"The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China?" Zhu Baoguo raised his head and looked at Qiao Zijin.

"That's right, I am a student at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China." Qiao Zijin said proudly. This high school was the best high school in Ping Cheng, Zhu Baoguo would finally know where her standard was.

No matter how good Qiao Nan's results were, she has yet to enroll into The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. On the contrary, she was already a student at the high school.

Qiao Nan twitched the corner of her lips when she saw the look of arrogance on Qiao Zijin's face. She would really have to hand it to her to be so obnoxious.

"I heard that someone came looking for my Grandpa this year, asking for his help to enroll into The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. There's only a few people who would seek my Grandpa's help regarding this matter, could that person be you?" Zhu Baoguo was overjoyed, he could not keep his sharp tongue in check.

Qiao Zijin who was proud as a rooster flushed red at Zhu Baoguo's words.

She sang her own praises in order to make a good impression in front of Zhu Baoguo, but she had gone a little overboard. She made it sound as if she was just like the other students who entered The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China based on their results.

Zhu Baoguo's words reminded Qiao Zijin of how she managed to enroll into The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

But why would Zhu Baoguo know that she enroll into the high school by pulling strings. It must be Qiao Nan!

"Who are you glaring at?" Qiao Zijin might be fierce, but she was no match for Zhu Baoguo.

Zhu Baoguo stared angrily at her. A young lady like Qiao Zijin could never be his match.

Qiao Zijin's heart shuddered, her voice grew weak. "I, I didn't glare at you." She was just frustrated that Qiao Nan spoke ill of her in front of Zhu Baoguo and tarnished her reputation.

"Are you allowed to glare at Xiao Qiao?" Zhu Baoguo laughed in anger.

When Zhu Baoguo saw Qiao Zijin, he could not help but be reminded of his classmate Zhao Yu.

Zhu Baoguo had wanted to settle scores with Zhao Yu, but she was smart, she had anticipated that. She would always be in the company of other students when she went to school or left school, she even dragged a few girls with her when she went to the washroom.

Besides Zhao Yu had kept a check on her temper recently. Hence Zhu Baoguo had not laid a finger on her yet.

Right now Qiao Zijin resembled Zhao Yu.

Zhu Baoguo was puzzled. When he was with Qiao Nan, though she was quiet by nature, when she was angry she would be as fierce as a tigress. Why would other people see her as a pushover and bully her?

"Qiao Nan is my sister, why can't I glare at her?!" Qiao Zijin was infuriated. In the past, no one told her off for glaring at Qiao Nan.

She not only glared at Qiao Nan, when they were at home she even ordered her around and Qiao Nan could not say no.

"Nobody say that you can glare at Xiao Qiao as you wish just because she is your younger sister. This is the Lee family residence, you dare to mess with me?" Zhu Baoguo laughed in anger. No one dared to vent their frustration on him.

"Let me tell you, I do not have qualms about hitting women. When I see women who deserve a whacking, I would not be lenient!" Zhu Baoguo waved his fists around, he had a ferocious look in his eyes.

"You… " Qiao Zijin paled, and she started to have regrets.

She had wanted to be on close terms with Zhu Baoguo, why did she end up having a quarrel with him? Qiao Nan has to blame for all of these. It was her fault, she was such a jinx!

"Alright, don't be an eyesore here. Judging from your reaction just now, you must be the person who sought my Grandpa's help. If not for his influences, would you still be able to enroll in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China? You still have the cheek to brag about it. You have no real substance at all."

No wonder Grandpa asked Xiao Qiao to tutor him instead of this woman right in front of him.

Even though they were biological sisters, Da Qiao could not be compared to Xiao Qiao.

"How could you be so sure that it was me and not others?" Qiao Zijin refused to admit that she was the person that Zhu Baoguo was referring to.

"Why not let me ask Grandpa, were you the one who asked him to pull strings for you in order to enroll in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China?" Zhu Baoguo laughed in mockery. If he really wanted to investigate, he could easily find out the truth. It was useless to deny.

"You…" Qiao Zijin was so mad that she was rendered speechless. "Forget it, since both of you are here to study and I could not be of any help at all, I will go back. Nan Nan, let's have a very good talk later at home!"

Qiao Zijin gritted her teeth. She did not manage to pull any strings, instead she was boiling mad at Zhu Baoguo.

It seemed like the rumors were true, Zhu Baoguo had a lousy temper.

The boys in her class would never treat her in this way.

With that Qiao Zijin turned to leave.

"Oh, is she really your biological sister?" Zhu Baoguo frowned and looked at Qiao Nan with a look of disbelief. "Did she mean that she would settle scores with you later at home? I was the one who was fierce to her, why would she settle scores with you? What did she mean by that?"

"She had the impression that you disliked her as I spoke ill of her in front of you. In that case, she would naturally be after me." Qiao Nan said matter-of-factly.

"Aren't you worried or angry?"

"There's no use to worry. If I am angry it would only bring harm to my body. My sister and Zhao Yu belong to the same type of people. If you don't pay attention to them, they would still be able to kick up a fuss; if you responded to them, they would create a big uproar. No matter what, she did not have the final say over what's right or wrong."

Qiao Nan sensed that Zhu Baoguo was still not over the topic of Qiao Zijin, she raised her eyebrows and said, "You must be sick of doing the sums and so you started this conversation on purpose? Have you finished all the questions?"

Next year would be the last semester of Secondary Three. There was not much time left before middle school exams. Zhu Baoguo was really good at finding excuses to be lazy.

Zhu Baoguo twitched the corners of his lips. Why was Xiao Qiao so smart, she was not only good in her studies, she could also see through a person's mind.

But this puzzled him even more. He could not understand why Zhao Yu and Da Qiao picked on someone like Qiao Nan.

"Still not concentrating on your studies?" Qiao Nan cast a disdainful look at Zhu Baoguo.

In her previous life, she had seen lots of spoilt brat like Zhu Baoguo.

She might not have been to the university, but her English was good, she had attained a level six certificate.

Other than taking on some translation work at home, she would also give English tuition to students. Hence she could easily tell what's on Zhu Baoguo's mind.

If Qiao Nan could not see through Zhu Baoguo, she had no right to be a tutor.

Zhu Baoguo could find no ways to retort Qiao Nan. He reined in his bad temper and sat down at his seat, took his pen and continued with his questions.

Qiao Nan curled the corner of her lips when she saw that Zhu Baoguo sat back down to study. Although he might be a spoilt brat, compared to the children in the 21st century, Zhu Baoguo was already very obedient.

By the time Qiao Nan left Lee family residence and went back to Qiao family residence, other than Qiao Dongliang, Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi pulled long faces at her.



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