Everyone in the Zhu family believed that Zhu Baoguo would make good on his words. Who would not be worried or fearful? Wang Yang stiffened as well, for fear that Zhu Baoguo would do the same to him.

"Elder Zhu, it is actually quite easy for the Zhu family to sort things out," Qiao Nan who sat quietly spoke up.

Elder Zhu, who was exasperated by Zhu Baoguo, looked at Qiao Nan. "What is it that you want to say? It has been a few days, can we still find out what's going on?"

Besides, it was an accident. What was there to investigate?

"Xiao Qiao, just tell them what solution you have." Zhu Baoguo glared at Elder Zhu. Qiao Nan was his guest. Elder Zhu should keep a check on his attitude.

Minutes ago, he was thinking to thank Qiao Nan, but now he looked at her with such an attitude?

"…" Elder Zhu pulled the corner of his lips helplessly. He softened his gaze toward Qiao Nan. His attitude just now was not suitable.

No matter what, it was Qiao Nan who helped Zhu Baoguo improve his results.

If not for Qiao Nan, his grandson would have missed the middle school exams. All those relatives of his could not match up to an outsider who went to such great lengths to help him.

"All of you think it was purely a coincidence that Zhu Baoguo overslept, while Zhu Baoguo felt that someone plotted against him. Science is so advanced now. All we have to do is to do some tests to find out the truth." Qiao Nan gave her two cents' worth after she was given the right to make comments.

"You wanted the Zhu family to make use of public resources for private purposes?" Zhu Qin disagreed. "People from the Zhu family would never do this."

"That is simple. You can pay to do it or send it somewhere where you need to pay to do the tests."

Wang Yang laughed in disdain. He had thought that Qiao Nan would be able to come up with a clever plan. He only fed Zhu Baoguo some sleeping pills on the night before the first exam.

Three whole days had passed since. Moreover, he only used small, but sufficient, doses to make Zhu Baoguo sleep like a log. He would not die from it. Hence, the body must have already metabolized it. He was not silly.

She was too naive to think that he would be scared and thrown into confusion, giving himself away by her feeble threats.

She was a woman after all, useless and stupid.

"So many days have passed. Will there be any results from the tests?" Elder Zhu was slightly calmer now. It would be good to do a test. Zhu Baoguo could put his heart to rest and Yang Yang could be cleared of suspicions.

Elder Zhu was annoyed at the stalemate just now where he could neither reassure Zhu Baoguo nor could he give an explanation to anyone.

"So it is this method." Zhu Baoguo's eyes sparkled and he slapped on his thigh. "Xiao Qiao, you wanted me to collect my urine that day because of this?"

It was the first day of middle school exams. Even though Qiao Nan told Zhu Baoguo to focus on the exams and settle scores when exams were over, she had also reminded him to gather some evidence, lest he ended up being told off for making troubles out of nothing.

"Collect… collect urine?" Wang Yang was stunned. He did not see this coming.

"There was not only urine but also blood." Zhu Baoguo laughed at Wang Yang's reaction. "Didn't all of you want to prove his innocence? Let's send it for tests. We will then be able to determine who the good guy is and vice versa."

"Is it accurate?" Zhu Qin paused momentarily. It would be good if it would clear her son of suspicions. But what if it was inaccurate?

"Auntie, we must believe in science." Qiao Nan laughed. "It might not work for other cases, but it would work for this."

"Let's do the test!" Qiao Nan was a good student. In Elder Zhu's eyes, the words coming from a good student must be right. "Baoguo, do you have everything with you? That's good. Let's go to the hospital now."

There would be no peace at home as long as this matter was unresolved.

He could not possibly do nothing while Baoguo suspected and disliked Yang Yang, and would deal with him when he sat for middle school exams next year.

"Baoguo, if the tests show that it's a misunderstanding, what would you do?" Elder Zhu looked at Zhu Baoguo, asking for his promise.

"If he is innocent, I will apologize to him in whatever ways you want." Zhu Baoguo understood Elder Zhu's meaning. "But if I did not malign him, Grandpa, should you not make a promise as well?"

"That is impossible." Of course, Elder Zhu would never believe that Wang Yang was the culprit.

"We have not even done the tests, but you already had your answer. What is there to test for! If the results show that someone drugged me, would all of you blame it on the hospital, saying that the machine is faulty, or that the culprit is someone else? If so, why is there the need to go to the hospital? You are just making a fool of me!"

They only wanted to prove that Wang Yang was innocent, not to prove that he was guilty. Such disgusting behavior.

Enraged, Zhu Baoguo widened his eyes like an annoyed bull. He gave a backward kick at the table in front of him, causing squeaking and screeching sounds.

Elder Zhu was helpless. He did not know what to do with an angered Zhu Baoguo. Even his aunt, Zhu Qin, dared not say a word to calm him down. She could only watch on while Zhu Baoguo boiled with anger to the extent that fire could almost be seen spewing from his head, creating a rampage at home.

"What is wrong?" A clear and cool voice, peaceful and calm as the mountain spring, was heard. It was as if ice water was poured over the raging fire. Zhu Baoguo who was huffing and puffing with anger quietened down in an instant.

Though Zhu Baoguo sat down, he was still very agitated. He looked at Qiao Nan and asked indignantly, "Do we just let the matter rest? Should I, your father, suffer in silence?!"

"Whose father are you?" Qiao Nan looked coldly at Zhu Baoguo.

"…" Zhu Baoguo gulped. He was almost at a loss for words. "Looking at the situation now, are you going to find fault with this?"

"Did I say we should let the matter rest? Why is your temper still so nasty? It is not a surprise that you are bullied by the younger siblings. Who can you blame it on but yourself?" Qiao Nan gave Zhu Baoguo a look of disdain and pushed the cup of tea towards him. Without a word, Zhu Baoguo downed the drink.

It was amazing. Zhu Baoguo seemed to have calmed down slightly after the drink.




Elder Zhu, his daughter, and Wang Yang were dumbfounded at the way Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo interacted with each other, especially Elder Zhu who almost rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Was the young man who was so well-behaved the same person as his grandson who had a nasty temper?

Not long ago, the 'lion cub' was still boiling with anger as if he was all ready to tear apart the prey to vent to his anger, yet it only took some appeasing for Zhu Baoguo to calm down. How was this possible!

Not to mention Elder Zhu, no one in the Zhu family had this capability.

What Elder Zhu found most amazing was that Qiao Nan treated Zhu Baoguo coldly all the while; she did not use the soft approach on him.

In the past, if one was to use that attitude with Zhu Baoguo, that person would have been beaten to a pulp by him. What was so special about Qiao Nan? Why would his grandson listen to the young lady's words?



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