"Impossible! If you did not say something to your dad, why would he behave strangely today and give us strange looks?" Ding Jiayi pulled at Qiao Nan, refusing to let her go.

They were outside the hospital on the road and Ding Jiayi was pulling at her. For no reasons, Qiao Nan was reminded of the accident she had in her previous life and was enveloped by fear. Her countenance changed. "Mom, that's enough. What is wrong with Dad that you have to keep coming at me?! Besides, if you have anything to say, you can do so at home! Must you say your piece on the road?!"

Ding Jiayi was stunned by Qiao Nan's fierce and harsh attitude.

While Ding Jiayi was stunned, Qiao Nan slapped her hands away, turned, and ran off, trying her best to widen her distance between them.

"You…" Ding Jiayi saw Qiao Nan ran off and was about to give chase, but she was startled by the loud honking sounds of the cars.

Seeing the cars sped by right in front of her, Ding Jiayi turned pale and patted her chest a few times. Qiao Nan was right. Next time, they should not stand on the road to talk.

Old Qiao ended up in the hospital because he was hit by a car.

When Ding Jiayi reached home, she went to the kitchen and lifted the lid of the pot, wanting to get some food for herself. But no food could be found in the kitchen. There wasn't even a bowl of leftover rice. "Qiao Nan, didn't you make the shredded chicken porridge? Where's the porridge?"

Old Qiao only had a few bowls of the porridge. Surely there would be some leftovers.

"Dad finished them all," Qiao Nan said coldly.

"Impossible! You cooked the entire chicken, so how could there be only two bowls of porridge? Who are you trying to deceive?! Given your sister's appetite, she could not have finished everything. Where did you keep the porridge?" Ding Jiayi had planned for Qiao Zijin to go home first, so she could heat up the porridge Qiao Nan made.

She might not like Qiao Nan, but Qiao Nan had good culinary skills.

She intended for Qiao Zijin to come home first to have a few bowls of the shredded chicken porridge before returning to the hospital to look after Qiao Dongliang.

By the time she came back, she could finish the rest of the porridge.

Ding Jiayi craved for the porridge since Qiao Dongliang was all praises for the porridge just now.

"An entire chicken?" Qiao Nan had a mock smile on her face. "What is the situation of our family? Where would I have the money to buy an entire chicken? Just as I have said in the hospital, there is nothing left. I have given all the porridge to Dad!"

"Are you serious? Is there really nothing left?" Ding Jiayi widened her eyes. "What did your sister eat for dinner when she came back home just now?"

"How would I know? Since my sister is healthy, she should be able to make some food for herself. If you want to know what my sister had just now, you should ask her."

"You…" Ding Jiayi was speechless. "Your sister knows to care for my well-being, but why can't you be the same? I am your mom. I went through so much suffering to give birth to you. Now that I am home, do you intend to deny me a warm meal?"

Ding Jiayi was waiting for Qiao Nan to prepare food for her.

"Hungry?" Qiao Nan thought for a while and ran out. She came back in less than half an hour, buying four big buns and a box of green pepper with potato shreds. "Help yourself."

Ding Jiayi was so starved that she did not bother to argue with Qiao Nan. She grabbed the buns, picked up some potato shreds, and dug in.

Ever since she started working, Ding Jiayi's appetite had become bigger. Initially, she had wanted to have three buns, but Qiao Nan ate very fast as well and had two of the four buns.

After the meal, Ding Jiayi cleaned herself and went to sleep.

Ding Jiayi woke up the next day morning and prepared to go to work. Before leaving the house, she ordered Qiao Nan, "Before going to the hospital to take over your sister's shift, wash your sister's and my clothes."

Ding Jiayi left for work afterward.

Qiao Nan gave a big yawn, washed her own clothes and pretended not to see Ding Jiayi's and Qiao Zijin's clothes.

As soon as she finished hanging out the clothes to dry, she heard some sounds at the door. Qiao Nan ran out, "Is that Brother Zhai?"

Zhai Sheng was here today again, and he had with him half a chicken and some vegetables. Qiao Nan opened the door and invited him in.

"I have brought mushrooms as well. You can put them into the porridge. After handing the chicken and mushrooms to Qiao Nan, Zhai Sheng sat down comfortably as if he was in his own house.

"Alright." Qiao Nan walked straight to the kitchen with the chicken. She boiled the chicken until it gave off a nice fragrant, then she shredded the chicken and put them into the porridge.

As there were mushrooms today, the shredded chicken porridge tasted better than yesterday.

She left the porridge to boil over low heat, wiped her hands, and sat down opposite of Zhai Sheng. "Brother Zhai, is the porridge fulfilling enough? Even though the dishes they sold outside might not be as tasty, you are not picky with your food. It is much simpler to buy some dishes from outside. I came back late yesterday, and that's what I had for dinner."

"It's okay." Zhai Sheng lied without batting an eyelid.

"Is there no one at home?" Qiao Nan tilted her head and looked at Zhai Sheng with a puzzled expression.

Qiao Nan was unwilling to accept anything Zhai Sheng gave her. After all, she had owed him a huge sum of money.

However, Zhai Sheng bought half a skinned chicken yesterday morning and came over to the Qiao family's residence, asking whether Qiao Nan knew how to cook.

When he came back from the army this time, no one was at home to prepare meals for him. Therefore, he wanted to know if Qiao Nan could make some porridge for him. He was craving for some porridge.

Qiao Nan had no other talents except good culinary skills. She agreed readily and made chicken porridge with half a chicken. Apart from the porridge, Qiao Nan gave Zhai Sheng to bring home with him, Zhai Sheng made Qiao Nan have a big bowl of the porridge and asked her to bring the remaining porridge to Qiao Dongliang in a thermos flask.

"No." Zhai Sheng lied again without batting an eyelid. Zhai Hua was at home, but Zhai Sheng conveniently treated his biological sister, Zhai Hua, as non-existent and lied to Qiao Nan.

Zhai Hua might be at home, but she did not know how to cook. Hence, it did not matter whether she was at home.

"The porridge is ready, Brother Zhai. Do you want to bring them back?"

"No need. I am hungry and will have a bowl of porridge here before bringing them back."

"Alright." This time, Qiao Nan prepared two bowls of porridge without waiting for Zhai Sheng's orders, one for Zhai Sheng and one for herself.

She did not prepare a bowl of porridge for herself yesterday. In the end, Zhai Sheng looked at her without any expression and said, "Do you want to stare at me while I eat?"

Qiao Nan found it to be awkward too, so she had a bowl of porridge with Zhai Sheng.

Qiao Nan felt very satisfied and contented after finishing the bowl of shredded chicken porridge. As expected, it was wonderful and fortunate to be well-fed. "Brother Zhai, I have put the porridge into the pot. It is all thanks to you that my dad and I get to savor such good food again."

"No worries. I might have to trouble you with my meals these few days. We should help each other." Zhai Sheng took the pot of porridge with him as if it was as light as a cotton ball.



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