performed well, and wanted to buy a decent and proper essay writing book, there was no reason for the parent to reject this request.

So, Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi had come up with 10 yuan and asked the messenger to pass it to Qiao Zijin.

There comes the problem. Both daughters would be joining the competition. He had given the elder daughter 10 yuan to purchase learning materials, it would be unfair not to give the same to his younger daughter?

Qiao Dongliang, who always like to advocate "Fairness, Justice, and Transparency", was hesitating as he thought about the amount of money in his pocket.

There was famine in the family, and without savings, Qiao Dongliang did not feel assured and had been finding ways to save up a little here and there.

The 10 yuan earlier was already an extra expense. If he had to give away another 10 yuan, that would be really hard.

If he did not give, Qiao Dongliang felt bad about being biased, but if he give, that would be too much expenditure. Qiao Dongliang was feeling the pinch.

Ding Jiayi quickly pulled Qiao Dongliang. Qiao Nan was not at home, and was not aware that they had given 10 yuan to Qiao Zijin. "That's a good thing, I am going to prepare dinner, you may return to your room quickly to read your books."

For the first time, Ding Jiayi was so willing to watch Qiao Nan go to her room without helping in any household chores and read her own books.

"Yes." Qiao Nan replied with a word and went to her room, while carrying her schoolbag.

Before the couple could breathe a sigh of relief, at the moment where Qiao Nan opened the door of her room, she turned her head and asked. "Sister will be joining the competition, did you all give her money to buy the learning materials?"

Ding Jiayi's smiling face turned stiff at that instant.

Qiao Dongliang was full of embarrassment. He already said, he could not let his child suffer no matter how poor he was or how hard he had to work. Qiao Dongliang bit his tongue and reached into the pocket of his trousers. "Yes, I just asked someone to bring 10 yuan for your sister. Qiao Nan, come, take this 10 yuan. If you need any learning materials, go and buy. It is rare to have this opportunity, we have to cherish this."

Ding Jiayi wanted to open her mouth to shout when she heard that they were also giving 10 yuan to Qiao Nan.

Qiao Dongliang glared at Ding Jiayi. "If you are not willing to, sure, I will make a trip to Zijin's school later and retrieve that 10 yuan?"

"Is it the same, Zijin is in senior high school and the materials are expensive. 10 yuan is fine. But she is only in junior high school, and joining different competitions, not together. Can't you just give her a few yuan?" Ding Jiayi was making a lot of noise.

"Why don't you just give one or two cents?" Qiao Dongliang rolled her eyes at Ding Jiayi. "Equal treatment, if Zijin gets 10 yuan, of course Qiao Nan should also get 10 yuan. This matter is decided. Nan Nan, take the money!"

Looking at the 10 yuan that was forced into her hands, Qiao Nan initially felt bad but she felt more at ease now.

At least her father tried his best to be fair to both Qiao Zijin and her.

"Dad, I don't need it. Sister bought so many essay writing books. If I really need it, I will read hers. But next week when we are at the competition outside, 10 yuan is not necessary, but you still need to give me two yuan. I can't possibly let the teachers treat me to the meals." After returning Qiao Dongliang 10 yuan, Qiao Nan separately asked for the money.

Qiao Nan's words made Qiao Dongliang felt quite bad. The elder daughter had so many revision materials. In his impression, the younger daughter had never bought any.

Fairness, the family had never been fair.

But he had no choice. Zijin would be taking in a son-in-law in future. The child of Zijin would bear the surname of Qiao. If he could treat Nan Nan better, he would try his best to do so. "Fine, here's three yuan. Keep it."



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