The fact is, when they were out, they relied on Wang Yang to back them up.

Qiao Nan ground her teeth, backing off secretly, primed herself in the direction of Lee family's home and was ready to shout for help.

Wang Yang was not old but still difficult to deal with, he deduced that Qiao Nan was quite far from the Lee family's place, it would thus not so easy to ask Lee family for help. That was why Wang Yang dared to confront Qiao Nan.

Looking at Qiao Nan's defiant poise, Wang Yang gave a scornful smile. He wished to see how Qiao Nan could escape.

"What are you doing?" Just as the group was about to catch hold of Qiao Nan, a cold and clear voice rang out. This startled the arrogant Wang Yang, who considered himself a world above the rest, and froze him like a bolt of ice.

"Brother Zhai!" Qiao Nan's eyes lit up. She made a small dash towards Zhai Sheng and then hid behind Zhai Sheng. Qiao Nan continued, "Brother Zhai, they want to beat me!"

"Beat you?" Zhai Sheng knitted his brows and looked towards Wang Yang, "What is the meaning of this?"

Wang Yang's face stiffened and asked cautiously, "Brother Zhai, do you know Qiao Nan?" In Wang Yang's mind, he was hoping that it would not be such a coincidence.

In the quad, Wang Yang was not afraid of anybody, not even his cousin who was bossy. If anybody offended Wang Yang, he could still find somebody to beat him or her up until they were unrecognizable by their parents.

But there are exceptions to everything. To Wang Yang, Zhai Sheng was such an exception.

In the quad, everybody knows that Zhu Baoguo is the bully - bad tempered and loves to bully people. However, nobody knows that Wang Yang's temper was even worse than Zhu Baoguo. It was due to the fact that Zhu Baoguo was frank whilst Wang Yang was more discreet and did things behind people's back.

In addition, Wang Yang was pleasant looking, so there was no lack of people that treated him well. In this way, Wang became even more emboldened.

Wang Yang was the same age as Qiao Nan. In his sixteen years, Wang Yang only ever lost out to one person and that was Zhai Sheng. It was also a very bad loss and therefore resulted in him fearing Zhai Sheng.

"Wang Yang, do you still remember what I said?" Zhai Sheng's voice rang out, ignoring Wang's earlier question. He stared coldly at Wang Yang.

In the face of Zhai Sheng's icy and piercing eyes, Wang Yang's face turned pale.

Yes, the feeling was coming back. Everybody in the quad took care of Wang Yang, only Zhai Sheng did not take a liking to him and would teach him a lesson.

Wang Yang felt that in Zhai Sheng's eyes, he was no better than a mouse scurrying in dark corners and munching rubbish. Wang Yang hated this feeling.

"Brother Wang?" The gangsters asked, sensing some anxiety in Wang Yang. "Should we deal with this guy as well?"

They clearly outnumbered Zhai Sheng as Zhai Sheng was alone. In addition, Zhai Sheng had to protect the feeble pretty girl. The odds definitely favored Wang Yang's group.

"Deal with them together?" Wang Yang took a deep breath. "If only you all had the ability to do so. You all should hurry and leave unless you intend to have your meals in jail."

Who could afford to offend the Zhai Family!

Once the gangsters heard that they might be provoking someone who could jail them, their expressions changed. Without the need for Wang Yang's prompting, they ran off as fast they could and nearly left Wang Yang behind.

"Phew… " Looking at the group that had been chased off by Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan breathed a sigh of relief. "Brother Zhai, who was the little boy that you were talking to? He was really nasty. He purposely found someone to hijack me. How did I offend him, he even warned me not to get close to people whom I should not get close to.

"I heard you have been giving tuition to Zhu Baoguo and Zhu Baoguo's grades had improved significantly?" Brother Zhai asked.

"Yes, he is Grandpa Lee's grandson and my Dad is grateful to Grandpa Lee. I am doing this as a favor for my Dad, I had no choice."

After listening to Qiao Nan's explanation, Zhai Sheng's eyebrows relaxed slightly and asked, "You are not doing this out of your own will?"

Qiao Nan did not know whether to laugh or cry and replied, "I am about to have my middle school examination. How stupid would I have to be to accept this assignment. Fortunately, Zhu Baoguo is fairly intelligent and able to understand more of what I teach. I only taught him once and he would complete the revision questions by himself. Hold on, why are you bringing up Zhu Baoguo, how is that person related to Zhu Baoguo?"

"His name is Wang Yang, he is Zhu Baoguo's younger cousin."

"Zhu Baoguo's younger cousin?!" Qiao Nan made a realization. "I have heard that he does not get along with his younger cousin. Is it because Zhu Baoguo's grades have improved and that is why he came to make trouble for me?"

What did this mean, Wang Yang cannot bear to see Zhu Baoguo do well, why?

Qiao Nan's face was full of ambiguity. Zhai Sheng continued, "Zhu Chengqi is Elder Zhu's only son and Zhu Baoguo is Zhu Chengqi's only son. If Zhu Baoguo was useless, it would greatly increase Wang Yang's chances of inheriting the Zhu business.

Qiao Nan was completely taken aback. "He, he is only sixteen years old!"

"Ignorance is bliss," Zhai Sheng replied with a smile that was beautiful as the winter's first sun.

"Brother Zhai, are you complimenting or demeaning me?" Qiao Nan felt that Brother Zhai's words did not sound right. She continued, "However, this incident did remind me, the next time I meet Zhu Baoguo, I have to tell Zhu Baoguo. Don't believe it when Zhu Baoguo appeared quite fierce, he is actually very simple and direct.

If Zhu Baoguo knew that Wang Yang took an issue with him, given Zhu Baoguo's character, why didn't she hear him bring this up?

"Ah," Zhai Sheng smiled but did not object to what Qiao Nan said. "You can be simple yourself but don't think others are as simple as you. Silly girl, be careful so that you do not get taken advantage of."

Whilst Zhu Baoguo had not mentioned to Qiao Nan, it did not mean that he knew nothing about Wang Yang.

Nonetheless, these were the Zhu Family issues, Zhai Sheng could not intervene, nor did he have the spare time to intervene.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips. Technically, she was mentally older than Zhai Sheng and Zhai Sheng might even have to address her as Aunt Qiao. She continued, "Brother Zhai, do not belittle me, my Mom and Sister are no longer able to bully me."

"As long as you know what you are doing. If you ever meet with any trouble, feel free to look for me," Zhai Sheng said assuringly.

"Brother Zhai, if I really meet with any trouble, where do I look for you?" Qiao Nan asked, her heart filled with joy. Brother Zhai spent a lot more time in the army camp than in the quad.

If Qiao Nan's dad was still in the military, she would have a lot of opportunities to go to the army camp. However, since her dad left the military, she had no more opportunities.

Zhai Sheng thought hard and took out a notepad and pen from his pocket. He wrote a telephone number down and passed to Qiao Nan, saying, "If you meet with any trouble and I am not at home, you can call this number."

"That, that is not too good," Qiao Nan shook her head, afraid to accept the telephone number. "I don't think I would have any major trouble that will require your assistance."

Whatever "major" issue that Qiao Nan or the Qiao family might face, it would certainly be minor compared to the issues Brother Zhai had to take care of. Those were the real "major" issues.

"Hold it," said Zhai Sheng. Although it was the first day of Lunar New Year, Zhai Sheng still had to report back to camp and would not be at the quad soon. Zhai Sheng continued, "Don't be nervous, if you meet with trouble you can pick up the phone and call. If you do not meet with any trouble, then you can ignore the phone number's existence."



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