"Mom, I know you are the best." After getting a favorable answer, Qiao Zijin smiled. "I have a date with my classmate to buy a dress. Mom…" Qiao Zijin drawled her words pleadingly. At the sound of this, Ding Jiayi's heart crumbled.

Ding Jiayi gave a long sigh. "Zijin, you know that because of your tuition fees, Mom already… Try to save as much as you can whenever possible. It is not like you do not have any clothes to wear. I am not forbidding you to buy, but at least refrain from buying too much."

"I know, I know. I assure you it is just this once. After I buy this dress, I won't ask you for money again during the whole summer vacation. Actually, I have discussed with my classmate. During the vacation, I will be taking up a job together with her. In the future, if I really want to buy something, I won't have to ask you for money anymore."

"Taking up a job? That will be so tiring for you. If there is really a need to work and earn money, let Qiao Nan do it instead. Don't get too tanned under the sun. You won't look good then." Ding Jiayi immediately objected.

"Mom, it won't tire me out. This job is not difficult, I can manage. You have to trust me." Qiao Zijin tugged at Ding Jiayi's arms. "Mom, I will definitely use my first salary to buy you a gift. When the time comes, don't dislike it if it is just a small gift."

"Why would I? As long as you know what you are doing…" Ding Jiayi was smiling so lovingly as though she had eaten sweets.

Qiao Nan, who came out to get water, heard the idiotic conversation between the mother and daughter pair. She did not know what to say and laughed. "Sister, are you going to work?"

Although she did not know how her mother managed to cough out that sum of money at the beginning of the year for Qiao Zijin's tuition fees, she was certain that it did not come from her mother's earnings or savings. She probably borrowed from others.

Didn't she need to return the money that she owed?

Could Qiao Zijin really work? Couldn't she just save some money and ask for less tuition fee from her mother?

The fact was that Qiao Zijin wanted to spend the money on her own self. Buying a gift for her mother was mere sweet talks. However, her mother thought the sun shone out of Qiao Zijin's arse; that was what made Qiao Nan speechless.

"What's wrong? Are you looking down on me? Nan Nan, it's not that I want to chide you. It is not easy for Dad to earn money. Your vacation starts earlier than mine and the duration is so long. You should find a job as well to reduce Dad's burden. We are not grown-ups, but we should know how to be filial," Qiao Zijin lifted her chin and chided Qiao Nan in her face.

"Listen, listen! Do you see how sensible your sister is? You are the heartless one who only knows how to spend money in the family!" Ding Jiayi echoed.

"I remember Sister spent all the family savings last year. During the two months of vacation, she, too, did not step out of the house to work." In this life, Qiao Nan would not be cajoled into finding a job just because of a few sarcastic comments. If she heeded their words, her hard-earned money would eventually benefit Qiao Zijin in her material pursuits of new clothing and shoes.

That being said, Qiao Nan returned to her room after she got her water, not bothering about Ding Jiayi's and Qiao Zijin's reactions.

"Old Qiao, I need to discuss a matter with you." At night, Ding Jiayi pulled Qiao Dongliang to sit on the bed as she talked.


"After Qiao Nan completes her examination, which school do you plan to admit her to?"

"If Nan Nan is eligible, it certainly will be The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China," Qiao Dongliang said as a matter of fact.

"This will not do!" Ding Jiayi shook her head. "This is not appropriate. If Qiao Nan goes to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, then what will happen to Zijin?"

Qiao Dongliang did not understand what Ding Jiayi meant at that instant. "Nan Nan is Nan Nan, Zijin is Zijin. Both are not mutually exclusive. What do you mean by what will happen to Zijin if Nan Nan is admitted to the school?"

"It's regarding the essay competition. If Qiao Nan goes to Zijin's school, how will the teachers view both of them? Zijin said the matter has not been spread to others in the school. If Qiao Nan attends the same school and others ask her about it, will Qiao Nan be able to refrain from talking about it? If this matter is made known to everyone, is Zijin still going to continue her studies? Yes, Zijin is in the wrong, but shouldn't a second chance be given to people who committed mistakes? Is it good to keep harping on this matter? Old Qiao, don't keep thinking for Qiao Nan's sake solely because her grades are better than Zijin's. You should also spare a thought for Zijin."

"Then, do you mean we should sacrifice Nan Nan because of Zijin?" The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China was an excellent school. If both his daughters studied there, that would be such a good thing. Why couldn't they admit Nan Nan to the school?

"No, we are not sacrificing Qiao Nan because of Zijin. For me, it is because of the 5,000 yuan. I know you blame me for spending all the money without discussing with you first, and for seeking Uncle Lee's help. But Zijin is our daughter. Helping her also means we are helping ourselves. After we dumped in the 5,000 yuan, Zijin's grades have been improving. She has been progressing and is going to be successful soon. If Zijin becomes distracted because of this matter and cannot concentrate on her studies, won't our 5,000 yuan go down the drain then? Furthermore, Qiao Nan is intelligent and able to pick things up well. Let me ask you, will Qiao Nan only receive good grades if she attends The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China? Qiao Nan is not Zijin. Zijin's foundation in studies is weaker than Qiao Nan's and will not learn well without the help of good teachers. What about Qiao Nan? Old Qiao, you lack confidence in Qiao Nan. She relies on herself, not the teachers. There won't be much impact on her if she does not attend The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China."

"…" Qiao Dongliang looked at Ding Jiayi in disbelief and shock. "After all, you know that Qiao Nan is smart and good in her studies. Zijin cannot be compared to her at all. I thought that in your eyes, Zijin is the only child that is smart in the entire world, whereas the rest are all idiots."

"…" Listening to Qiao Dongliang's words made Ding Jiayi feel like pinching her own mouth.

Why was she talking nonsense as if she was obsessed?

Ding Jiayi's face turned pale and Qiao Dongliang laughed. "It is okay. You probably did not realize that you were speaking from your heart. See, you actually know that Qiao Nan's grades are much better than Zijin's. From the bottom of your heart, you feel that with Nan Nan's capability, she will not suffer in her grades even if she does not attend The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. If you know Nan Nan is smart and promising in the future, why don't you treat her a little better? It is our blessing to have Nan Nan as our daughter, but why did you have to make so much noise? Do you really want Nan Nan to sever ties with you?"

"She dares disown me?! I gave birth to her!" Ding Jiayi said stubbornly. "Fine, we're not discussing this. What are your thoughts regarding what I said just now? Is it alright? Give me a direct answer."

She really did not want Qiao Nan to study together with Zijin; it would affect the latter's studies.

As for the praises regarding Qiao Nan, Ding Jiayi also did not understand why she said all that as if it was a matter of fact.

"You have to let me think about it. I also have to ask Nan Nan for her opinion." Qiao Dongliang was deep in thoughts and did not want to decide right away.



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