The ward mate's words stunned Qiao Dongliang, leaving him in deep thoughts.

After some time, Qiao Dongliang looked at Qiao Nan and asked, "Nan Nan, do you really understand what is written in these documents?"

"Most of it." Qiao Nan, who was totally engrossed in the translation work, did not even lift her head. She was reading the documents meticulously and thoroughly. When she had the gist of it, she made a few drafts, organized the sentence structures in her mind, and then penned down the translated contents in Chinese.

As Qiao Nan was very conscientious, both Qiao Dongliang and the ward mate suddenly stopped chatting. They quietly maintained the silence. All of a sudden, those in the entire ward could only hear the sounds of Qiao Nan flipping the papers and scribbling down words as the tip of her pen touched the surface of the papers.

After two hours, Qiao Nan had written a page full of words.

Both Qiao Dongliang and the ward mate had been staring at Qiao Nan all this while. Strangely, they did not feel bored at all.

As they watched Qiao Nan transformed the tadpole-like language which was alien to them into the Chinese language that they were familiar with, both old men were very amazed, especially the ward mate whose eyes were full of awe and novelty.

When Qiao Nan stopped writing, Qiao Dongliang asked with a dumbfounded look, "Nan Nan, are you helping someone translate a foreign language into Chinese?"

"Yes." Qiao Nan rolled her neck. She was too focused earlier and having maintained the same posture for two hours, her body was very stiff now.

Qiao Nan immediately stood up to twist her neck, shake her hands, kick her legs and turned around in circles.

In her previous life, Qiao Nan was very particular about making this a habit. As such, she was quite healthy and did not suffer from occupational illnesses.

"Nan Nan, do you really know how to do this?" Qiao Dongliang sighed, feeling something amiss. "Nan Nan, do you know the Zhai family's situation? Our family may owe the Zhai family money, but you are still a child. Don't be anxious about it. Dad will pay them back. It is not that Dad does not believe in you, but this is just too difficult. At the very least, we should not do them a disservice, should we?"

To Qiao Dongliang and the ward mate, translation was a job that was beyond them.

In his lifetime, Qiao Dongliang did not expect there would be someone in his family who could translate.

As said by his ward mate, this job was not for everyone. Even college students might not be able to do it, not to mention a high school student.

Qiao Dongliang was very worried. Given the status of the Zhai family, the items required by them would probably be of great importance. What if his younger daughter failed to do a good job and caused trouble?

At the thought of what she had just translated, Qiao Nan was also a little hesitant. Speaking of these contents, Brother Zhai was really confident in her!

Qiao Nan pulled the corners of her mouth and said with some hesitance, "Dad, don't worry. Brother Zhai is very good in English. After my translation, Brother Zhai will definitely review it first and decide whether the translation is passable. There shouldn't be too much of a problem."

"That is good, then." Qiao Dongliang heaved a sigh of relief. Qiao Nan managed to assure him.

Qiao Dongliang was not worried now, but Qiao Nan was. She was especially worried about the documents that she brought here, as well as the translated content.

This was not an ordinary translation job. Damn, she took up a time bomb.

Fortunately, she was not someone prominent. Otherwise, with such documents on hand, she would have been targeted umpteen times by others.

Brother Zhai was challenging the limits of her heart!!

If not for fear of causing Qiao Dongliang and the ward mate suspicious, Qiao Nan would have quickly tucked the documents into her arms and hid the two copies of English and Chinese contents.

Although Qiao Nan had gone through two lifetimes, she was not so courageous. She was just an ordinary citizen and had never been involved in any major or strategic situations. She felt a little ashamed.

The more she thought of it, the more Qiao Nan felt uneasy. She could not wait to go home immediately and return everything to Zhai Sheng.

She could help with some things, but not everything. Was this an ordinary translation work?

As mentioned by her dad, what if she screwed up the matter due to a wrong translation? If that happened, she would not only do Brother Zhai a disservice but also ruin the Zhai family's reputation. Even worse, she might become a sinner of the country. Damn!

"Why are you here? Where's your sister?" Ding Jiayi, who rushed to the hospital from work, said when she saw Qiao Nan instead of Qiao Zijin. Her tone was not good.

Yesterday, Qiao Dongliang had clearly told Ding Jiayi to come to the hospital early to change shift with Qiao Zijin if she wanted Qiao Zijin to go home earlier to rest.

Ding Jiayi was afraid that it would be too hard and boring for Qiao Zijin to take care of Qiao Dongliang. Hence, she rushed to the hospital directly from work so that she could take over the shift from Qiao Zijin.

With nary a word, Qiao Nan quietly put away all the documents so that her mother could not see any of it. "Sister and I will take turns every day to take care of Dad."

"That's fine." Ding Jiayi nodded her head satisfactorily. "Since you're here, then I shall go home to take a bath and have dinner. I'll come later to take over from you."

Now that Qiao Nan was the one taking care of Qiao Dongliang, Ding Jiayi was no longer so anxious. She wanted to go home to wash up and take a nap to replenish her energy. Thereafter, she would come and take over from Qiao Nan around nine or ten o'clock.

"Since you are already here, don't go home. Nan Nan, you should go back." Qiao Dongliang saw through Ding Jiayi's mind instantly. He shouted directly at Ding Jiayi to stop her.

In the past, Qiao Dongliang had always turned a blind eye to such situations. Now, no way!

"What are you doing? I've been at work all day and I'm sweaty all over. My clothes stink. Don't you mind if I take care of you like that?"

"I do not mind," Qiao Dongliang replied, looking stiff. "Nan Nan, go back. It is rare that your mom is off work early. You should go back early too. Don't wait until the sky is dark. It will be unsafe then."

"Sure, Dad, then I shall go back first." Qiao Nan was so anxious as if her butt has caught fire. Qiao Dongliang's words released Qiao Nan from the ordeal.

Qiao Nan silently held all the documents tightly in her arms, bid goodbye to all the adults in the ward, and ran off with a speed rivaling that of a rabbit.

"You… you're really…" What could Ding Jiayi say when Qiao Nan had already left? She was also worried that if she left, Qiao Dongliang would be angry and request for Qiao Zijin to stay overnight again.

Qiao Nan, who left the hospital, did not bother about how bad Ding Jiayi's mood was. She was only consumed by her own anxiety.

Upon reaching the quad, Qiao Nan ran straight to the Zhai's residence.

Fortunately, Qiao Nan had been keeping with her the keys of the Zhai's residence's back door. It was thus easy for her to enter the residence. "Brother Zhai, are you in?" For the first time, Qiao Nan entered the main residence of the Zhai family instead of the storeroom. She went to the house and shouted, "Brother Zhai, I am Qiao Nan. I am looking for you urgently. It is very important!"

"What is the matter?" Qiao Nan suddenly heard Zhai Sheng's voice from behind her. She had a fright and turned around quickly.

When Qiao Nan looked up, her head was dizzy. She flushed and felt some warm liquid dripping uncontrollably from her nose.



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