The Zhu family asked Teacher Chen directly, were the grades announced by Teacher Chen just now really that of Zhu Baoguo, and not Niu Baoguo or other Baoguo. Please don't let it be another person with the same first and last name. They would then be overjoyed for nothing.

They were not young anymore and could not take such jokes, especially now that the Lunar New Year was arriving.

If they showed off the progress of their child to others, and discovered that this was in fact a misunderstanding, that would be so embarrassing.

It was until Teacher Chen's repeated assurance that the grades he announced earlier belonged to Zhu Baoguo, and there was only one Zhu Baoguo in the school, that they knew that this was definitely not a mistake.

Until this very moment, the Zhu family then dared to believe that Zhu Baoguo achieved the groundbreaking results.

Because of Zhu Baoguo's academic performance, the Zhu family was so elated that they nearly set off fireworks to celebrate.

Initially, with Zhu Baoguo's poor grades in the mid-term examinations as a reference, both the Zhu family and Lee family only had one wish - that was for Zhu Baoguo to pass his examination. This would already be considered an improvement.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Baoguo not only passed his exams, but also passed with flying colors. He nearly received the excellent grade, there was a triple leap in his progress!

Elder Zhu was so happy that he rubbed Zhu Baoguo's head. "The blood of the Zhu family really runs in you, you inherited the intelligence of our old Zhu family. As long as you are willing to learn, that is nothing too difficult for you."

Elder Lee simply rolled his eyes when he heard that. What did Zhu Baoguo's achievement have to do with the Zhu family? That was the credit of his Lee family, their genes are good. Without the Lee family, there would not be such a smart Baoguo.

The madly elated Zhu Baoguo said after a while, "Grandpa, regarding this, you are the person that I should thank the most. Fortunately you found Xiao Qiao to be my little teacher. Otherwise, I reckon that there will not be such a day."

Although it was only one final examination, the atmosphere in both the Lee family and Zhu family was akin to the festive seasons such as Lunar New Year, lively and high.

Seeing that so many family members are concerned for him, Zhu Baoguo felt the warmth in his heart, he thought of what Qiao Nan said to him previously. He then thanked Elder Lee emotionally.

The two elders were stunned. Elder Lee smiled, "The words you just said, did Nan Nan teach you to say them?"

He did not expect his obstinate grandson would say something so sensible and heart-warming all of a sudden.

Zhu Baoguo's face turned red. He did not expect to be exposed by Elder Lee so soon. "Grandpa, can you don't talk as though I am always so insensible?"

"Yes, you're sensible now." Elder Lee nodded his head happily, then glanced at Elder Zhu proudly. "Under the influence of Qiao Nan, you really have become more and more sensible. Grandpa is very happy. As long as you can be good, Grandpa is willing to do anything for you."

Facing the boasting by Elder Lee, Elder Zhu rolled his eyes but he did not refute Elder Lee again.

After all, when Elder Lee wanted to find his grandson a teacher of his grandson's age, he was full of objection and doubt.

As it was, the fact speaks louder than words. He never thought that a fair, crisp looking and quiet young lady, who would seemingly be bullied by his grandson, was able to teach his grandson so well.

Till this moment, Elder Zhu was still in a state of disbelief. "Old Lee, when are you going to invite that child over and let our two families treat her to a meal?"

Such a young lady, she not only saved their grandson, but also transformed him. What she did was really hard to come by.

"If this young lady meet with any problems at home, she can come to both of our families in future. If your Lee family cannot help, our Zhu family can step in."

"I know what to do about this." Thinking of the situation in the Qiao family, Elder Lee replied briefly without giving a straight answer.

Dirty linen should not be aired in public. This was a private matter of the Qiao family, it was not convenient for Elder Lee to help Qiao Nan spread to the whole world her mis-encounters in the family.

Elder Lee did not feel for Ding Jiayi, but his heart softened for his nephew, Qiao Dongliang.

"Grandpa, please don't do anything hasty. I will think of how to thank Xiao Qiao myself. I have my own thoughts, you don't need to worry." Zhu Baoguo was not pleased. He was the one that received help, and should be the one to say thank you too.

Hence, as soon as he arrived in school today, Zhu Baoguo told Qiao Nan her grades immediately when he saw her. He also said thank you to her in a very sincere manner.

"Alright. If you really want to thank me. Wait for half a year later."

"Do you have so much confidence in me?"

Zhu Baoguo looked at Qiao Nan in disbelief.

Half a year later, that would be the middle school examination. What Xiao Qiao meant was to look at his academic performance for that?

Although he scored good grades for the final examination, Zhu Baoguo dared not pin too high hopes on himself. He might not be able to sustain the good grades or achieve better grades.

"No, it's not that I have confidence in you. I have confidence in myself. Haven't you heard this saying before, in this world, there are no students that don't know how to learn, there are only teachers who don't know how to teach?"

"I really have not heard of it!"

Qiao Nan was stunned. Alright. It seemed like she said these words too soon.

"But you are right. There are only teachers who don't know how to teach in this world. There aren't any students that don't know how to learn. I agree." Zhu Baoguo lifted his chest. His grades were poor in the past as he had not met a good teacher, one that truly knew how to teach. He was really not responsible for it

"Fine, it's enough that you know this saying, don't… "

"Don't spread, I understand." Zhu Baoguo nodded his head firmly. "Xiao Qiao, no matter what, thank you so much. Thank you for sharing your materials with me. Don't worry, I have a gift for you in the coming year, I promise that it will be something that you like."

"Okay," Qiao Nan agreed readily.

She did not really want this gift of Zhu Baoguo, but she was more than happy to know that her efforts had been appreciated.

Most importantly, based on Qiao Nan's understanding of Zhu Baoguo, he would probably give her something affordable as a first gift. If she decline, Zhu Baoguo would definitely get something more expensive. The pens that were broken by Zhao Yu previously, the very next day, Zhu Baoguo gave Qiao Nan an imported pen which was obviously not cheap.

When Qiao Nan declined, the stubborn Zhu Baoguo nearly stuffed the imported pen into Qiao Nan's stationery box.

"Damn, Qiao Nan's grades are defying the heavens!"

"No, why don't Qiao Nan go to heaven. Was she a different person from the beginning of the term?"

"I'm going to get a beating this year again when I go home."

When the results were announced based on the rankings and posted on the bulletin board, many people casted their look on Qiao Nan when they saw the name list.

In this semester, Qiao Nan was the center of attraction in the entire school.



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