"Mom and Sister went to the school? What is the matter, is there a Parent-Teacher Conference?" It was strange to hold a Parent-Teacher Conference at this time of the year. She thought that it would be usually be held after the mid-term examination.

"Not sure, there's probably some matter." When he said this, Qiao Dongliang looked happy.

Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows; given the expression of her father, perhaps Qiao Zijin had done a good thing.

"They say it's regarding Zijin's participation in the essay competition. It's probably a good matter." Qiao Dongliang's smile deepened. "Qiao Nan, your sister has made great improvements recently. If possible, Dad will definitely try to get you into The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China as well. Thereafter, Dad will wait for the day when both of you become successful."

So what if he did not have a son, the daughters he raised were more successful than the sons of others. That was better than anything else.

"Essay competition?" Hearing these two words, Qiao Nan smiled with deep thoughts.

If the school invited the parent because Qiao Zijin scored well in the mid-term exam, then undoubtedly, she would be praised during the meeting.

However, if it was pertaining to the essay competition, unless she guessed it wrong, it was definitely not a good thing that her mother had been invited to the school.

Qiao Zijin's good performance worked like a miracle pill for her mother - it was more nutritious than the supplement that her mother took.

Her mother must have fought for the right to make the trip to the school without her father. "Did Mom say she will go by herself? Dad, you're not going?" If her father was going, it would be interesting.

"It's okay, there will be other opportunities in future." Qiao Dongliang shook his head as if he could not help it but his mood was not sour.

When the school called and requested Qiao Zijin's parents to make the trip, Qiao Dongliang initially wanted to send Qiao Zijin to the school and also to find out why they made the request.

But Ding Jiayi said it first, she chided Qiao Dongliang straight, "Old Qiao, we agreed before that I will solely take care of Zijin's matters, and you will handle Qiao Nan's matters. Zijin performed well, I will be the one making this trip. If you want to go, wait for Qiao Nan's turn."

Since Ding Jiayi already said so, Qiao Dongliang had nothing else to say.

The elder daughter had done well and this was the first trip to the school to receive some commendation. He regretted that he was unable to be there.

Fortunately, the younger daughter's performance had always been good. The chances of the younger daughter being praised would be higher than that that of the elder daughter. With this thought, Qiao Dongliang did not feel so bad anymore. "Is there a Parent-Teacher Conference for your school?"

"Teacher Chen said that there would be one after the final term exams."

"Good, I will attend your Parent-Teacher Conference."

"Okay." Qiao Nan was laughing secretly. She already knew that it was her mother who grabbed the chance to make the trip to Qiao Zijin's school. She hoped that her mother could still smile when she was on the way back.

Ding Jiayi sent Qiao Zijin to the school early, so it was not particularly late when she came home. However, when she was back, her face was all black. "Qiao Nan, tell me, why are you so lazy?"

"Who did you say is lazy?" Qiao Dongliang's face turned black. "Did you forget what I told you!" Without a reason, why was Nan Nan being scolded again?

"After the trip to the school, why are you furious, what did the teacher tell you?" Logically, Old DIng should be happy if the elder daughter had been commended. But the attitude as as if she had consumed a ton of gunpowder outside and was waiting to explode at home.

"What did the teacher say?" Ding Jiayi laughed in a strange and sinister manner, she then reached out her hands and tried to pinch Qiao Nan's arms.

Seeing the situation, Qiao Dongliang pulled Qiao Nan behind him without saying a word. "Tell me what you have to say, what exactly did the the teacher tell you, did Zijin make a mistake?"

If the purpose of the trip today was to commend Zijin, Old Ding would not have this attitude.

"Made a mistake? Zijin is so obedient, how could she make mistakes. She is the one who harmed Zijin." Ding Jiayi became spiteful when she did not manage to hit Qiao Nan. "You're still defending her, you don't know that she caused harm to Zijin! She caused Zijin to receive a warning in school. Zijin lost all of her face. Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan, tell me why you are so cruel and malicious to hurt your sister this way. You, you, you are really driving me to my grave! Old Qiao, you still want to defend this heartless thing!"

"What nonsense." Qiao Dongliang's face turned black. He was confused by Ding Jiayi's words. "When you stepped into the house, you said Nan Nan was lazy. And now, you said she harmed Zijin. What has Nan Nan's laziness got to do with harming Zijin? You also scolded Nan Nan for being heartless, how are all these related!"

"Nan Nan, do you know what is going on?" His wife was not talking sense, Qiao Dongliang could only ask Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan knew what was happening but she could not breathe a word. "I don't know."

"Then tell me, tell me properly, what exactly happened? Didn't you say that Zijin was doing well in the school recently and was ranked eighth in her studies in class. She even participated in the essay writing competition. Why was she issued with a warning? This, will this affect Zijin's future?" Qiao Dongliang could not help feeling nervous. Being given a warning was not a small matter.

"Ask her!" Ding Jiayi pointed at Qiao Nan's nose while glaring at her.

"Mom, what did I do?"

"Yes, what did Nan Nan do? If you tell me Nan Nan would harm Zijin, I won't believe it." Moreover, even if Nan Nan would really cause harm to Zijin, one was in junior high and the other in senior high. It was impossible for Nan Nan to cause harm to Zijin. This was utter nonsense.

"During the competition, she wrote a piece of essay that was exactly the same as that of Zijin!"

"Exactly the same?" Qiao Dongliang was stunned. "Nan Nan, did you copy your sister?"

Two identical essays appeared in the competition. Qiao Dongliang understood the outcome immediately.

If Nan Nan had copied Zijin, then Nan Nan should be the one being warned and not Zijin. Zijin was warned, hence, she was the one who made the mistake and that was the reason for the Parent-Teacher Conference. It meant that Zijin copied Nan Nan!

Having understood this, Qiao Dongliang's face was really black. "Zijin copied Nan Nan's essay and you are scolding Nan Nan?" Coming to the end of the conversation, Qiao Dongliang felt ridiculous.

"If she's not lazy who is? It's not that she doesn't know how to write. If she had written a new piece during the competition, then there would not be any issue. I heard that Zijin's essay nearly clinched the second place!" Second place, such an excellent ranking. If Zijin clinched it, she would also receive merit points for the middle school examination!

"Don't you think your words are too ridiculous?" Qiao Dongliang was furious and stunned by the shameless words of Ding Jiayi. Were Old Ding's words acceptable?

If these words got out, they would be a laughing stock.



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