For some unknown reasons, Zhai Sheng's anger rose. Hence, his tone to Qiao Nan was unprecedentedly serious and formal. Qiao Nan was so scared that she could not help sitting up in a prim and proper manner.

"You must know that the people in the current society are very complicated. You are a young lady and must be alert of your own safety. After attending biological class, you should know that men have an invasive nature toward women. You have also seen the usual news on the television. You can't always perceive the world and outsiders in your own lenses, especially those men."

"Bro-Brother Zhai, don't you think you made it sound too serious? Are you talking about those rape cases on the news? No, impossible. That would not happen to me." Qiao Nan was embarrassed for a while. Although Zhai Sheng was concerned out of his good intentions, she kept feeling that Zhai Sheng had gone overboard in his description.

This world was a little messy. There were a lot of messy cases.

She was not bad-looking and do have some admirers.

But in her previous life, she was almost forty years old. She could only say that she was still a virgin before she was driven to the grave by her mother!

"Do you think that it is impossible?!" Zhai Sheng's fury turned into a blaze at the sight of Qiao Nan's laissez-faire attitude.

Without saying a word, Zhai Sheng sat beside Qiao Nan and wrapped his two arms, which were as strong and sturdy as steel, around Qiao Nan's little waist. He circled Qiao Nan into his arms and made his hug seemed like a little cage that was small, yet big enough to imprison Qiao Nan so that she could not escape.

"Tell me, if I were to do anything to you now, will you have the strength to resist?"

"No." After being hugged by Zhai Sheng in this way, Qiao Nan was stunned. Her head was in a daze. She felt that the thing called 'sanity' had flown out of her body. She said in a silly manner, "Brother Zhai, you won't."

Zhai Sheng was both amused and angry. "Why not?" He was also a man!

"Brother Zhai, you are a soldier!" Would soldiers also commit a crime?

"Who told you that there is an absolutely good guy in this world?" Zhai Sheng suddenly realized that Qiao Nan really liked soldiers a lot. She was nearly blinded by her trust and worship toward soldiers. In regard to this, Zhai Sheng felt a faint sense of joy but also some pressure.

As a soldier, Zhai Sheng always knew that he definitely would not have much time to accompany his wife and children if he was married in the future.

Even if something happened at home, he might not be able to return and needed to rely on his wife alone to bear the situation. Even when his child was sick, unlike other families, there would not be a father to shuttle the child around.

Although Zhai Sheng was still young, he often heard his subordinates discussing such matters.

Hence, Zhai Sheng had heard more than once that some women could not tolerate such loneliness. As a result, they did many things that embarrassed themselves and others.

Given this situation, it became difficult for the army personnel to find marriage. Many women declined even before meeting up as soon as they heard that the other party was from the army.

In view of this, Qiao Nan would not decline the idea of being the spouse of a soldier at the very least. But in other words, Qiao Nan also did not have any resistance toward soldiers, did she?

"But Brother Zhai is different!" Qiao Nan said with certainty.

From Qiao Nan's perspective, if a man was holding pornographic reading material, then he must be having dirty thoughts.

However, if the man was Zhai Sheng, reading pornographic materials aside, even if he were watching pornographic films, Qiao Nan would first assume that Zhai Sheng was hunting down those sex crimes!

This was the psychology of an obsessed female fan.

It was a pity that Zhai Sheng did not really understand this currently. When he knew, it was…

Zhai Sheng could only express that it was a very 'satisfying' thing to be able to marry a crazy fan.

At this juncture, Zhai Sheng could not experience such a fortunate feeling. He was both amused and angered by the absolute trust Qiao Nan had on him without any apparent reason. "No matter what, you are going to listen to what I said!"

"Yes!" Brother Zhai was her benefactor and creditor. He was also the future chief. Of course, she must listen to Brother Zhai's words!

After receiving the answer he wanted, Zhai Sheng loosened his arms around Qiao Nan and placed Qiao Nan on the seat beside him. "Then, do you remember what I told you just now?"

"Remember." Qiao Nan nodded her head to show her obedience. "It is really an accident today!"

In the aggregate of her two lifetimes, not to mention other male strangers, even Chen Jun, who was her boyfriend, had never seen her drying her lingerie before.

"It is best that this type of accident does not occur twice." Especially in front of other men.

"It won't." Qiao Nan heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that Brother Zhai was not angry anymore. "Brother Zhai, are you hungry? What do you want to eat today?"

"The ingredients are there. You can take a look and cook accordingly." Zhai Sheng's eyes turned to glance at the ingredients he placed on the floor earlier.

"Oh, okay." Qiao Nan stood up without a word and carried the ingredients brought by Zhai Sheng to the kitchen.

After Qiao Nan entered the kitchen, Zhai Sheng knitted his brows and kept thinking that his reaction today was a little odd, particularly the inexplicable anger he displayed toward Qiao Nan. In actual fact, this was indeed an accident, and Qiao Nan did not do it on purpose.

Qiao Nan was oblivious to Zhai Sheng's dilemma. She was whole-heartedly focused on the ingredients for cooking. The fish Zhai Sheng brought today was quite fresh. It was as if it had just been killed before he came.

After some consideration, Qiao Nan stewed a fish soup.

Qiao Nan was aware that Zhai Sheng wanted to help her nourish her father by bringing over the ingredients every day. Otherwise, it would not be so coincidental that the ingredients he brought each time were just right for the purpose.

Given Qiao Dongliang's current condition, he would be able to take in some dry food after consuming another one or two days of liquid food.

Having understood Zhai Sheng's good intentions, Qiao Nan was not wishy-washy about it.

The Qiao family was already riddled with problems. Even though she had borrowed money from Brother Zhai, he would not pressure her for payments. However, her father's medical expenses were running out, and she could not possibly borrow from Brother Zhai again, could she?

She did well in the middle school examination, and her tuition and miscellaneous fees were waived. However, she still needed to pay the money for her meals.

As for Qiao Zijin's problem, she would leave it to Ding Jiayi to worry.

Qiao Nan was in a fix over the necessary expenditure for her schooling. Qiao Dongliang definitely needed a period of rest after he was discharged from the hospital.

Therefore, for the next two months or so, the Qiao family's finance would be in deficit. There would only be expenses and no income.

At the thought of this problem, Qiao Nan gave a huge sigh while she was stewing the fish soup. Given her current situation, it was too difficult for her to make money. She had to take care of her father. Even if she were to work during the two months of vacation, it was probably not enough to pay for a few days' worth of medication for her father.

At this moment, Zhai Sheng walked in."Why did you sigh when things are fine? Right, I have something to tell you."



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