Having heard Qiao Nan's words, Zhao Yu was so furious that she nearly vomited blood. Was Qiao Nan purposely being unreasonable, would Qiao Nan not know what she was referring to?

Didn't Qiao Nan purposely look for Teacher Chen to cause her to misunderstand that a complaint would be filed, and then made her lose face in front of Teacher Chen and many teachers in the office?

"My classmate Zhao Yu, why are you silent? We should clear up this matter, how did I set you up, what did I malign you about?" Qiao Nan crossed her arms and look coldly at Zhao Yu, while she asked Zhao Yu to explain.

"You know what I mean!" Zhao Yu was so angry that she forgot about crying. She only managed to say one sentence, "You still dare to instigate Zhu Baoguo to bash me up, Qiao Nan, how can you be so bad!"

"First, I don't understand. Second, I didn't ask Zhu Baoguo to hit you. You're maligning me." Qiao Nan laughed. "Zhao Yu, don't say the wrong things next time, I did not malign you."

Leaving these words behind, Qiao Nan walked pass Zhao Yu and returned directly to the classroom.

This time, both Qiao Nan and Zhao Yu knew that Qiao Nan did it in purpose when she went to Teacher Chen's office.

Qiao Nan did not talk bad about Zhao Yu in front of Teacher Chen, but she already guessed that Zhao Yu would lose her cool and expose her own deed.

If what Zhao Yu said in the office earlier had exposed her own deed, then what Qiao Nan said to Zhao Yu now had the same effect.

The only difference was, Zhao Yu was foolish, she also denied her involvement, whereas Qiao Nan was openly mocking Zhao Yu for trying to be smart.

Yes, Qiao Nan did it on purpose. What could Zhao Yu do to her?

Qiao Nan left. Zhao Yu remained rooted to the spot with a face full of menace. The students who came out of the classroom to make their way to the toilet had a bad fright when they saw Zhao Yu's menacing look. They nearly turned back. "Aren't you Zhao Yu from Class One, why are you standing here, like being punished, you're scaring others."

The other party was a male student, he was utterly shocked by Zhao Yu's expression.

Zhao Yu was quite good looking and talented. Many in the school knew who she was.

15, 16 years old were the age where romantic thoughts starts to blossom. It was not uncommon for a few male students to have a crush on a girl like Zhao Yu, and the student in front of her was one of them.

However, when he saw Zhao Yu's expression, all the positive feelings that the student had for Zhao Yu vanished into thin air in a second.

The seemingly gentle and crisp looking girl had turned into such a state. It was insane.

Zhao Yu had not been treated in this manner by boys before. At this juncture, her expression turned even uglier, scaring the male student who ran away without further thoughts. It was as if a dog was chasing him.

"I'm so mad, everyone is opposing me." Zhao Yu's face was pale with anger, but to prevent others from seeing this dysfunctional side of her again, she could only revert to her normal self before returning to the classroom.

At the thought that she made such a big blunder all because of Qiao Nan, Zhao Yu lifted her eyes and wanted to glare at Qiao Nan.

Without waiting for Zhao Yu's glare, Zhu Baoguo raised his eyebrows and cast an unfriendly look at Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu was so scared that she bowed her head and returned to her seat quietly.

"See, a kind person is liable to be bullied, a tamed horse is often ridden," Zhu Baoguo snorted and boasted to Qiao Nan. "I know this kind of person well, they bully the weak and fear the strong. She only picks the soft persimmons to pinch. You're too good-tempered. If it were me, I would bash her till she was toothless!"

"I have a good temper?" Qiao Nan was amused. She was not good tempered, she had been stabbed in the back numerous times and as a result, she was now used to playing similar tricks.

She did not take revenge on Zhao Yu openly, but she also did not let her off easily.

Zhao Yu wanted to be a model student, an obedient teacher's pet.

What Zhao Yu said in Teacher Chen's office today - not only Teacher Chen, Teacher Lee would definitely know about it soon.

If any of the teachers had a loud mouth, Zhao Yu's reputation among the teachers in junior high school would be tarnished.

However, Zhao Yu was already in Secondary Three and the semester was ending soon.

Otherwise, there would really be a good show to watch.

At these thoughts, Qiao Nan really did not think that she was a pushover with a weak character.

"If you're not good, then who is." Zhu Baoguo rolled his eyes. "Xiao Qiao, let me tell you, you can't be like this, when you enter the society next time, you are designated to be bullied badly by others. People like Zhao Yu has to be dealt with, till she is fearful so that she dare not give you troubles in future."

"I agree with what you said." Qiao Nan nodded her head.

She ignored Zhao Yu previously, but in the end, Zhao Yu broke all her pens before the competition.

So the ignoring tactic did not work on Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu was singing a one-man show and was getting more enthusiastic as she went along.

Thinking, Qiao Nan took a glance at Zhu Baoguo, the reason that Zhao Yu created so much trouble was probably somewhat related to Zhu Baoguo.

The matter regarding the essay competition, as per Qiao Nan's prediction, after Teacher Chen told Teacher Lee, one of the teachers disseminated this widely and Zhao Yu became infamous amongst the teachers.

Nevertheless, as everyone were Teachers and the other party was just a student who, most importantly, did not belong to their class, they passed around the story but did not magnify the matter.

Furthermore, Zhao Yu denied that she ever did this and there was no evidence. What could they say?

But this was enough to make Zhao Yu embarrassed and uneasy. Moreover, after Zhu Baoguo's threats, Zhao Yu was fearful everyday and dared not go home alone. She had to pull along a few friends to accompany her before she feel safe to go home.

Seeing Zhao Yu, Zhu Baoguo snorted with disdain.

The winter in Ping Cheng was especially cold, everyone was already in their thick and padded winter attire, as the north wind blew, the weather was unbearable. During this time, the students who were holding part-time jobs took the hardest hit.

"The weather is so cold." Qiao Dongliang put away his bicycle while he rubbed his hands and stomped his feet. "Nan Nan, is your school having the final year examination soon?"

"We are taking the exam next week." Qiao Nan poured Qiao Dongliang a cup of hot tea to warm him up.

As Qiao Dongliang held the cup of warm tea in his hands, he suddenly felt revived. His frown relaxed. "So soon, how's your preparations going along?"

"Still fine." During the past six months, Qiao Nan had caught up with what she had missed.

In the coming final year examination, they would mainly be tested on what the teachers had taught them during this semester. Hence, Qiao Nan was more confident.

"That's good, then how about Baoguo, can he do well?" After asking about Qiao Nan, Qiao Dongliang immediately asked about Zhu Baoguo.



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