After the student had made some progress, the essays that she write would typically stay at a certain standard.

The three essays written by Qiao Nan had proved this point.

On the contrary, the standard of the essays written by Qiao Zijin's during the monthly and mid-term exams, especially the latter which was written recently, was too different from the winning essay. They were not that bad, but definitely not comparable.

Qiao Zijin's teacher quietly finished reading the two language papers of Qiao Nan, then she turned pale.

Both are Chinese teachers. After seeing Qiao Nan's essays, Qiao Zijin's teacher understood everything.

The standard of Qiao Nan's essays were consistent.

Having seen the two essays by Qiao Zijin, it was without a doubt that Qiao Nan was the one who wrote the winning piece.

People would believe that Qiao Nan wrote the essay, whereas for Qiao Zijin, logically, no one would believe that Qiao Nan copied the work of Qiao Zijin.

Furthermore, both were biological sisters who lived under the same roof.

As long as Qiao Zijin had the intention, it would be easy for her to obtain the essay that was written by her sister. There was definitely this possibility.

After comparing, it was obvious who was the copycat.

"Do you have anything else to say?" Seeing the attitude of Qiao Zijin's teacher, the leader need not say more.

"No, it's our fault for selecting such a student. Leader, our sincere apologies." The teacher from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China quickly apologized to the Leader, Teacher Lee and the rest. After all, the student in the wrong came from the school.

Fortunately, Qiao Nan was outstanding. Otherwise, she could be easily disadvantaged in such situations, where others would misunderstood her as the copycat instead of Qiao Zijin.

After all, who would believe that the senior high school's elder sister would copy the essay of her junior high school's younger sister?

Had it not been that the combined competition of the junior and senior high school on this occasion, Qiao Zijin would have received the award even if she had copied Qiao Nan's essay.

"Since the misunderstanding has been clarified, the matter has been decided. Teachers from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, do you have any other views?" Now that the matter was clear, Qiao Nan would continue to clinch first place, but Qiao Zijin's second place was gone.

Clearly Qiao Zijin had copied her sister. It would not be fair to other students if she won a prize.

"No comments." Qiao Zijin's teacher's face was red with embarrassment. She wished that she could dig a hole and bury herself in it.

In addition to copying the work of others, her student even had a clash of "garments" during a competition, and was caught red-handed. This time, the face of the school was entirely lost.

At this juncture, Qiao Zijin's teacher was particularly disgusted with her.

If not for Qiao Zijin, today's matter would not have happened.

The school's reputation had always been very good. If the Principal knew about this, she would definitely be criticized and she could forget about receiving her year-end bonus. The reputation of the school and her future had been destroyed by the hands of this one student - Qiao Zijin!

Teacher Lee smiled gently. What could the teachers from the other school say, they were not stupid.

What was so great about The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China? Their students were of such inferior standard - the high school student had to copy the works of the student from their junior high school.

As a teacher in the junior high school, would Teacher Lee not know about Qiao Zijin's academic performance?

To say that Qiao Nan would copy Qiao Zijin's work would be really out of this world. It would be a joke if Qiao Nan, who was a top student, needed to copy Qiao Zijin's essay. Who did not know that Qiao Zijin entered the school because of money, it was a myth that all the students in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China were outstanding.

At the thought of Qiao Zijin losing the prize and Qiao Nan clinching the top place, Teacher Lee's face was full of pride and glory.

The year end bonus of Qiao Zijin's teacher was in tatters, but that of Teacher Lee would probably be better than before.

Looking at Teacher Lee who was happy and proud, unlike the miserly state that she was in, Qiao Zijin's teacher was so furious that she wanted to vomit blood.

Most of the students in her class joined the school with the help of money, but she did not expect Qiao Zijin would be so unreliable!

Regarding this matter, Qiao Nan had no knowledge. On Sunday morning, Qiao Nan took some time to make a trip to the Zhai family, then she went to the Lee family to give tuition to Zhu Baoguo.

As usual, when Qiao Nan entered the quiet place of the Zhai family, she felt a little down.

After the competition, she did not manage to find Brother Zhai. Thereafter, she was led away by Teacher Lee, when she wanted to return to the quad so that she could return the pen to Brother Zhai, he had already returned to Pingcheng instead of the Zhai family residence.

Just when Qiao Nan was hesitating on whether to simply leave the fountain pen in the storeroom, she saw a few new books on the table.

Qiao Nan went over to take a look and discovered that the books were similar to to those that she received at the delivery room.

Qiao Nan opened the books and they looked extremely new. Most likely, they had just been bought.

Did the Zhai family have any children that were studying in high school now? Did Brother Zhai specially buy these for her, so the books that she received previously at the delivery room were indeed from Brother Zhai?

In the face of the revision books with neither name nor note, Qiao Nan was in much hesitation.

These books would be of great help to her, but Brother Zhai did not leave any notes. If he really wanted to give them to her, should she accept them?

Or, similar to the previous books, she would carry them with her but would not write anything in it. If it was a misunderstanding, she could take it that she borrowed from Brother Zhai.

"Oh, there's new books again. Say, who was the one who gave them to you?" When he saw Qiao Nan carrying the new books to the Lee family, Zhu Baoguo ran to Qiao Nan's side to see, as if he was a monkey.

Qiao Nan was never stingy with Zhu Baoguo. As long as Zhu Baoguo did not write or draw on the books, she had never decline to lend any of them to him. It was the same this time.

"Don't be such a busybody, I can lend them to you if you wish to read them. Don't forget the old rules." Sitting down, Qiao Nan was focused as she opened her school bag to proceed with the revision plan today.

Zhu Baoguo mouth twisted; in his entire life, he had not treated the books with such an attitude before. The books in his hands were not books, they were clearly akin to the ancestors that he prayed to three times a day.

Although he had these thoughts, Zhu Baoguo dared not provoke Qiao Nan, so he abided by Qiao Nan's rules when reading.

Zhu Baoguo was better at Science than Humanities and Arts subjects. Since both the Zhu family and Lee family had laid down the conditions, Qiao Nan might as well focus on revising the Science knowledge for Zhu Baoguo, and strive to improve his grades in this area.

"These are the test questions that I drafted for you yesterday. Complete these two papers."



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