Not to mention the rumors that were spread previously, she had saved the life of Zhu Baoguo, clinched the championship for the essay competition, and today, she had become the top student in her grade. She left the second place far behind, with a difference of 16 marks between the top and second place.

There was only a difference of half a mark between second and third place.

Damn, what type of score ratio was this. Qiao Nan was too scary, was she still a human being on the earth?

Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo would have a good year ahead. However, for some others, they did not look forward to the Lunar New Year as much as before.

These were the people who did not score very well. Typically, they could still manage fine, but the exam papers were too difficult this time and many students were not able to perform to their expectations.

But compared to Qiao Nan's grades, these people found it hard to voice their thoughts.

Besides Qiao Nan, what was happening to Zhu Baoguo? He was a student who usually ranked one of the last. Now, he had advanced by 100 places and almost reached the level of the outstanding students.

Could someone please tell them, what could be done under the sun to make such a poor student become a good one within a short span of time, in half a semester's time?

They also hoped to be like that!

"Listen to me, Qiao Nan has been giving Zhu Baoguo tuition. Do you think Zhu Baoguo's results have something to do with Qiao Nan?"

"How is that possible? Many teachers tried to teach Zhu Baoguo but did not succeed. Is Qiao Nan better than the teachers in the school? I don't believe this."

The speaker made an unintentional remark, but the listener took it to heart.

A group of students standing nearby heard the conversation, they secretly made plans.

What if what was said was true? As they belonged to the same class as Qiao Nan, could they make use of their position to seek Qiao Nan's advice?

They did not expect to be like Zhu Baoguo whose grades shot up with the speed of a rocket. But at the very least, they could improve.

At this moment, the most dazzling but also the most quiet student, Qiao Nan, was surrounded by many people. It was noisy around her. "Qiao Nan, can you help me take a look at this question? We were tested on this but I haven't figured out the solution."

"Let me see," Qiao Nan took the question and quietly wrote down the clear and complete solution to the problem on a piece of paper. Her handwriting was exceptionally neat and beautiful, just like her face.

Looking at the words of Qiao Nan and then glimpsing her face. Many were lamenting why a person like Qiao Nan, who drew the envy and jealousy of others, existed in this world. These writings could be used for the labeling of altars.

"Thank you." The classmate was slightly disappointed that he did not receive a personal explanation from Qiao Nan.

But well, it was not uncommon for Qiao Nan, a girl that was pretty and smart, to be a little arrogant and cold.

It was only when the student took back the question, that he realized what Qiao Nan wrote had another meaning in it.

She had marked the page number where the information could be found in the textbooks.

With this, those who asked the questions were not stupid, they could do some research, and eventually understand the solution.

"Qiao Nan, thank you. " They did not expect that Qiao Nan, who usually seemed arrogant and aloof, was actually quite easy to get along with. She was really willing to answer his question, no wonder Teacher Chen liked Qiao Nan so much.

"Qiao Nan, I too have a question that I don't know the solution. Can you teach me too?" With the first example, the rest of the students who held the same thought were more daring to come up to Qiao Nan.

Within minutes, those unsociable classmates who once avoided Zhu Baoguo and disliked Qiao Nan were surrounding Qiao Nan in a impenetrable crowd.

When these people finally left, Zhu Baoguo looked at Qiao Nan. "If all of them were like me, with faster progression in their learning, whoever you taught today will become your enemy tomorrow to compete with you for the top place in the school. Why are you so generous? You see if these people are willing to answer you if you ask them questions."

"If they can take away my first place just because I answer the few questions that they have, then I am a product of imitation. Don't you think it was good to see Zhao Yu's expression just now?"

"Ha ha ha, this is true!" At the mention of Zhao Yu, Zhu Baoguo felt better.

In the past, Zhao Yu had always been the popular one. She also enjoyed the attention. But now the person being surrounded by many was the one she hated most - Qiao Nan. From the beginning till the end of this year, Zhao Yu was absolutely unhappy.

"Alright. Next, I will distribute your report card. Keep it properly. Please also give this letter, addressed to your parents, to your parents. I have told you in the beginning of the school term that after the final examination, we will be holding a Parent-Teacher Conference. I hope that all your parents can attend. Next, I will give out the school's three model student awards, class's three model student awards and the outstanding class committee member award."

Teacher Chen gave out everything in lightning speed.

This time, Teacher Chen was very happy. He had a belly full of words, but these words were not meant for Qiao Nan, they were for her parents.

Qiao Nan was not only intelligent, but also very diligent and conscientious in her studies. Her learning attitude was very enthusiastic and positive.

Qiao Nan not only improved herself, but also helped Zhu Baoguo to become better. Which student in the world could give the teachers fewer worries than Qiao Nan?

The few awards were given out quickly, even Zhu Baoguo received a Good Progress Award. Only Zhao Yu, who held quite an important role of Language Representative, did not receive any award.

Seeing that she did not even get the outstanding class committee member award, Zhao Yu nearly stood up to question Teacher Chen. She was clearly very outstanding and had received awards every year. Why was she not given any for this semester?

But when she thought of the stupid things that she said when she was in the teacher's office previously, she very reluctantly shut her mouth and chose to be silent.

"Cheers!" Holding the School's Top Three Model Student Award, Qiao Nan did not go home immediately, instead, she went to the Zhai family's residence.

What happened to the previous certificate awards was in the past, but from now onwards, she did not want her mother to treat all her future awards like waste papers and burn them.

Who knows, when Qiao Nan opened the door, she was frightened by a tall figure in the room.

"Be careful." Seeing that Qiao Nan was going to fall, Zhai Sheng reached out and grabbed Qiao Nan's arms.

But he did not expect that Qiao Nan was still so light after half a year. With some strength, Zhai Sheng accidentally pulled Qiao Nan directly into his arms.

Qiao Nan's little nose unavoidably hit the chest of Zhai Sheng. It was so painful that tears welled up in her eyes. Prince Charming was indeed Prince Charming, his chest muscles were so firm and developed, this was the real "murder" weapon on earth.



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