"You do not have to be too modest this time. Just translate as you would do for any translations. If anything comes up, I would take responsibility for it. Of course, if you come across any parts that you do not understand, feel free to ask me."

"Brother Zhai's English standard is much better than mine. It would be all the better with your help." Qiao Nan smiled but shook her head in the next instant. "That's not right. Brother Zhai, that's not what I am here for today. I am not here to ask you questions. Brother Zhai, it is inappropriate for me to see such important documents!"

This was state secrets. Oh my, she was just a young lady and had no rights to see these documents!!

"As I have said, you do not need to be so anxious. Since you can tell that these documents are important, you just have to do it your usual ways and don't mention it to others. Nothing would go wrong." Zhai Sheng was calm and composed, unlike Qiao Nan who was anxious and nervous.

Zhai Sheng knew right from the start what the contents of these documents were.

Since he entrusted this task to Qiao Nan, he had the utmost confidence in her.

He believed Qiao Nan knew what she was doing, what she could do, and what she could not do. He did not need to remind her or make any requests since she would do a good job.

"Brother Zhai, don't put it that way. I am under a lot of stress. I am timid by nature, so I would not reveal it to anyone. However, I am worried something might happen at home, and I will not be able to keep an eye on the documents. I might not be worthy of your trust." Qiao Nan was proud and happy that her Prince Charming would entrust her with such an important task and had unwavering trust in her, but Qiao Nan was worried that she might not be able to live up to his expectations. Brother Zhai had such high hopes in her.

She was just a simple and ordinary sixteen-year-old young lady.

Zhai Sheng lifted his cup, had a drink, and said in an unhurried voice, "It is fine if you really cannot do it. You can return the documents to me. Even though I am quite busy these days, I can burn the midnight oil for a few days and translate the documents. Since I am home today, maybe you can go back home to take the documents and give them back to me. I will wait for you."

"…" Qiao Nan turned pale with a look of self-reproach on her face. "Brother Zhai, you are so busy… As soldiers, you have a difficult job, so you should have a good rest whenever you are at home. It is not good for you to burn the midnight oil. If not… never mind, I will translate them."

She had taken up this task in order to help Brother Zhai. If Brother Zhai was to take back the documents and do the translation himself, wouldn't she be creating more troubles for him?

"It is okay. You do not need to force yourself to take up this task." Zhai Sheng said in a righteous voice. "As a soldier, one must have the resilience and determination. Otherwise, how can one be a soldier? You should not feel burdened to help me. To me, staying up for a few nights is nothing."

"No, no, no, I am not forcing myself, and I am not burdened to help you. Brother Zhai, didn't you mention that I am doing a good job with the translation? I want to practice more since it is such a good opportunity. Besides, I have Brother Zhai right here with me. You are my teacher. I can ask you directly whenever there is any part I do not understand. I believe my English will improve in no time." Qiao Nan snatched the documents from Zhai Sheng.

Initially, the reason why she returned the documents was that the documents contained important information. Secondly, Qiao Nan found it strenuous to translate the documents. She did not want to end up like what her father said—that she did not manage to do a good job and made a mess out of everything.

Since a young age, Ding Jiayi had always looked down on her. She would always tell Qiao Nan that she was stupid and incapable, unable to do a job well. Everything would turn into a mess in her hands.

Qiao Nan might not believe her mother's words that she was such a lousy person. Although she was not as lousy as what her mother said, she might not be competent enough to translate the documents.

Even though she was not the scum of society, she was not the country's elite as well. She was merely a student who just entered high school!

At the thought of the contents, Qiao Nan knitted her eyebrows, feeling helpless. "Brother Zhai, I can still handle this portion, but I have read through the rest, and they are too difficult. I suppose you won't be having an easy time resting at home these few days. I hope I won't be a bother to you. I will definitely come over frequently to ask you questions regarding the documents."

"It is fine, you can ask me any questions." Zhai Sheng smiled secretly. When dealing with Qiao Nan, it was right of him to retreat in order to advance.

Because of this translation, Zhai Sheng got to spend about ten more days with Qiao Nan.

Before she realized his true intentions behind this arrangement, Qiao Nan was already like a frog that was being boiled by Zhai Sheng.

"Brother Zhai, you are so smart!" These few days, Qiao Nan was all praises for Brother Zhai who answered all the problems she met whilst doing the translation. The words she used most often were exclamations such as 'Ah', 'Oh', and 'Emm'. "Brother Zhai, people like you are so inconsiderate. There is no way that other people could earn a living."

Brother Zhai could earn a living with his good looks, yet he insisted to do it based on his own capabilities.

Other people might be all brawn no brains or all brains no brawn, but Brother Zhai had the brains and the brawn. It was too depressing for them.

As someone who had been through rebirth, she could not stand equal to Brother Zhai at all.

Qiao Nan thought to herself in dejection. With an all-rounder like Brother Zhai, he should be the one who aroused people's suspicions. She could not even match up to him, so why would he discover that there was something strange about her?

"I won't be fooled by your flattery. Work hard in your translation." Zhai Sheng relaxed his eyebrows. For those who knew Zhai Sheng well, they could tell that he was in a good mood now.

"Oh." Qiao Nan, who was slow to react and never had any doubts in Zhai Sheng's words, took his words for real. She had thought that he really meant for her to work hard on her translation.

Since Qiao Nan had spent too much time on the task, and it was close to completion, she decided to stay at the Zhai family's residence with Zhai Sheng to finish the translation. After working on it for the whole day, she finally finished all the translation. "Brother Zhai, it is all done. Do you want to check it again?"

"No need." Zhai Sheng shook his head. He was by Nan Nan's side when she did the translation. He saw how she translated them sentence by sentence. There would not be any problem. "You have worked hard these past few days. You should go back to rest. After I hand in these documents, the money will be paid accordingly."

These few days, Qiao Nan had been shuffling between the hospital visits to look after Qiao Dongliang and staying at the Zhai family's residence to work on the translation with Zhai Sheng by her side.

Seeing that she had to shuffle between these two places, Zhai Sheng could not help but feel worried at the sight of Qiao Nan who looked frail and weak. He was worried that her frail body could not take the toil. "You have been eating well these days, but why is it that you are still so thin and skinny?" Zhai Sheng pinched Qiao Nan's frail and thin-looking arms.

As expected, there was not much flesh on her arms. Still, it was soft and smooth, unlike his arms.

It was summer now. Qiao Nan was wearing a short-sleeved top.

As usual, Zhai Sheng's hands were warm, scalding even, when he touched her arms. It was so hot that the part he touched was almost numb.

Qiao Nan blushed and stuttered, "I-I was born like this. N-no matter how much I eat, I still look the same. Brother Zhai, you do not understand. This is an era where thin women are considered beautiful."



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