"Pey, what is there to be complacent about? It's just clinching the top place in the middle school examination. You should come in first again in your high school examination and attend the best universities in our country—Tsinghua University and Peking University," the auntie who was rejected spoke harshly.

Although she sounded like sour grapes, she really hoped that Qiao Nan could tutor her grandson. It had to be free of charge and on a voluntary basis.

Qiao Nan did not seem to mind the auntie's reaction. Having finalized the matters pertaining to high school admission, Qiao Nan was elated. She was waiting for Qiao Dongliang to come home so that she could break the good news to him.

Never did she know that the saying 'Blessing and misfortune comes in turn' would come true.

Qiao Nan's good mood only lasted for less than half a day before she heard the bad news.

"Qiao Nan, is your mom not at home?" Qiao Dongliang's colleague ran to the Qiao's residence in a fluster. He did not manage to find Ding Jiayi and only saw Qiao Zijin and Qiao Nan at home.

Since Qiao Dongliang mentioned in his department today about his younger daughter coming in first in the middle school examination, the colleague unconsciously called out Qiao Nan's name first when he spoke.

"My mom is working. What is the matter?" Qiao Nan was stunned. "Are you looking for my mom for anything urgent? Should I bring you to my mom's working place?"

"Something happened your dad!"

"My dad?"

"What happened to my dad?" Qiao Zijin jumped at the news.

"When your dad was delivering something, he was hit by someone's car. He's in the hospital now."

"!" Both Qiao Zijin and Qiao Nan were scared stiff. Qiao Zijin's eyes became wet and drops of tears rolled down her face. "Then… then, is my dad alright? He… he didn't die right, did he?"

"Shush, what nonsense are you talking about?!" Qiao Nan gave Qiao Zijin a stare. "Is my dad's injury serious? Is it because he needs surgery, so my mom must be present to sign the papers? I will bring you to look for my mom now." As she thought about it, Qiao Nan secretly brought along the 300 yuan she received today in case of emergencies.

"Yes, he really needs surgery. Your mom must be present to sign the papers." The colleague did not expect Qiao Nan to react so quickly given her young age, and she knew so much. On the contrary, Qiao Zijin, who was older than her by two years, was scared to tears and did not know anything else.

Qiao Nan found Ding Jiayi with lightning speed. Then, the three of them, mother and daughters, rushed to the hospital.

"Are you all the patient's relatives?" Seeing that Ding Jiayi and the rest was finally here, the doctor came up to them and said in a displeased tone. "Do you know that every second you delay will reduce the survival rate of the injured?!"

"Sorry, Doctor. We are terribly sorry. How is my dad now?" Qiao Nan apologized again and again.

"Your dad's condition is not too good. His waist was injured. We are giving him checkups to find out the specific situation. We can determine the treatment plan afterward. However, your dad's injury is too serious. He definitely needs surgery, so there is a need for his family members to be around. Additionally, you will need to prepare the money."

"This… How much money is required?" Ding Jiayi's voice trembled. She was scared out of her wits.

When Qiao Nan brought someone to inform her earlier that Qiao Dongliang had been knocked down by a car, Ding Jiayi was already so scared that she nearly lost her soul.

Hearing that Qiao Dongliang was so seriously injured now, Ding Jiayi was totally at a loss.

"Mom, how… Will anything happen to Dad? If he needs surgery, our family—do we still have money?" Qiao Zijin was crying pitifully, her eyes all red.

Ding Jiayi also started wiping her tears. "How could we have any money?"

"Mom, this really won't do. Use my tuition fees for Dad's treatment first." Qiao Zijin sniffed.

Ding Jiayi did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Your tuition fees don't amount to much. Your dad's surgery expenses on the other hand… If I knew this would happen, I would not have…" No one knew this would happen to Old Qiao.

"Uncle, you said that my dad was knocked down by a car. Where is the driver?" Qiao Nan took a deep breath and told herself not to panic. If she panicked at this juncture, there would be no hope for her dad who was on the sick bed.

"Don't even mention it. The driver left his car and ran off once he saw someone was knocked down!" Old Qiao was too unlucky. Her daughter just came in first at the middle school examination. While she needed a lot of money for her subsequent education, Old Qiao had to meet with this incident. What would happen to his family in the future?

"…" When she heard about this outcome, Qiao Nan nearly failed to hang on and almost fainted.

The driver actually left the car and ran off. That would mean she could not even find the perpetrator to seek compensation for her father.

"Your family…" Seeing the mother and daughters trio looked stupefied, the colleague knitted his brows. "Why are you in a daze? Is money more important than life? Old Qiao has been working for so long; you should have some savings. Quickly withdraw the money to pay for the medical expenses first. As long as he is still around, the money can be earned back."

Hearing the colleague's words, Ding Jiayi covered her face, crouching on the floor. She started crying loudly.

"Mom, what should we do?" Qiao Zijin also regretted. Now that her father was seriously injured, the family did not even have the money to treat him.

If she knew this would happen, she… she would not have studied at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

No one would have thought that her father would meet with such an accident.

"What do you mean? Do you still want to continue with the treatment?" The doctor's patience was running out.

As a doctor, he had seen a lot of such situations. However, the hospital also required money for its operations. Doctors like him also needed to survive. Without money, there was nothing to talk about. Otherwise, the hospital would not be able to continue operating.

"Yes, we have money." Qiao Nan took out the scholarship. "I will pay for my dad first. If it is not enough, we will compensate for it later. Doctor, you must save my dad!"

Seeing the considerable amount of money in Qiao Nan's hands, Ding Jiayi stood up, rushed over, and gave her a slap. "You're a white-eyed wolf! Your dad was so good to you, but you actually hid all the money and refused to take them out. Do you want to watch your dad die?!"

"Sister-in-law, what are you doing?" The colleague tried to shield Qiao Nan from the blow but he was a step too late. That slap fell right on Qiao Nan's face, half of it swelling immediately. Ding Jiayi had obviously used much of her strength.

The colleague was angered by this situation. "Qiao Nan did not wish for Old Qiao to meet with such an incident. Furthermore, is Qiao Nan the only one who is concerned about Old Qiao who is in the hospital for treatment? What other savings does your family have? Quickly take them out!"

Although the colleague was curious why Qiao Nan, who was just a child, had so much money, he was unhappy that Ding Jiayi was behaving like a block of wood. Qiao Dongliang was already so seriously injured, but Ding Jiayi could not do anything properly except for crying and hitting others.

"Uncle, you do not need to ask my mom anymore. She has used up all the savings in my family for my sister's education. I got this money from the teacher just now; it is my scholarship. I will pay for my dad first and we will talk later." After saying this coldly, Qiao Nan took back the scholarship from Ding Jiayi's hands and handed it over.



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