Zhai Sheng was wearing a pair of high waist camouflaged shorts and a white cotton singlet top. His singlet was wet and slightly plastered to his body. It was most probably due to the sweating from his exercises. This made Zhai Sheng's well-defined eight-pack abs extremely pronounced, giving Qiao Nan a clear view of his abdomen.

Zhai Sheng's current attire basically showed all of his legs that were below his waist.

Even the long-legged Korean 'oppas' from the 21st century were not as eye-catching as Zhai Sheng.

Qiao Nan already knew that Zhai Sheng was tall, but she did not expect that his legs were so long and he was that tall…

In particular, when she saw Zhai Sheng with his two arms exposed and the sweat flowing down his neck, she felt her nose warming up. She quickly lifted her head, muttering 'Amitabha' and other similar charms in her heart to clear her mind.

The Zhai Sheng at this moment was obviously a mobile masculine-hormone-dispensing machine. He was too tempting.

Qiao Nan never felt like a lecherous girl before. In her previous life, she was someone with a pure heart and few desires up till her death. Qiao Nan never had a day where she yearned for a man, and neither did she think of sexual-related services.

However, when she saw Zhai Sheng today, she felt the impulse to jump on him. When she looked at the sweat flowing down Zhai Sheng's neck, she even had the desire to lick them dry.

The realization hit Qiao Nan hard with a bang, her face beet red.

"What is the matter?" There were beads of sweat at the tips of Zhai Sheng's hair. Zhai Sheng was used to the training in the army. Hence, he had never slackened off even when he was home. "Come in with me to the house first."

Zhai Sheng wanted to go closer to Qiao Nan, but when she saw Qiao Nan's eyes avoiding him and seemingly afraid of looking at him, he hesitated.

Did the smell of sweat on his body make Qiao Nan feel repulsive?

In the army, everyone stinks. Who didn't sweat a few times a day? The smell of the sweat was so strong and repulsive. Zhai Sheng was already used to this. However, Qiao Nan was not a soldier in the army. Moreover, she was just a young lady and probably not used to this smell.

"Wait for me for a moment. I will go and take a shower." Zhai Sheng, who had been used to such sloppiness, was always meticulous before Qiao Nan. He misunderstood the reason why Qiao Nan dared not look at him. Once Zhai Sheng entered the house, he went to his bedroom and took a bath within five minutes. He changed into clean ones before coming out.

This time, Zhai Sheng was not wearing the white cotton singlet which revealed his arms and abs, but a long-sleeved shirt which covered him up well.

At the sight of Zhai Sheng all tightly wrapped up, Qiao Nan's eyes were full of regret.

If she had known that Brother Zhai would be changing into this, she should have taken a few more glances earlier. What a loss!

In the past, Qiao Nan did not understand why men were so interested in those magazines which pictured women in revealing attires. They tended to carry and read them all day long, occasionally letting out lewd sounds. Now, Qiao Nan understood them a little.

Who would have thought that the day would come when she would actually like to 'look' at a man!

"Cough…" When she realized that her thoughts were straying to the point of being censored to those below eighteen years of age, Qiao Nan's face became as red as an apple. She was too embarrassed to look at Zhai Sheng. "Brother Zhai, did you pass the wrong documents to me? Are these not things that I am not supposed to see?"

Qiao Nan had her head bowed. She only dared to look at the tip of Zhai Sheng's shoes and not anywhere else. She was fearful that her thoughts would go astray when she saw other things and became a lecherous woman.

She was never like that in the past!

"You have already translated a part of it?" Zhai Sheng's muscular arms reached out. He placed the original document and its translation together. As he read them, there were frequent flashes of surprise in his eyes.

During the past year, he did not have many opportunities to interact with Qiao Nan. He knew Qiao Nan's English was not bad, but she was only a student who was entering high school. Qiao Nan's standard of English had far exceeded his expectations.

Zhai Sheng's initial thoughts were that the Qiao family was in need of money, and Qiao Nan's mother was a capricious character. Given the situation, Qiao Nan certainly did not have sufficient money to continue with her studies.

He could not simply give her money, so he found Qiao Nan a relaxing way to earn money lest Qiao Nan refused.

If Qiao Nan's translation did not meet the mark, he would definitely guide her along to help her correct and edit her work.

However, after he saw the translated work, Zhai Sheng realized that he would be of no use now.

"It is quite well translated. Qiao Nan, your standard of English seems to be better than the average college students. Do you have anything to tell me?" Zhai Sheng's eyes, as black and deep as a gem with glistening waves of light, narrowed. His long and slender body leaned backward slightly. Both his arms were crossed as if he was a lazy leopard concealing the shrewdness in his eyes.

If the prey loosened their guard because of this relaxed posture of Zhai Sheng, there would be an outburst of strength and lethality from Zhai Sheng's powerful and strong muscles. Zhai Sheng would pounce and break the neck of his prey with one bite.

Qiao Nan shivered, her face turning pale. She was scared. "Brother Zhai, can I not tell? Anyway, I have not done anything bad, neither have I harmed anyone."

She was too careless. What type of character was Brother Zhai? If he could not discover this little flaw, how could he have become one of the country's premier characters in the previous life?

"You don't want to tell me? Well, you can choose not to." Having realized that he had scared the young lady, Zhai Sheng relaxed a little and put away the tactic he used on his enemy. He softened his tone. "But you must know, Qiao Nan. I may not ask you today, but it doesn't mean someone else will not suspect anything when they discover it tomorrow."

"Brother Zhai, don't worry, I understand. If these documents were not given by Brother Zhai, I would not have translated them. Usually, when I am in school, I would at most use some advance vocabulary occasionally but not much. I have never done anything bad!"

Qiao Nan quickly assured Zhai Sheng that she was very careful and alert before others. She dared not give herself away too much lest someone became suspicious of her.

Being reborn—that was such an incredulous thing. If anyone knew about it, she would definitely be captured, sent to the lab, and dissected like a white mouse.

She was so blessed and lucky to have a second life. Qiao Nan could only cherish her life a hundred—no, a thousand times more than her previous life.

To her, only Zhai Sheng was unique. In front of Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan would unconsciously be her real self without any reservation.

How could Zhai Sheng not understand the meaning of Qiao Nan's words?

Somehow, Zhai Sheng, who usually did not like listening to glib words, had a sweet feeling in his heart after listening to Qiao Nan's words. It was a very pleasant feeling.

That being said, he was the only one who had a unique existence in Qiao Nan's heart, was he not?

The corners of Zhai Sheng's mouth curled upward slightly into a little smile. "It is good that you know what you are doing."



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