"Not sure, it'll depend on his specific performance." Qiao Nan did not inflate hopes although she Zhu Baoguo had been conscientious in his studies during half of this semester.

However, there are a few cases in this world. Those who did not do well usually but performed in the exams, those who did well usually but failed to perform in the exams, or those who have consistent results during the normal days and exam.

Qiao Nan was not sure what category Zhu Baoguo belonged to.

"No issue. Before the exams, you can give him another push and help him to guess the questions. At the very least, let him pass his exams." Qiao Dongliang did not expect too much. Zhu Baoguo failed the last round of exams, he hope that Zhu Baoguo would pass on this occasion.

"That should not be a problem."

"Not a problem, you're so certain. That's good." Qiao Dongliang was delighted. If Baoguo could pass the exams, he would have progressed significantly in his studies.

"Nan Nan, do you wish to buy anything during the Lunar New Year? Tell Dad. Dad will buy for you." Qiao Dongliang was rarely generous.

"Dad, can I have a set of new clothes of my own?" This year, she did not wish to wear the used clothes of Qiao Zijin again.

During this time of the year, Qiao Zijin would always pass her unwanted clothes to Qiao Zijin. At the thought of this, Qiao Nan felt sorry for herself.

"Good!" Qiao Dongliang was surprised for a while, then he agreed. "After you finished your exams, during your vacation, Dad will take you shopping. You can choose what you like, okay?"


"Yes what yes, don't buy. There's so many clothes at home. Don't waste money unnecessarily." Ding Jiayi was a spoilsport when she opened her mouth. "Your sister has so many clothes, all good, if you really want, I'll take a few out to let you choose two."

Having said that, Ding Jiayi felt the pinch. Thereafter, she would have to think carefully about which were the clothes that Zijin disliked wearing over the recent years.

If she gave those that Zijin liked to Qiao Nan, Zijin would most likely throw a fit.

"I'm buying and not using your money. Nan Nan's matters, you don't need to bother." Although he knew what Ding Jiayi was thinking, Qiao Dongliang found it embarrassing to scold Ding Jiayi in front of Qiao Nan.

The elder daughter had new clothes to wear every year, the younger daughter could only pick up the unwanted clothes of the elder one. At the thought of what Elder Lee told him before, Qiao Dongliang's face was burning a little with embarrassment.

"No, you can't waste money like that." Ding was unhappy. "Zijin is studying in high school now, the students in her school are either smart or has good family background. If you're buying one more set of clothes for Zijin, I can understand. It's not that Qiao Nan does not have any clothes to wear, why care about this when we are so poor?"

"Do you mean that Zijin should wear new clothes, whereas when Nan Nan does so, she is asking for too much?" Qiao Dongliang was angered. "I have said, I will take care of Nan Nan's matters, you stand aside. You don't allow me to buy. Nan Nan, let's go, Dad will take you to buy now. We pick two sets instead of one. You can wear them interchangeably during the Lunar New Year. As for dinner, Dad will take you to the restaurant!"

"Okay, I listen to Dad." Qiao Nan stood near Qiao Dongliang. She intentionally picked a place that was further away from Ding Jiayi.

After being hit by Ding Jiayi numerous times, Qiao Nan was accustomed to this type of situations. He mother would definitely be the first to bash her during such times.

True enough, when she heard that Qiao Nan was such a spendthrift and refused to listen to advice, Ding Jiayi raised her hand and wanted to hit Qiao Nan a few times, but she could not as Qiao Nan avoided her too well.

"Nan Nan, let's go, Dad happens to have money in the pocket today." Moving away from Ding Jiayi and avoiding her ugly expression, Qiao Dongliang left immediately as he pulled Qiao Nan along to buy her new clothes.

Qiao Nan was not sure if this was because Qiao Dongliang was delighted as she assured Qiao Dongliang that Zhu Baoguo would pass the coming examination. He really led Qiao Nan shopping and bought her two full sets of new clothing, from head and toe.

At the sight of so many new clothes, Qiao Nan's mind was blank as blinked her big eyes. She dared not believe what she saw.

She thought that her father's earlier words were said deliberately to anger her mother, never did she think that he would really buy her two sets of clothing.

"Why, too happy?" Qiao Nan looked like she was in awe. This made Qiao Dongliang felt happy yet sour. Ultimately, Qiao Nan had been shortchanged so much.

Even if he would be taking in a son-in-law for Zijin, Nan Nan was still his daughter. How could he not dote on her.

"Yes, I finally have new clothes to wear. I don't have to wear those unwanted by Sister anymore."

This simple comment of Qiao Nan was accompanied with sadness.

She not only had no chance to wear new clothes, but also had no chance to wear those that Qiao Zijin liked.

She could only wear those clothes that Qiao Zijin was sick of and unwilling to wear. Those were akin to a pile of rubbish at home.

"There will be new clothes next time. In future, Dad will buy you at least one set of new clothes every season." Qiao Dongliang felt very bad.

Qiao Dongliang came from the era of poverty and hard life. At that time, the people could not even fill their stomach, not to mention wear good clothes.

So, to Qiao Dongliang, he always felt that although the younger daughter was not treated as well as the elder daughter, but she was also clothed and fed, not left hungry or in cold. Hence, he did not feel that he was shortchanging her.

However, at this very moment, Qiao Dongliang could no longer maintain this stance.

He had made this daughter suffer too much.

"Nan Nan, all these years, did Dad make you suffer a lot?"

"Dad, if I coax you and said no, would you believe me?" Having foolishly lived a lifetime, this time, Qiao Nan was not willing to deny and allow herself to continue to suffer.

Two lifetimes, she suffered, she suffered so much.

"Dad, like Sister, I'm also your daughter."

Both are born to the same parents, but why was she treated so differently from Qiao Zijin? She did not expect equal treatment, but it should not be the way it was now.

"Yes, both are my daughters," Qiao Dongliang said. He did not feel good. "Let's go to the restaurant."

Both father and daughter ended up eating and drinking to their hearts' content before going home.

Meanwhile, Ding Jiayi was at home facing the cold and quiet house alone. She could only hear her own breathing. She felt so depressed and was close to tears. "The two of you are so good, do you still take me seriously, do you still treat me like family? Don't tell me both of you are biological father and daughter, and I'm not your real Mom? Those things that I did, aren't they for the sake of the family?"

At the sight of Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan coming back with bags of new stuff, Ding Jiayi felt the sting in her heart. "This, this, how much did you all spend, how much did you buy?" From the look of it, it did not look like only one set of clothing and been bought.

"Nan Nan, take them back to your room and put them away properly. Right, remember to cut away the labels." Knowing his wife's character, Qiao Dongliang advised Qiao Nan.

Actually, Qiao Nan intended to do this even if Qiao Dongliang did not remind her.

If her mother went to return all the new clothes, she would have none to wear. Also, the money from the refund would go in to her mother's pocket, benefiting Qiao Zijin.



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