Since he was on duty here, he only saw Qiao Nan, but he had never seen Qiao Zijin before.

But according to what Qiao Zijin said, the soldier was sure that the sisters had a close relationship with the Lee family.

And so, in a few words Qiao Zijin had managed to gain the trust of the soldier and like Qiao Nan, she could enter the Lee family residence easily. Qiao Zijin might be young, but she knew how to live by her wits.

"Then hurry along." The soldier stepped to one side to let Qiao Zijin in.

Qiao Zijin lifted her chin, feeling pleased at the soldier's attitude towards her. Once she stepped into this door today, her status would no longer be the same as before.

"Oh, I just felt that this sister looked weird, she was unlike Qiao Nan." The other soldier frowned in annoyance.

Whenever Qiao Nan came to the Lee family residence, even though she was very quiet, she would gave them a smile with a slight nod of her head.

But the sister walked in with her chin lifted high up?

"What's wrong with you? Why do you keep picking on the young lady? There's nothing wrong with her. Aren't all the young ladies like that? Maybe she had good results in school and that's why she looked proud." The soldier knew that Qiao Nan was good in her studies, she was among the top in her school. She even came in first place in the provincial essay competition.

With such an outstanding sister, the elder sister must be very brilliant as well.

"Nan Nan, I am here to see you." As soon as she stepped into the front door, she was dumbstruck by the furnishings of the Lee family residence. It was ten times that of Qiao family. The hall was very spacious and brightly lit, there was the majestic genuine leather sofa, a big color television as well as other furniture.

All these were very new to Qiao Zijin and was something that she desperately yearned for.

It would be wonderful if her future house was like this.

But if she was to depend on the Qiao family, there was no way that she could dream of leading such a life.

"Xiao Qiao, who is she?" Zhu Baoguo had never seen Qiao Zijin before. He liked her attitude, since she she was so affectionate to Qiao Nan.

"My elder sister…" Qiao Nan puckered her lips. What was Qiao Zijin doing here?

"Nan Nan, this is Baoguo?" Qiao Zijin looked at Zhu Baoguo in surprise. Qiao Zijin heard that he was a bully, she always thought that he must be quite ugly looking, or if not, fierce looking, definitely someone not to be trifled with.

But when she saw him today, she realized that he was quite good looking.

He was just a junior high student, but he was taller than some of the boys in her class.

Zhu Baoguo used to spend his days playing under the sun, and as such his complexion was dark. But after staying indoors to recuperate from his injuries for about half a semester, he became much fairer. With his fiery eyes and looks, he would be considered as a hunk.

At her high school, Qiao Zijin already had some admirers who were pursuing her. She could not help but blush when she saw Zhu Baoguo.

"Oh, so it's Da Qiao, then in the future we will… " Zhu Baoguo was about to say in the future "we will be one family", but he stopped in mid-sentence.

Qiao Nan was right about something, Zhu Baoguo was quite smart.

Zhu Baoguo thought for a while. He had been spending time with Qiao Nan for half a semester, and she had never brought up this sister of hers, be it praises or complaints.

Zhu Baoguo had also heard about the rumors regarding the Qiao family. One minute he was smiling at Qiao Zijin, the next minute his countenance changed. "What are you doing here?"

Zhu Baoguo was all smiles when he saw her, but he had a change of attitude all of a sudden. Qiao Nan must have spoken ill of her in front of Zhu Baoguo!

Qiao Zijin shot Qiao Nan an angry stare and said, "I am here to see Nan Nan."

"You could look at Xiao Qiao when she is back at home, why did you come to Lee house?" Zhu Baoguo had seen all types of people. In particular when he was messing around outside school, there were always a bunch of people who followed him around, Qiao Zijin had the same expression in her eyes as them.

"Nan Nan has been imposing on Lee family for such a long time, she must have caused Lee family quite a lot of troubles. As her elder sister, I should express my gratitude and my new year greetings to Grandpa Lee in advance. Where is Grandpa Lee?" Qiao Zijin looked around, she did not come looking for Zhu Baoguo, her target was Grandpa Lee.

No matter how the Zhu family and Lee family pampered Zhu Baoguo, he still had to obey Grandpa Lee's words to study and do what he disliked.

Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo were classmates and desk mates. She must have spoken ill of her in front of Zhu Baoguo.

But Grandpa Lee was different. Even if Qiao Nan badmouthed her, Grandpa Lee might not believe her. Maybe she should build relations with Grandpa first.

"It seemed like you were here to suck up to my grandpa." Zhu Baoguo gave a cold smile at Qiao Zijin for overrating her own abilities. "I have no idea where Grandpa Lee is. But let me warn you, this is Lee house, this is not Qiao house, you had better not wander around, it would not be nice if other people misunderstood your intentions here."

Elder Lee was in the study room but Zhu Baoguo refused to tell her. He disliked Qiao Zijin's attitude. "Xiao Qiao, how do we solve this question?"

"The knowledge point to this question could be found at the example question on page 38 of the first volume of Secondary Two textbook. Look through the example question once before you ask me." Qiao Nan took a glance at the question and could tell where the knowledge point of this question was. She then continued with her revision.

Zhu Baoguo gasped in astonishment. Xiao Qiao knew the Mathematics lessons like the back of her hand.

Zhu Baoguo was in awed by Qiao Nan's consciousness. She was really dedicated to her studies.

Zhu Baoguo did not go after Qiao Nan for the solution. After hearing her reply, he took out Secondary two Mathematics textbooks and started to flip through them. He searched for the page that Qiao Nan mentioned and finally found the example question of the knowledge point.

This was after all a foundation question. Zhu Baoguo studied it and knew how to tackle the question that he had trouble with.

Zhu Baoguo went on to the next question after finishing with the current question.

Qiao Zijin dared not wandered around at Zhu Baoguo's stern warning. She sat down quietly by the side, watching the two of them while they did their revision.

Qiao Zijin could not help but grit her teeth in frustration when she saw that Zhu Baoguo always did as what Qiao Nan said. He was not the unruly and bad tempered boy that he was known as.

If she had known that Zhu Baoguo was so easy to deal with, she would have snatched the task of tutoring Zhu Baoguo for herself.

Zhu Baoguo was not good in his studies. With her standard, it was more than enough to tutor him. Who was the one who spread the rumor and made it sound like he was an evil monster?

If Zhu Baoguo would listen to her words, it would be easy to tutor him. After all, Lee family and Zhu family did not have high expectation of Zhu Baoguo.

"Baoguo, Nan Nan has lagged behind in her studies recently. I am in high school now, and I am studying in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, if you have any questions you can ask me too."



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