Now it seemed like she had raised an ingrate?

Even though she did not ask Baoguo to treat Yang Yang as his biological brother, he should not malign her son either, should he?

"Brother, it was my fault. I thought the person whom I saw at the door was you and I never would have imagined there would be no one at home." Wang Yang looked at Zhu Baoguo with 'self-reproach'. He looked pitiful with his fair complexion, a pair of bright dark eyes and a clear voice. Zhu Qin felt sorry for him and shoved him behind her to protect him from Zhu Baoguo.

"Look, this is a misunderstanding. It was not intentional." With that, Zhu Qin sighed. "But Yang Yang, you owe Brother Baoguo an apology. Did you know that because you mistook someone else as Baoguo, and if not for the teacher who specially made a trip to Zhu family's residence, your brother would have missed the exams for one to two subjects?"

Her nephew had finally bucked up and made an effort in his studies. If he missed his exams because he overslept and had no one to wake him up—hence could not make it into high school as a result—Zhu Qin would find it too ridiculous and a sheer pity.

"Yes, we have to thank Qiao Nan for this." Elder Zhu looked at Qiao Nan with grateful eyes. "If Qiao Nan had not noticed Baoguo had yet to reach school and notified the teacher, Baoguo might not have been able to make it for his middle school exams."

"Alright, enough of all the gratitude. I will express my gratitude to Xiao Qiao myself. Now, let's sort this out first. Why was there no one in our house that day? Even if Wang Yang mistook someone for me, when did I ever sleep like a log and could not wake up at all? If not for Teacher Chen, who kept shouting at us, found out from the neighbor that I was still at home and knocked on our front door till I woke up, I might have just slept the whole day. It was as if I was the reincarnation of the god of sleep! Do you think that I am as gullible as a three-year-old kid?"

Zhu Baoguo could not wait to break Wang Yang's neck at the thought of what happened that day.

Due to Xiao Qiao's reminder, he had been very careful that day. He did not even drink a sip of the water that Wang Yang poured for him. He never imagined that he would still fall prey to his tricks.

Zhu Baoguo was sure that Wang Yang had something to do with him sleeping like a log!

Everyone in the Zhu family was quiet at Zhu Baoguo's doubts.

Zhu Baoguo was not a sleepy head; he was always full of energy.

Given this situation, no matter how tired Zhu Baoguo had been, it would have been impossible for him to sleep like a log and miss his middle school exams because no one woke him up.

Zhu Baoguo was neither sick nor tired. But why would he sleep like a log?

"Tell me, give me a good explanation!" Zhu Baoguo pulled a face and shouted brashly, "Auntie, I will not deny that you took care of me when I was young. However, between a son and a nephew, we all know who you favor so there is no need to spell it out. Yes, I do not have a mom, but I did not ask for it. Did I even have a choice? If I had a mom, would I need you to take care of me? My mom would take better care of me than you. I might be young, but I know what is going on. These years my dad has given uncle a lot of help. My dad helped him because you are his younger sister; it was on account that you were siblings. It is true that you took care of me when I was young, but why was it considered an act of kindness? Auntie, this is not how one does things."

"Baoguo." Elder Zhu was dumbfounded. The grandson who used to be rebellious had truly grown up. What he said was reasonable and fair.

His words might be curt, yet it made sense.

But his words put his daughter on the spot.

"Grandpa, don't blame me for my temper and don't keep saying that I malign Wang Yang. If we could not clear up what happened that day, I am onto him. Why would he tell everyone that I had left for school early in the morning? It's alright if he mistook someone for me, but it so happened that I slept like a log on that day. Why would there be so many coincidences? Out of everyone, he was the only one who mistook someone else for me. I looked for him as I have doubts, and this is considered as malign? If all of you insist, fine, take it that I malign him. If my dad is here, I would still say all these. If all of you still think that I am maligning Wang Yang, that is simple, tell me what exactly happened on that day. Don't try to cook up some excuses to deceive me. I have a nasty temper. If you dare to fool me, don't blame me for blowing things up!"

Zhu Baoguo was truly the bully in the quad. He even acted brazenly toward his elders.

His words did not seem to be words from a junior. He was practically a little devil.

Zhu family sunk into silence at Zhu Baoguo's domineering attitude.

No one in the Zhu family believed it was Wang Yang's doing that had caused Zhu Baoguo to barely make it in time for his middle school exams. Wang Yang was so well-behaved; he would never do such ridiculous and useless things.

But no one was able to give a reason as to why would Zhu Baoguo sleep like a log on that day. Why would Wang Yang, who had good eyesight, mistook someone for Zhu Baoguo on that particular morning and told everyone in the Zhu family that Zhu Baoguo had gone to school early in the morning for his middle school exams?

It could all be a coincidence, but nobody had a solid proof.

Zhu Baoguo was the victim. It was reasonable for him to demand an explanation.

Things had come to a dead end. There seemed to be no solution to it.

Elder Zhu had a bad headache. He could not say that his grandson was wrong. After all, he almost missed his middle school exams; he was the victim. Sadly, with this attitude of his, no one would see him as the victim.

Besides, he could not bring himself to question Wang Yang.

Wang Yang might have mistaken someone else for him. However, if Elder Zhu was to question him, with Wang Yang's sensitive personality, he might think that they believed Zhu Baoguo's words and thought that he did it on purpose.

"Grandpa, Mom, it was my fault. Brother Baoguo, can you accept my apology? What do you want me to do? I will do it according to your wishes." Wang Yang gritted his teeth and controlled himself as not to direct his ominous gaze at Qiao Nan.

This wretched woman had spoiled his plans time and again. Last time she helped him with his studies, and now she noticed Zhu Baoguo's absence in school and notified the teacher to come looking for Zhu Baoguo.

If not for her, Zhu Baoguo would have still been asleep when the first exam was over!

If not for her relationship with Zhai Sheng, he would have dealt with her and made her leave the quad!

"Apologize?" Zhu Baoguo crossed his arms around his chest and smirked. "Do you think a simple apology will do when you plotted against me to make me late for my exams? What is the use of an apology? Why don't I do the same to you when it's your middle school exams next year? I will apologize to you afterward, and we will take it as if nothing has happened."

Zhu Baoguo was someone who requited like for like.

He was not joking or making a threat when he said those words. In fact, he sounded very serious. Zhu Qin and Wang Yang paled at his words.

"Dad!" Zhu Qin had no other choice but to seek help from Elder Zhu. "Yang Yang has such good results. He would definitely do well for his middle school exams. You cannot…" allow Baoguo to ruin Yang Yang.



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