"But what? "The team leader reviewed the two essays. True enough, the contents of the two were indeed almost exactly the same, with only some differences in some of the rhetorical writing.

As for what the other teacher was referring to when he said "But… ", the leader also noticed.

The second place essay for the senior high school was not as good as that of the first place of the junior high school. The essay for the junior high school displayed a better style in writing, and succinct phrasing of words.

The two essays were identical. There must be a problem here.

However, the essay from the senior high school was not better than that from the junior high school, why was this the case?

Perhaps the two students did not write these essays, and instead plagiarized them from someone. The difference was that the quality of the essay of the junior high school student was better.

The leader removed his spectacles. "Find out immediately the identity of the students who wrote these two essays, and the schools that they are from, then ask their teachers to come. This type of matter has to be dealt with, we must clarify this!"

Teacher Lee, who was resting at home during the weekend, received a call from the school's management asking her to go to the provincial city.

"Vice Principal, what is happening?" After Teacher Lee prepared the items that were requested by the Vice Principal, when she rushed to the provincial city, she discovered that the Vice Principal had also come.

"I heard from the management that Qiao Nan's essay had a clash of "garments" with someone else's essay. The high school had another essay that is almost identical. The similarity is as high as ninety percent. What do you think is the issue?" The Vice Principal was anxious and sweating profusely. If Qiao Nan had copied the work of others, the school's reputation would be adversely affected. "How is Qiao Nan as a student? Is there a problem with her essay?"

The Vice Principal knew that one of the five students who participated in the competition was jointly decided by the school's language team. And this student belonged to Teacher Lee's class.

Thus, the Vice Principal had every reason to suspect that Qiao Nan was that student.

Teacher Lee and Vice Principal arrived. The subject teacher and the leader of Qiao Zijin's school had also arrived.

Both parties knew the situation but as education professionals, they were civilized people - they greeted one another reluctantly before entering the office.

"Both sides' teachers are here. Take a look at these." The two essays were placed side by side on the table. Teacher Lee and Qiao Zijin's language teacher bowed their heads and reviewed them.

Upon the sight of the familiar essay, Qiao Zijin's language teacher said immediately, "Leader, this essay was indeed written by my student - Qiao Zijin."

"What, this essay belonged to Qiao Zijin?" Teacher Lee was surprised.

"Why, this teacher knows both the students?" The leader looked at Teacher Lee. "Oh yes, it seems that the two students who wrote the essays bear the same surname - Qiao?"

"In response to the leader's question, Qiao Zijin was also from my school. She is the biological sister of my student, Qiao Nan. Both are born from the same parents."

"Biological sisters?" The leader was stunned. "Then did the younger sister copied her elder sister?"

However, the younger sister's essay was obviously better than that of the elder sister.

The leader read in detail, that younger sister's essay could also clinch the top place in the senior high school category.

It was placed second now because the elder sister's essay was not as good.

"Impossible," Teacher Lee said with certainty. "Qiao Nan would never copy Zijin's essay."

Qiao Zijin's teacher's expression changed. If the younger sister did not copy, then it meant that her student had copied her younger sister?

"Leader, I have proof that this essay is undoubtedly written by my student Qiao Zijin." As she said that, Qiao Zijin's teacher took out an essay book. "Leader, see, this was written by Qiao Zijin in the school half a month ago. At that time, I was impressed by the essay and recommended her to join the competition. Coincidentally, this essay was appropriate for the subject of the essay for this competition."

Qiao Zijin wrote this half a month ago, the school had the records.

"Then, this teacher, what do you have to say?" He saw that Qiao Zijin's essay, that was written half a month ago, was indeed identical to that essay, just short of a few words and adjectives.

"Leader, to tell you the truth, I have not seen this essay from Qiao Nan before."

Hearing Teacher Lee's remark, Qiao Zijin's teacher smiled complacently.

Seeing the expression of the teacher, Teacher Lee smiled. "However, I still believe in my student. "Leader, I have proof too. My proof are two test papers, one is our first semester's model exam paper, and the other is the mid-term exam paper administered half a month ago. Leader, you may take a look at the essays written by Qiao Nan before."

She dared to say that if these two essays were taken to participate in the competition, and were appropriate for the question, they would definitely also be winning essays.

The leader took a look at the two test papers. First, the words written on the paper were neat and tidy, and pleasing to the eyes. He also acknowledged the scores given to the essays, but when he read the contents, his eyes lit up. "This essay, it is well written."

After reading one essay, the Leader picked up and read the second one. "This one is also very good. Both essays' standards are not bad and similar to the one who clinched the prizes. All the three essays are rather good. Have you thought of submitting the drafts for this student?"

"Also, how old is this student?" It was not easy for a junior high school student to compose an essay of such a high standard. The student is a literacy talent.

"In response to your question, Leader, Qiao Nan is 15 years old. She is younger than her sister by two years, but studied early for a year." Teacher Lee introduced proudly.

"I see." The leader was again surprised regarding Qiao Nan's writing and also her young age. "Did you bring the essays written by Qiao Zijin in usual days?"

After reading Qiao Nan's essays, the leader did not conclude immediately.

"Yes, I did… " Qiao Zijin's teacher's expression turned awkward. An essay that could gain the liking of the leader was definitely not bad.

On the contrary, Qiao Zijin's teacher knew, although Qiao Zijin did not write many essays, the only piece that was brilliant would be the piece that was used to participate in this competition.

Initially, she thought Qiao Zijin was suddenly enlightened, and her words flowed smoothly with her feelings, to create this wonderful masterpiece.

However, at this juncture, Qiao Zijin's teacher was in doubt.

"Let me take a look."

Qiao Zijin's teacher reluctantly passed to the Leader the two other essays written by Qiao Zijin.

The leader only glanced at it a couple of times before he passed Qiao Nan's two essays to Qiao Zijin's teacher. "You can take a look at these two pieces."

A student's essay, she might have improved or even progressed rapidly. However, it was impossible for certain situations to occur.



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