Looking at the slip of paper in her hand, Qiao Nan smiled. "Then thank you Brother Zhai," After saying that, Qiao Nan put away the slip of paper with extreme care.

"Alright, I'm leaving," Having said this, Zhai Sheng left the quad and was picked up by a car just after he stepped out of the entrance.

"Brother Wang, since that man has left, do we continue to deal with that little babe?" Wang Yang and the group, who had seemingly left, were in fact hiding at a corner and watching Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng.

Wang Yang looked pale. If his eyes were not playing tricks on him, that man with surname Zhai took a glance towards his direction before he boarded the car.

His parents and grandparents had told him this before - amongst the many children in the quad, he could offend anyone except for Zhai Sheng.

He did not yearn for anyone's liking, but it would be an achievement if Zhai Sheng could see him as his younger brother.

When he was younger, Wang Yang tried, but Zhai Sheng saw through him immediately. No matter how obedient and sensible he portrayed himself to be in front of Zhai Sheng, the latter had never spoken a good word to him.

After a long time, Wang Yang understood. It was not possible for him to be in Zhai Sheng's good books.

Although he could not gain Zhai Sheng's liking, at the very least, he could not let Zhai Sheng increase his dislike towards him. As such, Wang Yang usually avoided Zhai Sheng.

The reason Wang Yang hid in this place was to find out about the relationship between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan.

If Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan were just hi and bye friends, he would not let Qiao Nan off if she continued to help Zhu Baoguo to change for the better and wreck his plan.

However, the situation was different now. That harsh look of warning that Zhai Sheng cast at him before leaving was telling. Wang Yang was not stupid and he understood.

In other words, if Wang Yang dared to make any trouble for Qiao Nan, it would mean that he was going against Zhai Sheng. So, he had to take this into careful consideration when he acted.

Qiao Nan had Zhai Sheng's backing, Wang Yang dared not create trouble for her anymore.

"Let's go!" Wang Yang's face was red with anger. It had cost him a bomb to hire these people for today.

In the end, he did not accomplish anything despite spending so much. He was feeling the pinch.

This would not do. When he was back, he needed to think of a way to prevent Zhu Baoguo from changing for the better. All that belonged to the Zhu family must become his eventually.

Since he could not lay his hands on Qiao Nan, then he would continue to deal with Zhu Baoguo.

He grew up with Zhu Baoguo and was very clear of Zhu Baoguo's temperament. He did not believe that he could not cajole Zhu Baoguo just like he had done before.

At the thought that Elder Zhu thought so highly of Zhu Baoguo, there was a flash of fury in Wang Yang's eyes. "Still not leaving, there's no money for you if you stay here!"

"Leaving. Of course we will obey Brother Wang." As soon as the leader of the hooligans heard that he would be receiving the money now, his eyes lit up. He was not in a hurry to leave.

He was pursuing the matter and unwilling to give up on Qiao Nan because of the money in Wang Yang's pocket. It was not really because of Qiao Nan's beauty.

"Thanks Brother Wang." After successfully receiving the money, the hooligan leader smiled. "Brother Wang, if you need anything in future, please feel free to contact the few of us, we will always make ourselves available for you. We rely on you to look out for us going forward."

"After you take the money, please hide for the next few days, don't get caught. Do you still remember what you did not long ago?" Wang Yang said with a gloomy face.

"Don't worry Brother Wang. We remember." The hooligan leader's expression changed and became solemn.

The matter mentioned by Wang Yang was none other than the last incident where Zhu Baoguo was nearly beaten till death.

At that time, Wang Yang only gave the hooligans a sum of money and instructed them to make Zhu Baoguo a handicap.

After they completed the task, he would then think of a way to pay them a large sum of money, and let them leave Ping Cheng to make a living in other places.

He did not expect that Zhu Baoguo, being too stubborn and bad tempered, said things that nearly drove the hooligans mad. While beating him, the hooligans had already forgotten Wang Yang's instructions, they were so furious that they wanted to kill Zhu Baoguo.

After the police chased them away, the hooligans were in cold sweat and totally regretted what they had done.

They were well aware of what the Zhu family was like.

They dared to lay their hands on Zhu Baoguo only because Wang Yang was the grandson of the Zhu family.

Unless the Zhu family was willing to disown Wang Yang and send him to jail, otherwise, there should not be a major issue if they just followed Wang Yang's instructions. If not, they could simply sell Wang Yang out. He was the mastermind anyway.

However, they did not have the guts to kill someone.

Wang Yang was the maternal grandson of the Zhu family. If Zhu Baoguo was dead, even if Wang Yang was the paternal and not maternal grandson, there was no reason for the Zhu family to side with him when he did not even care about the death of his cousin. Furthermore, Zhu Baoguo was the only paternal grandson of the Zhu family.

Hence, when Qiao Nan called the police during the incident, she not only saved the life of Zhu Baoguo, but also that of the hooligans. To the hooligans, she appeared at the right time.

"Brother, we didn't expect that this young lady was the one who saved Zhu Baoguo last time, she's quite pretty," said one the the lads beside the hooligan leader after he got the money.

The hooligan leader Zhao Shan smiled as he counted the money in his wallet. "She's really not bad looking."

"Brother, whenever you take a liking to any young lady, don't mention about touching a strand of hair, you will not give up if you did not touch people's bosoms. You seemed to have lost your touch today?" One of the brothers laughed and expressed that Zhao Shan was out of form today.

"What the hell do you know. If not for this young lady, Zhu Baoguo would have been killed by us. Even Wang Yang cannot save us then. Today, take it that we are repaying her for saving us." Zhao San snorted. He believed that even thieves had their code of conduct.

"Brother you are so loyal to your friends, we made the right choice to be under your wing." After hearing what Zhao San said, the group of hooligans felt more at ease. "Brother, where do we go next?"

"Where? Let's have a good feast, go!"

On a separate note, hearing from Zhai Sheng that Wang Yang was such a character, Qiao Nan could not help getting worried for Zhu Baoguo.

Most importantly, Zhao Shan recognised Qiao Nan. When she saw Zhao Shan, she also had a sense of familiarity.

Linking to what Zhai Sheng said earlier, Qiao Nan could not help thinking for the worse.

In the previous life, Zhu Baoguo was beaten to death. It could have been Wang Yang's doing. This, this was too merciless!

In the previous life, Qiao Nan was only occupied with earning money. She did not know Zhu Baoguo's situation. She only knew that after Zhu Baoguo's death, all the hooligans that were involved in this matter went to jail and were shot as they were given death sentences.

As to what happened to the Zhu family subsequently, Qiao Nan had no impression.

If Wang Yang was plotting against Zhu Baoguo because of Zhu family's assets, she would be driven to her grave if she found out that Wang Yang really got his wish after Zhu Baoguo's death.



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