"The money for these two red packets, pass to Mom to keep for you. When you are older, Mom will return them to you."

Having said that, ignoring Qiao Nan's response, Ding Jiayi started searching Qiao Nan's body for the red packets.

"No need, I will manage them myself." Qiao Nan was like a slippery loach that managed to escape from Ding Jiayi's hands with one twist of her body.

If she passed the money to her Mom, she could forget about seeing them again in her entire life. Furthermore, she had some use for this money.

"Dad, I have finished my dinner. I'll go back to my bedroom first!" With the mood in the family, Qiao Nan could not be bothered to watch the Lunar New Year evening show together with Qiao Zijin and her mother.

"Go ahead." Qiao Dongliang did not say anything else. He initially hoped that his family of four could sit together and watch a television show harmoniously. However, his hopes of improving their relationships were dashed with Ding Jiayi's behavior just now.

He would rather forget it.

If Nan Nan continued to sit with Old Ding, with Old Ding's personality, he would be thankful if the rift between both mother and daughter did not widen, not to mention to get along harmoniously.

As such, while other families had a bustling Lunar New Year Eve, the Qiao family only had one person, Ding Jiayi, watching the television program. Even Qiao Zijin also went back to her room, saying that she wanted to read some "books".

Seeing that she was the only one in the spacious living room, Ding Jiayi was totally oblivious to what was played on the television screen that evening.

As she had stayed overnight for a few days, the tired Ding Jiayi could no longer hold her fatigue, so she yawned and listlessly returned to her room.

However, Ding Jiayi saw that there were two blankets on the big bed, Qiao Dongliang occupied one side of the bed and covered himself with one blanket, the other side that was empty was obviously hers. Somehow, Ding Jiayi felt bitterly cold.

The couple had been married for almost two decades, except during that argument where the two slept in separate rooms, they had always been sharing the same blanket.

What did Old Qiao mean by this?

Ding Jiayi kept feeling that even the blowing and howling wind outside was not as cold as those in her house.

After some time, Ding Jiayi could not even be bothered to wash her feet. She removed her shoes and wriggled into the blanket to sleep. She even deliberately lay down with her back facing Qiao Dongliang.

Was it all because she was not good to Qiao Nan? She would continue to treat Qiao Nan this way. Why should she treat Qiao Nan otherwise?

Didn't she work hard most of her life for the sake of this family, for the sake of Old Qiao. Old Qiao treated her like that just because of Qiao Nan, he was really a heartless man.

Zijin was so outstanding, just like her when she was young. The day would come where she would let everyone know that she was the one that was right about things.

Ding Jiayi's heart was churning with anger. The more her temper rose, the more she wanted to be at odds with Qiao Dongliang.

So, during Lunar New Year's Eve, it was extremely quiet in the Qiao family. On the first day of Lunar New Year, there was no one at home.

Qiao Dongliang took Qiao Nan directly to Elder Lee to wish him Happy New Year. As to where Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi went, Qiao Dongliang did not know and did not want to know. "Uncle Lee, Happy New Year."

"It's Xiao Qiao and Nan Nan. Quickly take a seat, Ah Chun, bring two cups of hot tea here. Nan Nan, Happy New Year, this is the red packet from Grandpa Lee. I wish you well in your studies in the coming year, may your grades never stop improving, and may you have a smooth life in future." Elder Lee took out the red packet that he had prepared and stuffed it firmly into Qiao Nan's hands, he was not prepared for any rejection.

The Qiao family had spent all their savings on Qiao Zijin. This, Elder Lee was aware.

Elder Lee also knew what Ding Jiayi was like.

Nan Nan was a big girl. It was too much if she did not have any money on hand.

He heard from Zhu Baoguo that Qiao Nan's secondary textbooks were bought from the waste recycling station as Ding Jiayi sold all her books previously, Elder Lee did not know what to say about that woman Ding Jiayi.

Elder Lee regretted a little. If he had known that Ding Jiayi was such a woman, he would not have paired her up with Qiao Dongliang in the past. He found Ding Jiayi pitiful at that time.

But when he saw Qiao Nan, he knew that Qiao Nan would not exist if Qiao Dongliang did not marry Ding Jiayi. He could not imagined what would have happened to his own grandson. Elder Lee was in a dilemma.

He felt that he really had become old. The more he thought, he more confused he felt. It was as though his brain was missing a nerve.

"Thank you Elder Lee." Qiao Nan did not decline and took the red packet.

Seeing that Qiao Nan was naturally unrestrained and not fazed by attention, Elder Lee nodded his head in satisfaction. A black hen lays a white egg. Although Ding Jiayi was not a good person, the daughter that she gave birth to - Qiao Nan, was a rare gem. "I have something to talk to your dad about. You can have fun on your own."

Although he did not think that Qiao Nan was those who like to have a lot of fun, it was not so appropriate to have her by their side. Hence, Elder Lee simply freed Qiao Nan and let her make her own arrangements.

"Dad, I'll go out for a walk then."

"Go ahead. Be careful." Qiao Dongliang nodded.

Qiao Nan did not know what Elder Lee would be talking to her father about. Just when she left the Lee family's residence and was a few steps away, she was suddenly hijacked by a group of people.

"You are Qiao Nan?" The leader of the group was a boy who was quite decent looking and had a clean hair cut. He looked like he was of the same age as Qiao Nan. Although the boy was smiling, Qiao Nan pursed her lips with disdain - the boy had a strange look in his eyes.

"Who are you?"

"You don't need to care about who I am. You are probably Qiao Nan." Wang Yang laughed. His fair and clear-skinned face should exude a sunny feel, but Qiao Nan sensed a sinister aura that made her feel uncomfortable. "Qiao Nan, I don't have the habit of not hitting girls. I'll teach you a lesson today. If you don't want to be beaten, don't be a busybody in the affairs that do not need your interference. Keep away from those that you should not keep in contact with. If it happens again, ha ha ha… "

Wang Yang laughed coldly. The way he looked at Qiao Nan was cold, as if he was a venomous snake lying in a dark corner. This caused Qiao Nan to have goose pimples.

The confused Qiao Nan nervously clenched her fists. Obviously, the other party was not going to give her a clear explanation and tell her who she should be avoiding.

Most critically, the other party seemed to have made up his mind to beat her up on the first day of Lunar New Year.

"Go." Wang Yang was not prepared to dirty his hands, as such, he would not be afraid even if Qiao Nan reported a complaint after the beating.

"Young lady, don't blame us for being rude." The guy beside Wang Yang was like a hooligan, he was younger but obviously did not belong to the school. He looked like he had been out in society.

When these people saw Qiao Nan's tiny face that was particularly pretty, especially the pair of black and bright eyes that were like black gemstones, they suddenly laughed.

A corner of Wang Yang's mouth curled up. "Just a little will do. I don't care about the rest, you can do whatever you like."

"Thank you!" They were paid to work for Wang Yang. With Wang Yang's consensus, what else do they have to be afraid of.



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