Qiao Nan took a pair of scissors and removed the labels to remove the means for Ding Jiayi to make a refund. She then happily held the clothes in front of herself and even ran to Qiao Dongliang and asked, "Dad, do I look good in it?"

"Nice," Qiao Dongliang said as he laughed. "If you like it, you can wear one set to school tomorrow and leave the other for the Lunar New Year."

"Okay, I'll listen to Dad." Although Qiao Nan was not a real 15-year-old, she could not help feeling as happy as a kid as she held the new clothes. Her small face was all red and rosy.

The more happy Qiao Nan was, the more jealous Ding Jiayi felt. Her eyes were extremely fierce.

"You actually bought two set of new clothing for Qiao Nan. Then you must buy for Zijin too, buy three for her!" Ding Jiayi made a request.

"No," Qiao Dongliang rejected flatly. "We agreed before that you will take care of Zijin's matters and I will take care of Qiao Nan's matters. If you wish to buy three sets of clothing for Zijin, sure, I will not stop you. You pay for them yourself."

After the depletion of the family savings, Qiao Dongliang had a phobia. He must guard his own money.

His wife was too daring. She had spent all the family savings without telling him a thing.

He was the head of the family but he only knew about it one to two months after the savings were gone.

If she dared to do it once, she would dare to do it again.

Their family was already not wealthy and definitely could not afford to spend in this manner.

Qiao Dongliang was a little machismo, if not for Ding Jiayi's spendthrift ways, he would not want to let Ding Jiayi work outside. It would be good enough if she stayed at home and managed the domestic affairs properly.

Qiao Dongliang did not interfere in how Ding Jiayi managed her earnings at all, but he must guard his own money.

Qiao Dongliang also did not interfere in how Ding Jiayi want to dote on Qiao Zijin. He would not bother about whatever Ding Jiayi spent her money on.

However, if Ding Jiayi would like to have his money, Qiao Dongliang was not willing.

"Then can you do the same, Zijin is studying in high school and needs to spend a lot more than Qiao Nan. You earn more than me, don't talk about three sets of clothing, I wanted to buy her ten, you don't have money?" Ding Jiayi was unhappy.

Since Old Qiao found out that she spent all the family savings, although she was also working, Old Qiao had not given her a cent since.

Used to managing the household finances, understandably, Ding Jiayi did not feel good when Qiao Dongliang suddenly stopped giving her money.

Since she could not get any money, she was hoping that Qiao Dongliang would spend on Qiao Zijin in case he squandered it all on Qiao Nan. But Qiao Dongliang refused. Ding Jiayi was so furious that she wanted to quarrel with Qiao Dongliang.

"That I don't care, anyway we have agreed before. I know how much you earn. Save a little every month and it would not be difficult for you to pay for Zijin's tuition fees. You manage your own money and take care of Zijin's matters. You decide for yourself." Qiao Dongliang was very shrewd and had it all planned.

The younger daughter never had any new clothes but the elder daughter never stopped having them.

At this time, Qiao Dongliang realized one thing - his elder daughter was too extravagant.

Previously, Old Ding said that new clothes could last for nine years and that was the norm for all families, so she was not buying any for Qiao Nan. However, her actions were contrary to her words when it came to Zijin.

Qiao Dongliang had done an estimation for Ding Jiayi. Her earnings are not more than his but they were sufficient for Qiao Zijin's living expenses and a set of new clothes per season. With proper savings and management, it would not be a problem to support Zijin till she completed the high school education.

Ding Jiayi thought she could have the cake and eat it but Qiao Dongliang had done his calculations.

"That, how can that be the same?" Ding Jiayi was dumbfounded with anger. Why should Zijin and Qiao Nan be treated equally, was Qiao Nan fit to receive the same treatment?

"How is it different?" Qiao Dongliang sneered. "You tell me, what exactly is the difference?"

"You, you, Old Qiao, why are you so unreasonable?" Ding Jiayi did not know what to say.

"Righteousness will see you through all difficulties whereas without it, your progress will be hampered from the very start. Why am I unreasonable, you tell me, who is the one being unreasonable?" Qiao Dongliang was also light headed, clearly Old Ding was the unreasonable one but she blamed it on others. How could she do that?

Because of this matter, Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi nearly quarreled.

Qiao Nan did not say a word and simply went back to her bedroom. She held the principle of not getting involved and not watching, while she carried on quietly with her own matters.

"You still treat her so well. She saw both of us quarreling but she just left without a care. She's a heartless thing, you still bought her so many new clothes!" Ding Jiayi pointed at Qiao Nan's room and yelled at the top of her voice.

Ding Jiayi deliberately shouted these words for Qiao Nan's ears.

She hoped that Qiao Nan could come out to mitigate and expel the anger between Qiao Dongliang and her.

There was only silence from Qiao Nan's room as Ding Jiayi's words fell on deaf ears.

"There is nothing wrong with Nan Nan. The two of us are quarreling, she's just a kid and should not interfere. Are you hoping that she will help you or are you willing to see her help me to deal with you?" Qiao Dongliang was both amused and angry.

To Qiao Dongliang, Qiao Nan was undoubtedly doing the right thing by returning to her bedroom.

If Qiao Nan helped him, she would be unfilial to Old Ding. If she helped Old Ding to persuade him, then she was not differentiating what was right from wrong.

A child would not be able to interfere in the matters relating to adults. He felt that Nan Nan's way of handling the matter was appropriate.

"Yes yes yes. To you, whatever Nan Nan does is always right and whatever I do is always wrong. You no longer care about Zijin, you only have Nan Nan in your eyes. Don't forget, Zijin is the one who will remain in the family in future. What's the use of treating Nan Nan so well?!" Ding Jiayi said with much anger and anxiety. "Why can't you get this clear?"

Qiao Nan would eventually be married to another family, Zijin was the one who would stay in this family forever.

Giving Qiao Nan more would only benefit others. By doing all these, Old Qiao was favoring an outsider instead of someone of his own?

"Utter nonsense." Qiao Dongliang gasped. "Save your breath. Nan Nan is also my daughter. Why can't I be good to her? You don't need to quarrel with me too, anyway, I will not give you money. You better save more, when the school reopens next year, don't tell me you are unable to pay for Zijin's tuition fees. I can tell you with certainty now, if that really happens, you have to think of a way out yourself, I will not fork out a single cent."

Qiao Dongliang was afraid that Ding Jiayi would not take his words seriously, that she would say one thing and do another by spending all her money on Qiao Zijin during the Lunar New Year, and then expect Qiao Dongliang to pay Qiao Zijin's tuition fees. He might as well give Ding Jiayi a warning in advance.

"You, by doing this, if Zijin knows about this, she will be so hurt. Don't tell me you don't want Zijin to continue with her studies?"



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