Many did not even know who Elder Zhu was, let alone his identity. Many treated him like an ordinary elderly man who attended the Parent-Teacher Conference for his grandson. Qiao Dongliang was the only one feeling extremely nervous to see him.

Furthermore, the children of the two families were deskmates. Qiao Dongliang could only sit next to Elder Zhu and was unable to change his seat. Qiao Dongliang's hands were sweating.

He still recalled that, at that time, when Elder Zhu spoke to him smilingly, asking him if he was Qiao Nan's father, and praising how extraordinary and outstanding Qiao Nan was. Till today, Qiao Dongliang still felt overwhelmed with pride and unsettled at heart.

"What, let me wash her pants, did she lose her hand or break her leg, that she had to lie in bed like a handicapped? I'm not waking up, let her wash herself!" Ding Jiayi raised her voice and rejected flatly after being told.

Ding Jiayi could not even remember the last time she had washed clothes for Qiao Nan.

Once Qiao Nan was at the age that she could properly do the laundry, Ding Jiayi had often dumped the whole family's clothes to Qiao Nan to wash.

"Nan Nan has grown up, her body is very weak now. You are her mother, why can't you help her wash. Also, don't forget it's Lunar New Year now. Don't say such things to provoke my anger." Qiao Dongliang tugged at Ding Jiayi to hurry her.

"You too know that it's the Lunar New Year period, and you have to ask me to wash those things for her, aren't you afraid that I will be unlucky for the year and cannot earn a single cent?" Ding Jiayi was reluctant as soon as she heard that she needed to wash those dirty clothes.

"Are you really not washing?" Qiao Dongliang's face turned stiff. He did not know what to do with this wife.

He was initially in a good mood but why did Old Ding have to anger him?

"Not washing!"

"Fine. Zijin!" Qiao Dongliang raised his voice and called Qiao Zijin directly.

Qiao Zijin, who was in the bedroom, jumped at the sound. Before she could ask Qiao Dongliang the reason for calling her, she heard Ding Jiayi saying, "Old Qiao, what do you mean by this, why are you calling for Zijin? Zijin is not Qiao Nan's servant, Qiao Nan can wash her own dirty clothes, why should someone else help her. You still call for Zijin, is Zijin someone who is suited for this type of chore?"

She could not even bear to let Zijin wash her own clothes, not to mention those of Qiao Nan. That would be out of the question.

"Why do I remember that, every time Zijin dirtied her clothes because of those days, regardless of winter or summer, Qiao Nan helped her wash all of them?" Qiao Dongliang smiled coldly, he had not aged that much and still had a good memory.

"How's that the same?!"

"What's the difference? If you are not able to explain it well, Old Ding, don't blame me for not giving you face this Lunar New Year, you're the one who didn't want it. All these years, I never lose my temper, do you really think that I'm a man without any?"

Qiao Dongliang also admitted that, because he did not have a son, he did not feel motivated in life and was not interested in his job. He was also not really involved in his daughters' affairs, so sometimes, he just did not bother to lose his temper.

However, as both Qiao Nan and Qiao Zijin had improved in their studies, Qiao Dongliang suddenly found the source of motivation and joy in his life. If Ding Jiayi dared to oppose and provoked him, Qiao Dongliang definitely dared to deal with Ding Jiayi.

"You… " Ding Jiayi thought of the initial years when she was first married to Qiao Dongliang, he really dealt with her a little, although it was not much, it was enough to make her fear Qiao Dongliang. "At that time, wasn't Zijin sick?"

"Nan Nan is also not feeling well now. I remember Zijin is not having her period now. In other families, it is always the elder one giving in to the younger one. But in our family, it's actually the other way round. Zijin is the elder sister, shouldn't she set a good example for Nan Nan? Not only she did not set a good example, but also she was usually taken care of by Nan Nan. That's also acceptable!"

Qiao Dongliang had put in both good and ugly words, if Ding Jiayi still refused, she'll see if Qiao Dongliang would be able to let this matter off easily.

Qiao Zijin, who understood the matter, was nervous now. Why did she have to repay Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan was the one who owed her. She did not want to wash Qiao Nan's pants, it's so dirty!

"Zijin, Zijin, come out!" Not looking at Ding Jiayi, Qiao Dongliang shouted towards Zijin's bedroom door.

Qiao Zijin was so anxious that she was circling the room. She did not want to go out, but yet could not find an excuse to reject. She was so anxious that she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it so that her father could not find her.

You, why are you shouting. I, I will wash for Qiao Nan. Will this do?" Ding Jiayi was also furious, she did not expect that Qiao Dongliang would be so serious this time, and he went on and on.

Ding Jiayi was reluctant to wash for Qiao Nan but she was more reluctant to let her precious daughter wash the dirty clothes for Qiao Nan. She thus had to do it herself. "She's such a lazy bone, even worms are growing on her. Such a small matter, and she had to seek help. A lazy girl like her. No one will dare to marry her. You can continue to dote on her, can you look after her for the rest of her life?"

Even she could not change the fact that she had to wash Qiao Nan's pants, she felt unjustified and wanted to chide Qiao Nan with her stinging words.

"So you think that this is being lazy?" Qiao Dongliang did not waste his breath on Ding Jiayi. "Nan Nan, remember, next time if your sister is not feeling well, you don't need to help in any of her matters, let your sister or mother settle on their own."

"Okay, got it!" Qiao Nan's muffled voice could be heard coming from the bedroom immediately.

Obviously, Qiao Nan had heard the entire conversation between Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi.

"You, you all. Both father and daughter are bent on bullying me right? Qiao Dongliang, can I still carry on with such a life?" Ding Jiayi was burning with anger, she raised her hands and wanted to dump Qiao Nan's pants on the floor.

"You dare to throw!" Qiao Dongliang glared at her. "It will become more dirty if you throw it on the floor, and you still have to wash it. You have to re-wash it if it's not clean. If you don't wash, or did not wash it thoroughly, fine, you ask Zijin to come out."

Qiao Dongliang was fully aware of Ding Jiayi's temper, there was no use reasoning with Ding Jiayi. Being unreasonable was also ineffective. But at the mention of Qiao Zijin, it was as if he had grabbed her Achilles heel, his wife would conform to his demand every time without any exception.

"Fine, fine, I will wash the clothes for your daughter. Will this do?" Ding Jiayi was burning with anger as she said this. Thereafter, she stomped her feet on the ground. Looking at the back of Ding Jiayi who was leaving, Qiao Dongliang could feel smoke rising from her head. "I am the only Head of the Family, I don't believe that I can't manage you."

Having said that, Qiao Dongliang was in such a good mood that he started humming songs, and then went to his study room to read.

Nan Nan was so determined to do well. Today, he was even unexpectedly requested to speak on stage on behalf of the parents. He was uncertain if he had done well and whether he had disgraced Nan Nan. What if this happened again, what should he do?

He must be prepared in advance for such situations.



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